Two Old Queens
Two Old Queens
John Flynn & Mark Rennie
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its a very funny show with hosts and guests who love the subject. i love movies and as a pretty much 99% straight aligned guy in the midwest i enjoy hearing some old favorite movies brought into a whole different queer perspective in a very fun way. thanks for all the laughs
My All Time Favorite!!
I love everything about this podcast ( the guests, hosts, the bantering just to name a few). I’m currently on the Chicago ep and I can’t wait to listen to the 4 Year Anniversary!!! Great escape! 5 stars
my new obsession, i started binging a couple months ago and don’t want it to ever end. the balance of cranky, hilarious mark and the wise and sweet john is such a perfect recipe. i laugh out loud every episode and would pay $5 for a sound file of Mark saying “RUDE!” Please keep bringing back tony rodriguez, jeff hiller and olivia!
pure joy
fabulously byzantine. i just listened to everything from the main and patreon feeds. so what’s a girl(ish) to do?? start from the very beginning of course! and continue to proselytize about the show.
You had me at “Byzantine”
Mark and John always crack me up, PLUS they have one of the best theme songs in all of podcasting!!!!!!!!!!
Old Queens, Young Things, Ladies in Waiting
Come for the bickering, stay for the scores! A podcast that proves that every movie is at least a little gay, and the best ones are SOOOPER gay. Songs! Spanks! Mannequins! Felt! Is that confusing? Don’t worry, it won’t be after John and Mark explain it all!
It’s a delight
The witty banter of Mark and John, along with their cavalcade of amazing guests, make for an amazing show! Started listening a few months ago, and I’m slowly catching up, as I try to watch each movie before listening to the next episode. Just wrapped the When Harry Met Sally episode, where the boys predict an uneventful upcoming 2020. Oh, you sweet baby angels.
One of my new favorites!!
Great chemistry and a rating system that is taken just seriously enough to keep it fun and interesting.
We love you John and Mark!
The Queens have brought me so much joy and light in this truly terrible year. When I learned my friend Billy won the essay contest and would be a guest, I screamed with delight! This pod has it all: a Byzantine scoring system, needless bickering AND insightful social commentary. Plus camp??? I’m in my feels just *thinking* about how special it is! This podcast is NOT the movie boat trip and deserves ALL the points!
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Fonts! Mothers! Witches!
Due to my binging of this podcast, when I went to see The Green Knight (first post-pandemic theater trip!), all I could think about is the high score it would get in Fonts (in my opinion, pretty darn high!), Mothers (also high!), and Witches (even higher!). I love the podcast! Keep up the amazing work! P.S. Mark’s music tastes are stellar. I very much loved hearing the Jens Lekman song on the Patreon episode.
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The PNW G-Train
This is so fun!
I was aware of this show for a while and finally started listening a few months ago. I burned through the episodes for movies I know well much faster than I expected. I guess I’ll have to start watching the rest of the movies so I can enjoy more episodes.
My Favorite Podcast
I was introduced to Two Old Queens through a ”How Did This Get Played?” episode a while back and my life has changed for the better ever since. This is my favorite podcast period (go subscribe to their Patreon, you won’t regret it). Co-hosts John Flynn and Mark Rennie have a sublime rapport that is second-to-none and frequently has me cackling to myself. Come for the byzantine scoring system, stay for the sassy puns
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This was great!
This is a fun time! I love listening to them talk about movies I adore and hitting similar points that I would raise! I cackled and screamed “Yaaasss!” more than one time. The hosts are natural and sharp with their quips. I wish I could be that quick on my heels! Give this a shot as they solve a burning question…what is the gayest movie?!
Drop Dead Gorgeous
I hope someone brings this movie to compare to Kirsten Dunst’s multiple appearances on the list!
This podcast is a pure delight! They got me hooked with Nicole Byer’s episode about CATS (2019) and I’ve never looked back. This show is one of the highlights of my week!
Lore-loving it
I’m so sorry
I feel like I’m required to leave you five stars after you had to read my BF’s very drunk incomplete email on why you should cover the Producers. But also, y’all are my favorite!! You deserve all the praise!!
Yes Please
I don’t which host or guest or episode is my favorite but this podcast is an intellectual epic you don’t want to miss.
Isaac Lipfert
Pandemic lifesaver
I work a little with one of the hosts in the before times, and was introduced to this podcast after several friends appeared. Just a really fun, irreverent, light and upbeat experience. Often listen while walking my dog in the morning because it’s a great energy to start the day.
Love these old queens!
Funny and educational and a great take on movie reviews
Mr Chewy Bitems
Delightfully irreverent yet enlightening
This is now my go to podcast to truly discover whether a movie is worth watching or not!! I only found this gem a few mo tjs ago but I can’t stop listening!! The banter, the guests, the movie selections and the Byzantine scoring system keeps me entertained for hours!! Thank you guys so much for bringing laughter to my days! 💋
Consistently delightful
I love this podcast! Truly one of my greatest quarantine discoveries, and it’s totally changed how I watch movies.
I love these two!
Hello! My introduction to these wonderful Queens was the Cats episode with Nicole Beyer. They cover such fun movies and they have great guest stars like funny lady Lennon Parham. The scoring system is elaborate and I’m into it. Do yourself a favor and listen to this podcast! It’s been a bright spot during this crazy time. It’s a treat!
Awesome twosome!
I love these guys! Just like they say in the intro, they’re “queens” but not mean— it’s the perfect combo of slightly naughty and irreverent but mostly sweet. And they’re just as observant about old classics as they are about new releases. Plus, they’re equally great at giving free reign to their funny, chatty guests as they are at picking up the slack when their guests are on the quiet side.
The best
They’re the best! I can’t help but tee hee everytime I hear their “helloooo”
sne sne
2 Old Queens (and a slightly younger queen)
Mark and John are the fairy godmothers I wish I had as a young queen. Their hilarious takes on movies and queerdom make my day. Also, the bonus episodes on Patreon are a hoot! Get into it!!
So much fun!
This podcast has been a light in a sea of darkness. Mark, John, and their guests have helped to improve my mood and just make me laugh while I listen. It’s such a fun show!
I can’t get enough!
The fake titular theme songs, scandalized “50!?”s and impressions of straight guys are worth the price of admission all on their own. The fact that sometimes you get all three in one episode make this a can’t miss. Run, don’t walk, to your nearest internet connected device and subscribe to this podcast!
Wonderful, macabre, and full of shattered glass!
Please listen to this podcast! The hosts are a delight to listen to and so fun and every single guest is equally as divine! For anyone with any reservations, they do give a recap of the movies at the top of every episode, so even if you haven’t seen the movie you can follow along. Definitely listen, and if I may be so bold, I think someone should recommend steel magnolias.
eddy tbt
Thanks for the continuous great content. Always look forward to the episodes. Really enjoying rewatching movies, and watching movies I haven’t seen complete with the Byzantine scoring system in mind. Recommend signing up for the T.O.Q Patreon for even more great content.
Pure Joy
When I see that pink icon update in my podcast feed its like getting 1 free hour of joy in my day. The premise is so fun the hosts are amazing and they do such a good job at making a fun place for the guest that their happiness at playing along is infectious for the listener. A+++
Absolute Delight
This podcast is just positively delightful. The premise is so fun and the hosts and guests are hilarious. I just started listening starting with the PFT episode and can’t wait to go back and listen from the beginning and catch up to the present!
Lindsey by Alene Too
A Daedalian Production!
this is such an intricate and phenomenal premise! I love this series so much. I originally was going to watch the episodes with my favorite guests, but after the first episode I watched,(PFT naturally), I had to watch the rest of them immediately! very very very glad I stumbled across this wonderful podcast!
Serious Nonsense
I have been looking for a nonsense podcast ever since Professor Blastoff wrapped and I think I found it in Two Old Queens. The movie selection is phenomenal and the analysis is absurdly insightful. This is the perfect upbeat podcast to make you feel less alone in this crazy time.
Just what need right now
Smart, insightful, funny and cathartic. This show touches all the bases for me. It’s also great to hear genuine conversation around the portrayal of the queer community in film.
Really funny and delightful.
The two hosts are very naturally funny and have a great rapport both with one another and with their guests. The show is a fun, funny and easy listen.
Can’t stop laughing!
Recently discovered Two Old Queens and I’m bingeing all the episodes. The chemistry between Mark and John, their knowledge, the choice of guests, I could go on and on but anyone with a love of movies (and “films”) will appreciate the encyclopedic information, the hilarious scoring system and the immensely entertaining back and forth with the guests. TOQ is pure comedy gold
Jano (sounds like Hannah)
If you’re looking for funny content to get through your work day, I highly recommend Two Old Queens! Also, if you suffer from the “too many options” syndrome and never know what movie to watch, just watch along with the fabulous hosts Mark & John (who have amazing chemistry) and then you can play along with their insane scoring system
Are you a lunatic?
If you don’t listen to this podcast the spreadsheet confirms you are one mimosa short of a brunch. This is the funniest podcast and it makes my commute a lot easier every Wednesday.
One of THE most delightfully fun shows to listen to, especially in times like now when it feels like the world is on fire. Fantastic hosts, fantastic banter, everything is just so FUN. The Byzantine scoring system is perfect. Just an all around great show.
Glittery Kittens
Silliness, taken seriously.
I take such delight in the fact that this podcast takes a completely absurd premise (finding the gayest movie of all time) and uses a very complicated mathematical system to get to the bottom of it! Notable favorite features for regular listeners include but are not limited to: Mark’s exclamatory shock at a some of the other people’s ratings, John constantly stretching the definition of what constitutes a manneqin, and everyone involved continually trying to suggest that every soft fabric might just be felt! I only wish I was famous enough to be a guest, bc I’ve had the same movie in mind since episode 1 and it would slay!
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My Weekly Sass!
I look forward to your podcast every week! I hope my personal heaven is Mark listing off what makes heaven campy.
Huge fan of the show, I listen every week! My coworkers were skeptical at first (I work construction so I work with a lot of macho bro type guys) but soon they were laughing along with me! Love the new scoring system, always leave me wanting more! Thank you!
The best movie podcast
Often thought-provoking. Always hilarious.
Always a great time!
Such a fun and uplifting podcast. Mark and John are amazing hosts! I don’t even watch a lot of movies and still enjoy the whit and banter. If I rated your podcast, it would have a 100 in every category.
Jason Krobatsch
Too much fun
I usually listen to a healthy balance of comedic and spooky (read: true crime) podcasts but pretty much everything has been put on hold since I found Two Old Queens. I CAN’T STOP listening and am already sad to know some day soon I’ll be caught up and will have to wait a week (a whole week?!!) for a new release. John and Mark have such great chemistry and the guests are just as much fun. Thank you for continuing to record during quarantine — we all need it!
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Cara Bobara
Another straight ally
I just wanted to add my voice to the population of cisgender hetero makes that listen to and live your podcast. With that description you know I first heard you on “High and Mighty” and was so excited when you started your own podcast. I wish I had any ideas to help with the scoring system but I’m bad at math-I like what you’ve come up with and you make me laugh out loud every week and revisit some of my old faves like “Showgirls”. It’s the best!
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I love the new scoring system!
You are both such fun! I love Mark’s responses “60!” Just listened to A Star is Born. Love the system changes. Keep up the great work.
Can’t Get Enough!
The chemistry is electric between John, Mark, and that Spreadsheet! Two of my favorite episodes are SUSPERIA and SHOWGIRLS, but all the rest are delicious, too. So happy the show has resurrected, post-coronavirus 💄👄💋
What a Delight!
I love listening to John and Mark on their quest to find the gayest movie ever made! They always invite great guests and I love when they heatedly question their scores in all categories!! They always make me smile. I’m especially looking forward to when they finally score the movie Cruising!
Librarian Lindsay
So Many Categories, So Little Time
Using an Excel spreadsheet and a Byzantine scoring system it has been determined that, with a score of 71.2%, Two Old Queens is officially the gayest podcast of all time! Goooodbyyyyye!
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