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Gary DePaul
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097: Matt Richter and The Unpredictability of Leadership Potential
22 minutes Posted Oct 5, 2021 at 4:00 am.
Part 1: Find Your Thiagi SPARK
Part 2: John Tyler’s Moment
Part 3: Labeling and Pressure
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Show notes
I invite guests to share personal stories about acts of leadership that help shape their lives. In Episode 97, Matt Richter explains what Mieke Bal said to him and explains Thiagi SPARK Trust Model. He then talks about U.S. presidents, specifically tells us John Tyler’s leadership moment. He then advises us to not overthink the term leadership.
Just because Matt is modest, I’m still going to share some about him! He is the President of the Thiagi Group and one of THE L&D Accelerator (LDA) founders, a global community of talent development professionals. In addition to public speaking, he has consulted with several organizations about talent development and performance improvement. Do you want to increase interactivity in your online learning? If so, talk to Matt about LOLA, or go to the Thiagi Group website for several free resources.
In addition to sharing something Mieke Bal said, Matt explains the Thiagi SPARK (selflessness, predictability, authenticity, Relatedness, and Know-How), the Trust Model. The model is based on a literature review of hundreds of articles and books about trust.
Matt explains that most U.S. presidents have had their moment of leadership. In this story, Matt tells us about the leadership moment of John Tyler, the tenth U.S. President.
Matt advises us to resist overthinking leadership, discusses Angela Merkel, and cautions us about using labels.
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Episode links
Matt’s LinkedIn Profile, The Thiagi Group, Truth in Learning Podcast
The Learning & Development Accelerator
HPT Treasures
Matt’s books
   The Leadership Story (Matt has several stories about U.S. presidents)
   LOLA-Live Online Learning Activities
Angela Merkel
Mieke Bal’s book, Narratology
SPARK: The Trust Model
John Tyler
Gary DePaul’s website 
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