U-God Raw
U-God Raw
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Love It
Unfiltered and uncut, raw like whit meat with the skin hanging off. You either get or you don’t. I wish U-God had a late night show.
With No Trivia
This podcast is RAW!!! I did not know what to expect when I first tuned in, but this show is 100% pure dopium. I love the takes and segments on politics, pop culture and music. Keep up the good work, god!
B-No Good
It’s a great listen.
U-God has a captivating voice for the podcast. He’s hilarious with his unique slang and perspective. Michelle brings a youthful vibe to the show. Domingo unfortunately is boring and outdated. He drags out every point and comes across like he had to have every point heard. His voice is pretty annoying. I wish some bigger topics would be talked about to make a more cohesive podcast. Some missed opportunities was Rza selling half of the Wu-tang catalog and Joe Budden taking on Spotify on behalf of all podcasters. That would have been some great conversation. @chef_d_fabian on Instagram
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Chef D Fabian
Golden Arms Strong!!!
Raw Baby!! U.G.O.D delivers a great podcast. Witty unpredictable talent all natural game
Great podcast! 👐🏼
Dope podcast
Just great to hear UGodzilla’s opinion and his perspective on life!
Love the podcast and seeing U-God in this chamber. Always dropping gems.
Dunn Diggila
U-God Podzilla
And so there be it. U-God showed the world his sword and dart skills on the mic, now he’s showing us he’s also a master podcaster. There’s only a handful of podcasts I look forward too every week, and this is one of them. Premeditated_Bastard @DorameGeorge
On point
Didn’t know that U God had a podcast until I heard him on gangster chronicles. Much wisdom this brother has and brings it in a way you can relate to
Perfect title for the podcast and describes the vibes you get on the show. Touches on all topics that effect the culture music, sports, politics and social issues. All Raw.
Wu Tang Worldwide
Sony Woods
Stellar Podcast
U-God and the team are doing great loving the topics and chemistry. Funny, poignant and very entertaining!
Dee Sr. Escobar
Wisdom of the Wu 👐🏽
RAW is a must listen!
U was always one of my favorite members of Wu Tang. Serving up some of the best intros to my favorite hits. Heard there was a podcast starting and I think the show is great. I’ll easily listen to this every week. Favorite song with him is Iron God Chamber!!!!!
Raw UGod
Great pod, I don’t miss anyone.
Great Podcast
Great content. U-God and the team keep it real. Love their opinions and their chemistry. @dayalanyc
Dope podcast
It’s cool to hear one of the rappers I grew up On talk about all the things going on and get U Gods perspectives, it’s cool to see different sides of him outside of rap
Stevie Kicks
Great content
I look forward to the drop every Wednesday! Great conversations.
Very informative podcast love it
Bridging the gap from X to Z, Tiger style
As a long time fan of The Wu, I was super excited to see Golden Arms himself take reign of a new medium for the Clan. It’s such a fresh breath of air to hear conversations between a OG legend and our youth today. U-God and his crew dwell into topics that stay fresh on our minds, ranging from the movements BLM to Kanye’s crazy pedestal. I see this podcast being a staple for music fans for many, many years to come. Peace to all! Hit me up on IG @bryan_wolfbane
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This is obviously fire. Noticed you missing from the Hulu series. That speaks volumes of your integrity.
U-God keeps it real
U-God’s new podcast is only a couple of episodes old to date but he is already setting himself apart from other podcasts by having a solid in-studio trio that touches on all of the important subjects of the day led by Golden Arms ability to give his own unique point-of-view on current issues. Hit me up on IG @jomarlee
keeping real 👐🏼
U-god always keeping it real and never holds back! Definitely subscribe to this podcast! Wu-Tang forever 👐🏼 IG: ur.mama.smells.like.mutagen
Wu Tang Forever
U God is the man !I like his take on things. Cool Podcast
Big ups to Ugod! The book is 🔥🔥🔥! Glad I’m listening to this podcast!
U-God Raw podcast 🔥🔥🔥🔥
U-God has always been known to be one of the wildest members. And I appreciate his views on everything he speaks on. Never holds back and the podcast brings that raw vibe we real 90’s cats feel. They are just on point with who they choose as guests. Regardless of everything going on in the world. This podcast was needed. Very much. iG handle is bstn_3_gtp. Prize or not. I mean every word.
Bigger than GODzilla
U-god always dropping what is real. Jeers galore. Give this a subscribe for sure! Insta: @azjordon
Instant classic
U-God is a natural. He’s in his element and I can’t wait to hear him speak more truth. WuTang Forever! @infinite_scholar213
Great podcast, the universal god is very down to earth and grounded as he has projected his entire career. His two co hosts flow well with him, topics come and get knocked out with the quickness, no filler 👐
Seanbardi the legend
Golden Arms!!
Peace! U-God got that olive oil voice I can listen to all day. The podcast is bangin! Love is Love.... IG: terror_era_
UGod has one of the most unique voices in the world. After reading his Book I’ve built a deeper appreciation for his experience. Now with this Podcast its getting a continuation into his Journey. Great Intro so far. - @focusyems
Dope Podcast!!
this podcast right here is a must listen. I caught it from day one! U-God, Meashel & Domingo the Philanthropist have great chemistry and awesome vibes as a team. many different topics- ones that feed you knowledge and ones that will give you a good belly laugh (we can all use that nowadays). this podcast totally speaks my language. Ghostface was a hilarious interview too lol and I can’t wait for the rest of the Clan to drop in. i look forward to the next episode.. thanks y’all!! peace. milttheman on IG
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No Candy Coating
Love the podcast U-God gives it to you straight, he is natural no fake s**h, no candy coating. IG:Mizzcriscol
It’s a podcast by one of the original Wu members so it’s a must listen... Salute #WuTangForever @Areal_Superb
A must listen!
For one, big fan of Goldie! I love the chemistry of all the hosts, and the organic flow of the show. Look forward to more episodes to come! IG @theecherryontop
Funny and straight shooting
Great chemistry amongst the three hosts. Really enjoy the different perspectives on topics that are relevant. Looking forward to more episodes!
U-God bringing truth and fire.
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