Unlimited Inspiring stories of female entrepreneurship from Dubai to the World
Unlimited Inspiring stories of female entrepreneurship from Dubai to the World
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Shaping Skylines and Materializing Dreams - Chandni Vasan Shares Her Story, Thriving in a Traditional Men’s Industry, the Aluminum and Glass.
33 minutes Posted May 17, 2021 at 12:02 am.
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Show notes

With this new episode of Unlimited Features we’ll enter into a male dominated world - the construction sector - to uncover the journey of Chandni Vasan, General Manager of Oxford Aluminum

Passionate about design & academically ambitious, Chandni started off as a designer in the construction Industry. After her marriage she moved to UAE where she was offered to join her partner's family business, but to develop expertise and earn trust and authority she opted to work first for an external company. 200kms of commuting by car every day and a toddler waiting for her at home didn’t stop Chandni who instead truly felt that the efforts were worth it. As if her gained experience in business operations, marketing, technical specification & market insights weren’t enough, it was only after enrolling for an Executive MBA that she felt ready to re-join her family business, so she could bring a valuable new point of view.

Let’s welcome Chandni to understand together how a woman’s perspective can impact such a male dominated industry, or vice versa.

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