Two Views Movies
Two Views Movies
Two Views Movies
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Garrett has lost his mind
Keep This Coming
This is a great podcast with a great rapport. They give you unique perspective and feed off of each other well. First you had my curiosity…now you all got my attention! Keep em coming!
T-Bone aka Black Dynamite
Super Good!
Fun listening!
Two Views Well Worth Considering
Excellent conversation-based podcast based out of Kansas City. Garrett and Carson take us through currently playing movies, retro releases, top five lists, and the occasional television show. Insightful and considered, always honest (sometimes brutally so when deserved), willing to challenge each other, and I am running out of things to say...
Not your typical movie podcast.
From the jump, you can tell you’re listening to something special with this podcast. Two hosts that truly love movies and talking about them with real passion. The reviews are insightful and researched. The production value is top notch, and the hilarious back and forth between the hosts is truly genuine. At times, it may seem like they’re about to get in a fistfight over their opposing takes, but we as the listener are captivated by the interaction and outcome. 10/10. Would recommend.
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Chunch The Great
Great dynamic
Carson and Garrett have a great back and forth without falling victim to a ton of crosstalk. Both guys have well-thought out points and are easy to listen to. Also, the A-Force shot in Endgame was actually very good
2 Views is the Truth
Love the energy this dynamic duo brings to the table. Not afraid to hold back and they’re incredibly informative with out being self referential and pretentious expert film snobs. Casual and entertaining film conversations with a simple format and are consistent and active on social media. Very deserved of every star!!
Kolby Mac
Love it!
One of my favorite podcasts!
Shout about movies
Two Views Movies hits all the right beats for a quality movie podcast in the best ways. The hosts are humorous, engaging and insightful. While their conversations are always entertaining, the debates are the highlight of the show. You can tell these guys are just having a ton of fun while talking about their passion for cinema.
Love this podcast. Excellent production and very engaging hosts. Thoughtful and entertaining takes on current movies.
Beatrice Cuddlebutt
Great discussion about movies!
This is a great movie review show. These guys have great banter and debates and there fun to listen to. I haven’t yet, but I’m even somewhat tempted to listen to episodes about some movies I haven’t seen yet just instead haha.
2 Views Gets 2 Thumbs Up!
These guys are great! The way they break down their podcast is that they preview each months movies as they’re coming out, which are great hype pieces...they then review the ones they’ve seen & have a great time doing so...sprinkled in though are my personal favorites, the top 5 special episodes! Check these guys out, you won’t be disappointed! And yes, Hercules deserves better!
Genuine Movie Talk
These guys are genuine in their conversations about movies. Each episode feels like two friends chatting about a movie as they walk out of the theater. The arguments are the best though!
Great Movie Podcast
Need a podcast that smartly breaks down movies, while making sure that they don’t compromise on their opinions, even if they don’t agree? Well this is the pod for you. Great analysis and great, researched opinions. Thanks and keep up the work!
Very well done movies podcast
Congrats to Garrett and Carson on producing down-to-earth, accessible dialogue for contemporary movies we’re all seeing for the first (or second) time, and peppering in fun content about the movies we all grew up watching. Nice work guys!
Great stuff
This is a really great podcast. Love to listen...after I’ve seen the movie discussed. Check it out!