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032: Don Kirkey Puts Others First
21 minutes Posted Mar 17, 2021 at 4:00 am.
Prologue: With International Leadership Experience
Part 1: Giving credit for accomplishments to others is more important than taking credit
Part 2: When outcomes are disappointing, accepting responsibility but never blaming (others or bad luck) is critical for personal accountability
Part 3: Sacrificing or volunteering time, energy, resources, ego, and previous priorities to help others inspires loyalty and commitment
Part 4: Management Revisited
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Show notes
On Wednesday episodes, I share leadership beliefs and unlabel terminology. I invite guests to share their expertise about small or big acts of leadership.
In Episode 32, Don Kirkey discusses three leadership beliefs related to the principle, Putting Others First. Don talks about valuing the success of others, accepting responsibility, and how crucial it is to build up others. Finally, Don advises us about how managers get work done through others.
If you need help strengthening management performance, developing your organization, or managing your workforce, talk to Don. With more than thirty years of international leadership experience, Don knows how to develop employees, including executives and management. When he’s not consulting, he instructs as an associate graduate faculty member at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte through the Department of Educational Leadership.
Don discusses valuing the success of others as much as your own. He warns about micromanagement as well.
Don shares a famous quotation from Harry Truman and discusses responsibility.
Don explains that part of leadership is to build up others. He talks some about mentorships.
Reflecting on the leadership principle, Don advises us about how managers should think about getting work done through others.
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