Ukulele Is The New Black
Ukulele Is The New Black
Meredith Harper
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In each episode, Meredith Harper talks to a ukulele player to find out why they play ukulele, what they love about it, and how it's changed their lives. And they play a few tunes as well!
S3E20 - Phil Doleman
Phil Doleman is a UK-based professional musician who plays a heap of instruments including guitar, banjo, and of course ukulele. I had a chat to him a few weeks ago about his love of old-time jug band, blues and folk music, and he tells me about his journey from playing in a band as a teenager to a career in performance, teaching, and book publishing. And of course he plays a couple of cool songs!
Nov 22
41 min
S3E19 - Sam Brown
Sam Brown is a professional musician best known as a singer, having sung backing vocals for bands such as Pink Floyd, Deep Purple and Spandau Ballet, as well as having a successful solo career including the international hit single “Stop!”. When Sam lost her singing voice in 2007 she started teaching ukulele, and now runs 7 ukulele groups in the UK. We have a great chat about her discovery of the ukulele and she also plays a couple of songs on a ukulele with a very impressive provenance.
Nov 8
31 min
S3E18 - Samantha Muir
Samantha Muir is a classically trained musician who had a passion for guitar from an early age. In 2012 she discovered the ukulele and fell in love with it. Since then she has arranged and composed a huge body of instrumental pieces for ukulele, with a focus on classical and folk music. She talks to me in today’s episode about her musical journey which also includes teaching music, publishing books and CDs, and playing the machete.
Oct 25
41 min
S3E17 - Stuart Fuchs
Stuart Fuchs is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist who can do amazing things with a ukulele, but he is also passionate about helping people to use music for healing and happiness. In today’s episode we talk about his early days learning guitar with his father, his discovery of the ukulele, and how much he loves living in Buffalo, New York. He also shows me some unconventional ways to play the uke!
Oct 11
51 min
S3E16 - Kevin Chennell
In today’s episode I chat to Kevin Chennell from COVID-free Perth, Western Australia. He talks about how much fun it is to busk with a large group of ukulele players, about travelling the world to hang out with top musicians, and convinces his wife Lynne to join him for one of his songs. Please enjoy!
Sep 27
35 min
S3E15 - Stuart "Stukulele" Eadie
Today I have a chat to Mullumbimby-based Stuart Eadie, better known as Stukulele, who has had a long career in music but not always as a ukulele player. We talk about his unexpected ukulele teaching career, about starting a new ukulele group in Mullumbimby, and about touring with The Whitlams in a very famous bus. Stu also plays a couple of great original songs. Enjoy!
Sep 13
33 min
S3E14 - Lloyd and his Ukes
In today’s episode I have a chat to Lloyd, aka Lloyd and His Ukes, who talks about ukulele acquisition syndrome, Christmas performances in Germany, and how George Formby featured in his tertiary studies. He also plays a couple of fantastic songs which I am sure you will enjoy!
Aug 30
31 min
S3E13 - Sunitra Martinelli
Today’s episode with Adelaide-based musician Sunitra Martinelli, who despite having some less than optimal violin lessons when she was young is now an accomplished songwriter, ukulele player and singer. Sunitra has a particular fondness for cabaret-style numbers and loves to sing in French! I think you will enjoy this chat.
Aug 16
33 min
S3E12 - Christopher "CC" Carr
Today’s episode is with Christopher Carr, aka CC, of the Ukulele Trading Co based in Adelaide, South Australia. We talk about the importance of changing your strings, the Adelaide ukulele scene, and we do some bad Bob Dylan impressions! Enjoy.
Aug 2
53 min
S3E11 - Charlotte Pelgen
Over the past year or so I’ve noticed a big increase in listeners from Germany, so I thought it was time to feature a German ukulele player on the show. Fortunately my friend Jim Croft seems to be able to find interesting ukulele players all over the world, and he suggested that I get in touch with Charlotte Pelgen, who turned out to not only be a brilliant ukulele player and singer, but also an absolute delight. I ‘m sure you will all enjoy this episode!
Jul 19
36 min
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