Marisa Tashman
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So spot on
So relatable and human. I learn something about myself every episode!
Awesome content!
Love this podcast!
Real, raw, easy listening! Marisa asks intriguing questions for inspiring exploration and personal growth.
Engaging and Intuitive
I loved the pilot episode of this podcast! It’s thematically spot on with what we need a right now in the world interns of caring for ourselves so that we can then be of service to others. And, I am grateful for both Marisa and Sara being vulnerable and speaking about how “hustle culture” has failed them, and hearing about the steps they’re both taking to return to their authentic selves was inspiring.
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Timely and Engaging—a Joy to Listen to!
The pilot episode was a joy to listen to! Marisa and her guest discuss a broad array of topics from awareness and self-care to ways in which we can tune out societal expectations to get in touch with what we want in life. This podcast comes at a perfect moment, as so many of us have been spending lots of time with ourselves and turning inward during quarantine. I look forward to more great episodes!
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