Unlabeled Leadership
Unlabeled Leadership
Gary DePaul
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I would label the "Unlabeled Leadership" podcast as one of the best podcasts out there!
I have been a guest on about 100 podcasts over the past 18 months since my book, "VisuaLeadership" came out -- as well as experiencing hundreds of others as a listener -- and I can honestly and enthusiastically say that "Unlabeled Leadership" is by far one of the best! Not only is Gary DePaul a knowledgeable, insightful, and caring interviewer and host (with a terrific radio voice and style, I might add), but this show is so well-edited and well-produced in every way -- from the three-part structure to the music, as well as the show notes. I encourage every other podcaster to check out this terrific show to see how it's done. Excellent!
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Todd Cherches