Unlimited Inspiring stories of female entrepreneurship from Dubai to the World
Unlimited Inspiring stories of female entrepreneurship from Dubai to the World
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How Digital is Transforming the World of Marketing and Communication, with Jelizaveta Kozlova - Founder of EK Laboratory
19 minutes Posted Jun 15, 2021 at 9:50 am.
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Show notes

For this new episode of Unlimited Women’s Brands, we’re excited to welcome Jelizaveta Kozlova.

Founder and Communications Director of EK Laboratory (eklaboratory.com), Jelizaveta is an emerging competitive figure in the luxury, fashion and lifestyle scene in Dubai. She joins us today to share her story: the story of a young female entrepreneur coming from a mid-class family in Latvia with a higher education value, which gave her a solid vision to pursue her studies in Cambridge and after completing Master's degree at Instituto Marangoni in Milano - to launch her own entrepreneurial journey in Brand and Marketing communications.

Her fresh eye and her ability to blend the luxury brand knowledge of the Russian consumer perspective with the Italian know-how, allowed her to lead special campaigns for global luxury brands like Bulgari, Kiton and to execute brand image advisory, social media and events for privately-held companies.

Now Jelizaveta aims to empower both high-end SMEs and established companies in the Middle East, offering a digital-forward brand strategy and content production.

So let’s explore what is the new direction of Marketing and Communications from the perspective of a young and independent businesswoman and let’s see what are the tactical points to help to build high-conversion brand awareness, even on a small budget.

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