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Gary DePaul
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094: Chris Cebollero and the Science of Leadership
23 minutes Posted Sep 23, 2021 at 4:00 am.
Part 1: Where Do We Learn about Leadership?
Part 2: Learning from Failures and Mistakes
Part 3: Polish Your Knowledge
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Show notes
I invite guests to share personal stories about acts of leadership that help shape their lives. In Episode 91, Chris Cebollero talks about the science of leadership, how his old managerial behaviors harmed the people around him, and how we can find new opportunities and growth from our failures and mistakes.
Chris Cebollero is an internationally recognized leadership specialist, best-selling author, motivational teacher, and executive producer of KLDR Online, a Leadership Development Talk Radio Station that began leadership development shows on September 6, 2021.
Chris begins by sharing a comment that someone made about Chris’s harmful approach to management. What follows is a fascinating conversation about the science of leadership.
In this story, Chris describes how a VP in his company had to explain how his management behavior harmed the people around him. Chris then discusses how failures and mistakes can be painful but can lead to new opportunities and growth.
Chris advises us on how we can leverage knowledge to develop ourselves. He also describes John Maxwell’s Law of Process.
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