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Unlabeled Leadership
Gary DePaul
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091: Barry O’Reilly Reframes Entrepreneurialism and Negative Results
17 minutes Posted Sep 14, 2021 at 4:00 am.
Part 1: The Entrepreneurial Myth
Part 2: Reframing the Challenge
Part 3: Building Your Leadership Style
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Show notes
I invite guests to share personal stories about acts of leadership that help shape their lives. In Episode 91, Barry O’Reilly talks about something a cousin said that affected how he thought about his businesses. He then shares how he reframed his writing process, and he advises us on how we should build our leadership style.
When you connect business model innovation, product development, organizational design, and culture transformation, what do you find? Answer: Barry O’Reilly. Barry is a business advisor, entrepreneur, author, writer for The Economist, and on the faculty at Singularity University.
After quitting a job and launching his first business, Barry explains that the business didn’t work out. A cousin said something that explained how entrepreneurial businesses work.
Barry shares how he struggled to write a book using a traditional approach: sitting in front of a keyboard and typing. What resulted in best sellers, Barry used unique techniques to create his books.
Barry advises us on building our own leadership style (think of style as a set of related behaviors, so leadership style is a set of behaviors that you use to practice leadership).
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  What the Heck Is Leadership and Why Should I Care?
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