Unreasonable Enthusiasm
Unreasonable Enthusiasm
Taylor & Jordan Grewe
50. CELEBRATE LIFE | Discovering New Champagnes & Building A Biz With Your Best With Catherine Carter & Erica Davis
53 minutes Posted Oct 29, 2020 at 12:00 am.
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Show notes

Episode #50: Meet Catherine and Erica, co-founder of The Sip where they believe discovery of new champagnes should be fun, stress free and tasty! They share how their long term friendship turned into a blossoming business partnership, developing their love of champagne and bonding over the experience of tastings. We chat about how they experienced parallel personal lives and why the secret to a successful relationship is... separate bathrooms. Catherine and Erica share the inspiration behind The Sip, why they are so passionate about helping people expand their palette and giving us all permission to celebrate life. Plus, we chat meet cutes, the "right" timing and finding their husbands!

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