Ugh! You're So Good!
Ugh! You're So Good!
Scott Hoying and Rozzi
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Great concept, execution could be better
First off, I’m a big fan of Scott and love his positive energy and work ethic. I agree with some of the other reviewers that say sometimes Rozzi (and Scott) talk too much or interrupt the guests when I want to hear more about the guest’s story. It can come across very cringe when I constantly hear a guest being interrupted. Take a breath and keep it focused on them (vs. yourself). Also letting your guest introduce themselves would be a good place to start! Let them set the tone while you guide as hosts. I hope to see more episodes in the future but with some of these things taken into consideration!
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A+ podcast
I love being able to learn from some of the top people in their areas. Hearing their stories makes everyone seem more like people than celebrities who reach unattainable goals. 10/10 would recommend for inspiration and motivation to pursue your course of action. Also, the hosts are pretty great.
Carly Treinen
The podcast I didn’t know I needed
So glad these disgustingly talented people made a podcast together- I’ve been a fan since their YouTube collabs forever ago (bust the windows/why don’t you love me, holla). Feels like you’re hanging out with friends, and as a singer, I love hearing y’all talk about singing since I can’t with any of my friends. Xo
Overall Great Show
Good show and loving the guests but Rozzi needs to slow down and let the guests talk please!
Sar C.
Ease, humor and inspo!
I love this podcast so much. The hosts are charming, the guests are engaging, and the pace is perfect. Consider me a forever listener!
This makes me happy
I love your friendship and laugh all the way through these. Your synergy is visceral! I hope you don’t stop.
LOVE this concept and the guests so far, but listening to Rozzi is downright painful. Let the guests talk! Totally understand wanting to relate to guests or share your own experiences, but if you only want to tell your own story, make your own podcast. Every episode she has to comment on something about her music to career to prove to the guests she has one. If she would slow down, listen, and stop interrupting everyone maybe I could finish an episode.
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SED Brown
Ugh, this is SO GOOD
I love this podcast SO much. I am not much of a podcast listener but this, this is it. I love both of them so much 😊
Hilarious Icon Queens We Stan
Hello gang, this podcast is absolutely top notch I love every single second. You guys crack me the heckle up, you queens. ❤️ great job, babiezzzz
Alayna from Paris
It's improving
Definitely seeing improvement in their interviewing styles. Hope this trend continues. They have some pretty fascinating guests and I am looking forward to hearing what they have to say. In their livestream, they mentioned that Bobby Berk was one of the first they had interviewed and you could definitely tell that. They did a lot of speaking over him, overexplaining the questions and just raving too much about how much they admire him instead of just letting him speak
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Revised: I hate that each episode is split into two parts! One complete episode per guest would improve the continuity SO MUCH. Two of the MOST talented young stars interviewing people they are in awe of... this is so refreshing to see that Scott and Rozzi are still humble enough to want to learn from others. Only complaint is, I wish the episodes were two hours long!
Love this.
Deb lol
So Funny
I really like this podcast because there are a lot of laughs and good questions being answered by these amazing people. And me being a fan of PTX since late December 2019, Scott and Rozzi smashed it.
Love but...
Love Scott and Rozzi!!! Saw them both in concert and it blew my mind! So far the podcast is really good but I have noticed one thing...Rozzi is totally a one upper lol she wants to relate but she is kinda taking the story away from the guest. I’m sure the podcast will smooth out since it so new.
I’m loving the first episodes! Your chemistry as friends comes through so well. I knew Scott would be great at this from *Superfruit* but Rozzi is a natural at this too! I think a fun idea would be an opening section of you two just catching up and talking before the interview. What can I say I just want more haha. Best of luck with the podcast!
Love it ♥️🎊
I love this already just so fun. Can’t wait for EP 3 to come out
2019 smile
Finally !!
I’ve been waiting for this for a whole year !!!! Finally !!! I still remember seeing you set up with the mics and everything and gave a teaser about it last summer on your story !!!
Scott and Rozzi are SO good!! Honestly pinch me because I can’t believe I’m not dreaming this up! My faves interviewing my faves. I - ... Your faves could NEVER!
David Deck
Timing is Everything
This podcast couldn’t have come at a better time. Really looking forward to listening to these!
WOW I ALREADY KNOW THIS IS GONNA BE AMAZING!! 😍😍 I’m so looking forward to listening and thank you so much for all of your hard work to make this possible!!!