Unreasonable Enthusiasm
Unreasonable Enthusiasm
Taylor & Jordan Grewe
38. HUMAN DESIGN ENTHUSIAST | HD 101, Sustainable Success & Your Roadmap to Your Most Authentic Self with Alexandra Cole
1 hour 20 minutes Posted Aug 6, 2020 at 12:00 am.
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Show notes

Episode #38: Meet Alexandra Cole, a Purpose-preneur, Author and Human Design Reader. Alexandra chats with us about how early on in your career there is often a need to prove yourself and follow the "expected" or "traditional" career path. She shares her unexpected journey from corporate to entrepreneurship and where to start when looking for your purpose. We dive into Human Design, it's purpose, history and using it as a roadmap to your most authentic self. Alexandra shares how we can use HD to achieve sustainable success, the path of least resistance and break the mold of the typical definition of success. Plus, we get a Human Design 101 lesson, covering: the 5 Energy Types, Strategy and an intro to Profiles.

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