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Unlabeled Leadership
Gary DePaul
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070: Amina Alami Enables the Creativity of Students
17 minutes Posted Jun 24, 2021 at 4:00 am.
Part 1: When Teachers Believe in Prospective Students
Part 2: Meeting People Where They Are At
Part 3: Leaning through Observations
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Show notes
I invite guests to share personal stories about acts of leadership that help shape their lives. In Episode 70, Amina Alami describes something that teacher said that influenced her. In another story, she then explains how she met the needs of her new class and how doing so increased engagement. Next, Amina advises us about some small changes to help us retain our experiences.
Living in Morocco, Amina enjoys her early retirement from instructing while living an entrepreneur’s life with a real estate business. As a lifelong learner, she completed many online courses and earned certificates for emotional intelligence, creative writing, business and innovation, and design thinking (to name a few). Amina has learned a great deal from her life experiences and shares her wisdom with others.
In this story, Amina describes how a teacher took an interest in her desire to learn Spanish and shares something meaningful that the teacher said.
Amina describes how she met the needs of her new English as a second language class. In doing so, she raised their engagement and achieved some notable results.
Amina advises us on becoming more active in our engagement and raising our awareness by making some small changes. She also shares a story that putting health in perspective.
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