UFC Unfiltered with Jim Norton and Matt Serra
UFC Unfiltered with Jim Norton and Matt Serra
Ultimate Fighting Championship
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UFC unfiltered is LEGIT
Michael Irving with unfiltered is lit🤘🏾🔥
Decent Podacast
They should book Chip Chipperson as a guest host though.
Crying much
Way to go Matt! Great show, always fun hearing a grown man cry like a baby. Half an hour about you being butt hurt. What could be better? Oh maybe how bad aljo looked and how he had nothing for yan except failed takedowns. He’s lucky he’s got the belt because that was pathetic. Good luck keeping the belt.
I almost don’t want to listen anymore.
This is a great show honestly it’s very well put together and it’s got a lot of stuff that UFC fans are interested in but there is a line drawn between when somethings right and somethings wrong. There is one particular thing that Jim Norton has said that has really made me not wanna listen to this podcast anymore and I’m steered away from it the most recent podcast was when he was talking about Max Holloway after his outstanding win against Calvin Jim‘s take on that fight off and it made zero sense at all I really don’t think it was thought through and also of course Matt was absent in that episode. It’s very hard to disagree with someone who has been a part of the fight game for several years but it’s very easy to disagree with someone who hasn’t even done the closest thing to a combat sport. I can’t rate this show one out of five stars because it’s a very good show but some of the things that Jim says is so far off it’s just an enjoyable for me to possibly hear anything more stupid and of course Matt doesn’t jump in to correct him if someone is going to cover MMA on a podcast they need to know what they are talking about and understand The sport it’s almost like Stephen a Smith covering UFC the man is just not in his lane. After watching Max Holloway be the absolute piss Calvin Kattar for 20 minutes how can you even come up with the idea that Calvin has a shot at coming back and winning how in the heck did that thought even cross your mind thinking that fight shouldn’t have been stopped In the 3rd round? Jim the score cards were 50-43.... I think 99% of the viewers will agree that nobody saw Calvin ever even having a chance on coming back after that third round but somehow you did?
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UFC Podacast
Jim and Matt are fawkin’ awesome!
Hugh Junit
Ray Longo
Good show but I just can’t stand listening to interviews via skype/phone...especially while wearing headphones, it sounds terrible
Matt is the best!
Matt is the best but I hate when the “comedian” starts to give his mma analysis
Not a podcast anymore
It used to be a great show I loved it since 2018 ,lately it has turned into a boring interview recording, no longer a show. We came for Jim and Matt talking, joking and analyzing fights guests are just extra to the fun. If I wanted to hear only guests I would just look up the guests online. This is an edit from 5 stars.
Becoming a Fighter Podcast
5 stars because Megan Olivi’s new show and the episode on Ian Heinisch was really amazing we need more of them
Big fan
Big fan of all your media and uploads including Forrest Griffin inside ufc training camp. And becoming a fighter!
Don’t care about ufc but loved becoming a fighter
A friend recommended the bonus episode and I hope you do more!!! My boyfriend is obsessed with ufc and now we have something in common! Impressive storytelling and so interesting!
You want no bull mma news come here
Straight to the point, real convos, Matt and Jim crack me up and love the sport. I can’t ask for anything else .
How can you not love this podcast?
It’s fabulous. My favorite.
Serra’s pretty annoying.
That’s it. That’s the review.
GREAT Pdcast
My favorite MMA podcast. Not only is there high knowledge of MMA (mainly from Matt) but every episode is amazingly funny due to Matt’s and Jimmy’s funny personalities that click well together. I listen to every episode and not one has been boring to me.
The great mma podcast Love listening to you guys
lonly peter
Still terrible after a 6 month listening hiatus
Used to love it. Matt has become annoying as hell. He needs Ritalin, but I still love the guy. He breaks down fights awesomely and his passion is infectious. Less singing and screaming would be nice. Norton is unbearably unbearable. His predictable, never ending self-deprecating humor is sofa king old. We get it. You're bad in bed and aren't packed. Oh and you love lady-boys. BFD. Not funny anymore. He just sounds like a VERY bad Howard Stern wannabe. It never changes. It got bad on steroids when Chris the producer left. Anik and Florian or the Jimmy Smith podcast are a WAYYYYYYYYY better use of time.
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UFC unfiltered is awesome
Matt Serra and jimmy norton are hilarious and awesome
Best MMA Podcast
Matt Sera and Jimmy Norton are awesome!
ben g jones
Don’t mess with my little Jimmy
Been listening to the show for a while and I’d have to say I’m in love with it! I love the chemistry between Matt and Jim. So funny! And that Jason Ellis guy That was on the other day is freaking hilarious. Get him on more often!
Steve A. Smith
Different type of MMA content
Better than Luke Thomas.
Decent podcast. Huge fan of Jim for him is 5 stars but Matt drops it down to by -4. I dislike the burping into the mic of Matt. Matt also is a bit of a hypocrite. Hates Ariels (mma journalist) instigating though it’s true he has done the same thing on this podcast. Asks fighters what they think about thrash talk quote that their opponents said about them. There’s too many better options for MMA podcasts.
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It’s obvious Matt and Jim aren’t allowed to give their true opinions when they call Eye vs Calvillo a great card. AYFKM?
xxxxxxxxx ccx
Outstanding Podcast
I have been a big fan of Matt Serra since 1999. His popularity started to take after his impressive Ultimate Fighter 4 tournament. Matt is a legend in the MMA community & one of the most highly accomplished JJ practitioners, a true pioneer of the sport. I absolutely love his podcast & always listen when he speaks. Overall, this show is an absolute hit, always smash like, subscribe & give these guys a 5* review. I hope they are around forever. Keep up the great work. Brad
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Oakley Fight Club
Heads down awesome podcast
Hands down awesome podcast
Matt Serra the goat
My favorite podcast ever
I’ll never miss an episode. Bless Matt and Jim for this
THIS is hands down my favorite podcast right now, Matt and Jim and the perfect combo and i look forward to them every week, keep up the work! 👊🏼👊🏼
Dear Jim,
A not so attractive lady broke wind in my face accidentally as I was going down on her. Soon after, a rush of blood filled my loins...🕯 Is this a red flag? 🕯🚩 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
Not into it
Not too interesting, I like the champ and the tramp better .
not intresting
Great show
Awesome podcast. Great chemistry between Matt and Jim.
New listener. New fan!
Great stuff and entertaining. Keep it up guys
UFC knockouts
My two Favorite guys 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
jorge seiaz
The people have spoken
Bring back Chris the Producer.
Too many guests
Show would be better if it had less guests and more fight discussion/banter between Jim and Matt
Great show
Love this podcast! Need to bring back Chris the Producer. The show lost a little bit when he left.
Best Podcast Out There!!!!
This is the best combo out of any podcast, Matt the “kimura savage” Serra is hilarious and loves pizza and Jim is also super funny and needs to sack up and do Jiu Jitsu at Serra BJJ they also need to bring back Chris The Producer miss that guy.
Walker Wolfson
Big fan
I am a long time listener. The show is awesome and has a great dynamic between Matt and his little bird. BUT, I really miss Chris the Producer. He was the glue in the show. The new setup is lacking compared to when Chris was running it. At least have him call in for an interview.
Matt and his “Little Bird”
Hey pretty good POD.. great guests and with Matt asking questions that they normally don’t get asked is nice... now that “other” guy.... ya know the one who is scared to go to Jiujitsu and roll....
UFC uncut
I’ve always really liked Matt Serra and thought he was a cool dude, but in all honesty, Jimmy’s work on the Opie and Anthony show is what really brought me to and sold me on this podcast. I love MMA and O&A so this is like a perfect combo. I can’t really think of a better fighter/comedian duo than this one.
Not sure
Jim is 5stars but Mat is bringing the show down with his singing yelling
Show needs improvement
I started listing to this show 3 years ago. I am now 28 I do love Matt but it seems he can’t control himself. I want Matt unfiltered and fun as usually but it does seem to get away from him more than ever. I’ve seen a huge drop in being able to manage Jim and Matt once Chris the producer left. Without someone being able to control Matt and keep the guys on track this show is doomed. For being the UFC official podcast seems to need an official producer. Chris at least had some chemistry with the “Talent” Jim and Matt. Something is needed. Someone who can bring Matt back that he respects and also Make the show fun. Matt brings a lot of fun but a producer is needed so we can keep the show on track. Too many times the show is starting to sound line a phone conversation between a drunk person and a sober one. I love the dynamics as Matt Serra is one of the most prolific American martial artist of this age. I love Matt Serra. We just need a way we can manage his energy hopefully the show is able to use this as criticism in order to improve. We would not have this issue if Chris the producer was in charge. He brought a quality to the production when it comes to task management and new ideas fun games quick responses and most importantly Matt and Jim respected him so he can keep the “talent” on track. They were able to focus on the fights give their take on the main card of every fight and finish their take if the outcome. He keeps Matt and Jim accountable. Hopefully someone can fill this role but as of now it’s starting to sound like a podcast this is dying. Production team please hear this cry as I don’t want to lose the great Matt Serra and Jim Norton combo.
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What's not to love about this podcast!? I look forward to it every week. They have both grown so much since the first year and really have a unique dynamic among each other as well as interviewing guests to bring the most out of each interview. It is refeshing, entertaining and always takes crazy twists and ADD turns that have me laughing every time. You can tell they genuinely love being there together and Matt Serra is just as funny as any top level comedian out there! LONG LIVE THE KIMURA SAVAGE AND HIS LITTLE BIRD!
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Matt and Jim
I love this show
jj jenkins45
Matt & Chris are Awesome...CTP
Love Matt & Chris. The combo is genius and legendary. I definitely would’ve given 5 stars if Chris the Producer was still on. It literally use to be the best podcast with the trio.
Matt is Annoying!
It’s should be about UFC not Matt!
Matt is the man!!!
I have to tell you im a big podcast listener and this is the best of them all!!! I am a huge Matt Serra fan, but have become a huge Jimmyyyyyyyyyy fan!! They are so great together. I truly cant wait for the next show as soon as the current one is over. Great job boys!!!!!
Rosario in nj
Not something I’d recommend to a hardcore fan
Man where do I start. This is starting to become painful to listen to. Matt is so bias when it comes to upcoming fights to a point where it’s ridiculous. I get it he has his fighters but when it comes to guys that he personally doesn’t like it’s not like he hides it but he makes it obvious and unprofessional. Especially for something that’s considered, “the official podcast of the ufc”. Always gets off topic and talks about video games and movies and what not EVERY episode, you would think this is a podcast about the day in the life of Matt Serra the way he makes everything about himself. They don’t do their job when it comes to watching/ breaking down previous fights or upcoming fights then blame the guys that make the prep sheets if anything is wrong. Would not recommend to a hard core fan. I get Matt is Dana’s boy but man he needs to get Anik and Florian on as “the official podcast of the ufc”!
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Jim and Matt have great chemistry.
Jim and Matt have great chemistry. I like how they seem to be passive aggressive at times too. Jamie English is a good stand in as well. Chris The Producer is greatly missed though. Phoenix is really hard to listen to. I just have to skip those. Otherwise great show. KimuraSavage is a beast!
I miss CTP!!!!
Love the show! Love how Jim and UFC HoFer Matt Serra interact with each other. I do really miss Chris the Producer though.
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