Unstable and Unbridled
Unstable and Unbridled
Rachel McIntosh and Liz Lund
Two lady equestrians hash out all the details you never wanted to know about riding horses, cleaning stalls, and everything in between.
The Catch Up
Catch up with Liz & Rachel on crashes, clinics, competitions, coaching, champions & more!
Oct 6
52 min
Just a Lil' Bit
What's in your bit box? Liz and Rachel go through bits, bits, and more bits!
Sep 4
50 min
Who the horses gonna call? MYTH BUSTERS
Liz and Rachel bust some of the most common horsemanship myths.
Aug 11
49 min
Holling ass to better riding
Liz & Rachel interview Jonathan Holling from Holling Eventing. Hear all about his journey to where he is now, his horses, the safety committee, body art, being old(er) and more!
Aug 4
1 hr 16 min
Hobnobbing with the Snobs (or slobs?)
It's official-we are tack and clothing snobs. Also, tack slobs. Refer to episode one for more details about that.
Jul 29
55 min
Tack is Whack
Liz and Rachel discuss all things tack! The whacky tacky if you will.
Jul 21
59 min
you Heard it here first
Liz and Rachel sit down to chat with 5* event rider Lillian Heard about creepy handprints, saddle fitting, and rock 'n' roll.
Jul 6
1 hr 36 min
Equestrian Professional - To Be or Not To Be?
Take a look into what it takes to head down the path to becoming an Equestrian Professional.  Liz and Rachel talk about their experiences with becoming professionals based off of what started as a childhood passion.Liz is looking for 2 working students...
Jun 30
57 min
Kinney-siology Studies
Take a look into upper level Eventer Daryl Kinney's life.  Liz & Rachel ask Daryl questions about her life, her horses, her future goals and more!
Jun 23
59 min
A Tik Talk
Liz and Rachel sit down with acclaimed equestrian and "In the Middle are the Horsemen" author Tik Maynard for a chat on riding, horse psychology, and partnerships.
Jun 16
1 hr 30 min
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