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So powerful for understanding our true history
The power of this podcast to fully grasp the history of slavery and how intentional we as white people have been in developing and nurturing it - in our laws and our narratives - can’t be underestimated. This should be part of every students US History lessons.
What you don’t know about the civil war is a lot
But you will learn that history from a totally different perspective here. It answers a lot of questions for me about why things are the way they are today. Every day I would listen to anew episode and retell my favorite parts to my family over dinner. I crave more episodes please!
More, please!
This is an excellent show and I would love to listen to more episodes! Thanks for the thoughtful dives into lesser-known but vitally important history.
The Zoop
The best! Bring it back! Now!!!
I only just now discovered this podcast, and three episodes binged later, I’m devastated to see it’s had such a short run. How is that even possible?!
Jorge Asada
Please come back!
This podcast is so good, so many historic truths that was previously neglected or ignored in school curriculums. Learn some truth and listen to this podcast!
Marmalade Cream
Great podcast
Love this podcast. It’s well written and produced. Sound quality and music production is top notch. The content is important and eye opening.
I love this podcast
I have listened to it several times. It really gives a great perspective on history. You will learn a ton.
Interesting untold stories
I really enjoyed this podcast. Such interesting stories that I had never heard. I am so glad they are giving a voice to these fascinating people from our past, as well as telling painful stories that absolutely should not be forgotten.
Important History Well-Told
This is a super podcast presenting parts of American history that are rarely told in school. The episodes are concise, precise, and engaging. I hope they make more episodes. We need this.
Please more episodes!
At least as much as I love hearing all of these untold stories I love how you present them in all of their complexity and contortedness. So often history as presented is a flattened out version of events as they unfolded, so that when we take it in it only confirms or somehow fine tunes what we already know and/or believe. The histories that you present consistently expand our perspective—one profoundly important surprise after another. So surprise us with more episodes!
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Please more episodes!
I have gobbled up each and every episode. These are a fascinating albeit heart wrenching true look into the oppression and mistreatment of Black people and present the real stories into our past. It is important for these stories to be heard. Please make more episodes!!!!
Absolutely Brilliant
I hope you guys make more episodes. I love the show and have learned so much they don’t teach school.
The best lessons
I love this podcast. It’s the perfect way to learn history and culture through story telling. Especially, when direct descendants of the subject are also used to tell the story. Can’t wait for more!!!
Love it!
Love this podcast! Would love more stories like this! I will definitely share so more more people will hear these stories.
Fantastic podcast, would love more
Best podcast!! More, more, more!
Literally my most favorite podcast of all time...when will there be more episodes?
This podcast deserves several awards.
Exemplary Journalism
This is the most impactful podcast I’ve ever listened to - thank you for creating this. Genuinely grateful for this.
Make more of this amazing podcast please!!
More, please.
So good, I listened to the all episodes 2x without ADHD medication.
Should be required in history class
This should be required for everyone including Black folks. So often we grow up knowing we’re not being told the whole truth. Something’s off but we don’t know why. This helps explain it.
If you’re white must listen
This podcast is a great resource in learning more history than we were taught in school. Especially the episode entitled “the spin”, because let me just say we were taught incorrectly. Please give this a listen if you want to learn more.
This should be required listening
For all white folks
Where is Uncivil??
I have so enjoyed these episodes of Uncivil. I’ve listened to them over and over! I love the content and the delivery. Please bring Uncivil back! Thanks!🥰
Vital for our society
My education had none of this information. This podcast takes apart the “lost cause” narrative piece by piece exposing it for the lie that it is. Our history and present of racism remains a cancer on our society robbing us of talent to face our challenges and needlessly harming our friends, family, and neighbors. This podcast is a start to life long activism fighting against racism and for a better society. It is also brilliantly produced and a pleasure to consume, regardless of the anger and sadness it brings up in me
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A must listen
So grateful for this incredible podcast. Been going between Code Switch, This American Life, and Scene-On Radio. Absolutely loving what I’m learning and I’m sharing it with my students too!
Engaging and important history!
In a seminar about two episodes of this podcast one of my 11th grade students said: “Honestly, I feel like I learned more about slavery and the civil war in those two podcasts than in 11 years of school.” Educators, bring this important history to your students! Everyone else, bring this history to yourself!
👍🏻 Fantastic!!
Yes it is a full on binge!! Absolutely TRUE, marvelous narration! So happy I found it. Thank you!!!!!
Please bring it back
Amazing podcast!!! Educational and eye opening, they need to continue this podcast.
Terrific podcast!
So glad I heard about Uncivil on another podcast. Like most of the other recent reviewers, I’m bummed it ended in 2018.
Snow Biscuit
Thank you!
I know it’s rough out there. So many keyboard warriors want to drag down content creators for no reason but the satisfaction of being a jerk. So I want to let all the podcasts I listen to know that I love and appreciate everything you create for me (for free!) and please keep up the good work! I don’t know what my life would be like without having interesting facts, reports, and stories to listen to on my commute and at my boring desk job. Thank you!
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Stumbled on this show and liked it so much I listened to all the available episodes over a period of a couple days of driving. Will there be any episodes after November 9? I’m going into withdrawal!
Whatever happened?
I love listening to this podcast as it gives me a different perspective to seeing how we got to where we are today. Please make more!
Shelly h
Really interesting and super incredible love it!!!!😍😍😍
So great. Great narration. Great content. Learned sooo much. Please make more episodes!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!❤️💖💗❣️💟
glittery unicorn poop
Great podcast!
I love this podcast. The history and stories are engaging and interesting. My kids, 10 and 11, love listening to this podcast, too, and are really sad there haven’t been more episodes.
SkAr mAker
I think it asks the hard questions about America and it’s citizens and the history good bad. It also keeps the listener “listening “ it also focuses on the problems that some people are afraid to talk about like when white people are hesitant to talk about their ancestors owning slaves. And thanks for keeping the show going.🙂
book and quill
Completely amazing.
This podcast is perfect. Not only does it tell true history in detail, it does so in a beautiful, haunting way. This is by far my favorite podcast.
I thought this would be awesome as I love hearing about this era. It’s just a mix of random civil war stories. Probably edit your description as this is a mess, no flow.
2k Fam
Bitter much
Most of this is totally untrue. You sound like bitter race baiters.
So great
Love it so much history is so detailed love it!!!!
10 min Info, 20 min Ads
I like the storyline & how it’s presented. The back and forth short convo skits, some being comical, and the integration of music is perfect... although most the info is not history info, it’s present time relatives & their lives.. BUT I can’t stress enough how short the actual story’s info/convos are and the rest is intro, ads, more ads after 2 min info.. then more ads, the 5 min meat of the story..followed by a preview of the already short next episode and ending with 5 min of credits and another ad.. It’s NOT good enough to have THAT MANY ads!
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Nike Noodle
Thank You
Please never stop being truth tellers. (That’s my way of begging for more episodes.)😬😂🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️❤️
Where is Season #2?
Where is Season #2?
Parnassus Girl
Missing history
I absolutely love this show. So informative and critically engaging. Missing history every person should be exposed to.
Awake and Thankful
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For Everything. I WILL REMEMBER. I WILL SHARE. Thank you.
MORE, please!
The US Civil War is such a fascinating topic. I would definitely listen to more episodes! Fingers crossed that you're just busy researching and recording Season 2! Well done!
LOVE this podcast
This podcast is amazing! Goes into the history and makes you think about where we are today and why. I want some new episodes!!!!! :)
Eye opening
This podcast teaches us that America hasn’t always been great, but I’m ok with that because I’d rather know my country’s history so that we don’t repeat the mistakes of our past, so that one day, we can truly make America a country with true equality for all.
Frank Silverio
This show was an amazing show. Where did it go?
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