Unpack ‘n Bounce Back
Unpack ‘n Bounce Back
Reyna Biddy & Skye Townsend
Unpack ‘n Bounce Back! Reyna Biddy and Skye Townsend team up to share their personal experiences and tough lessons learned while navigating through life. The poet and comedienne duo will leave you laughing, crying, and inspired as they engage in honest conversations. Stories. Spoken word. Opinions. Comedy. Reflections. Weekly Challenges. Two perspectives—Unfiltered,With love.
Favorite Quotes & Words Of Wisdom
Has it really been six months already?! Join us for our season one finale where we share our favorite quotes and words of wisdom. It's been a crazy time in the world and sometimes the smallest sentence can shift your entire perspective. Thank you for...
Oct 12
56 min
Boundaries: Rules & Standards
Let's dive into discussing "boundaries" and what they mean to us personally. Do you view boundaries as standards or strict rules? What are some personal laws you've established to maintain healthy relationships? Also remember, boundaries include...
Oct 5
56 min
Human Connection: Pros, Cons, Joys & Stresses
What do you think of when you hear the word "connection"? What's the first memory you have of realizing what the human connection is? Let's discuss the pros, cons, joys and stresses about being able to connect to people easily.Let's dive in! Be sure to...
Sep 28
1 hr 1 min
Life is Good: Perspective is Everything!
We know there's so much going on in the world but feel like it's important to still find time to tap into your gratitude and daily joys. We showed up to the studio and both agreed that even through the chaos, life is still good. Let's get into a...
Sep 21
1 hr 11 min
Music: Our Favorite Songs
Do you have specific songs you run to when you're sad, excited or in the mood? Join us for a discussion about music, the impact it has had on our lives and our favorite songs! To skip the discussion and jump right into song recommendations, start at 27...
Sep 14
1 hr 19 min
Releasing Pain
Healing is a never-ending part of life. Sometimes the process can be incredibly painful. Join us as we share stories about purging our pain, what it feels like to purify your spirit and how we know a breaking point is approaching. Let's get honest and...
Sep 7
48 min
Moving On From Heartbreak
Join us for an in-depth conversation about healing from heartbreak. We share our personal experiences as we explore the difference between young and adult heartbreak as well as the "do's and don'ts" of starting over!
Aug 24
1 hr 16 min
Toxic Traits
Have you ever taken some time to reflect on the ways that you're toxic to yourself? Are you cautious of how you speak to yourself and to others? Do you find that you critique more than you celebrate? Let's have an honest discussion about some of our...
Aug 17
32 min
Our favorite moment of the season is finally here. We go high, we go low, we go deep with eachother. Reciting poetry in front of others can be so intimidating! Placing yourself in positions to be intimate and vulnerable in front of your loved ones, even...
Aug 10
56 min
Having Tough Conversations
A huge part of becoming an adult is learning how to properly navigate tough conversations. They will always be a part of life so let's discuss ways to make them a little easier. Join us as we share stories about revealing heavy secrets, quitting jobs, firing managers and speaking up to disrespectful strangers. Let's dive in and get this over with... shall we?!
Aug 3
59 min
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