Twitter Smarter Podcast with Madalyn Sklar - The Best Twitter Tips from the Pros
Twitter Smarter Podcast with Madalyn Sklar - The Best Twitter Tips from the Pros
Madalyn Sklar
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Great info every episode.
My background is in sales but I’ve been thrust into social media marketing so I appreciate when I get actionable tips. That’s what I get with every episode. Many of the tips (like how to create & use gifs effectively) apply to other platforms in addition to Twitter. Thanks so much Madalyn (Insert my custom high five gif here).
Consistently a valuable resource.
Every, yes “Every” time I listen to Madalyn’s podcast I learn at least one great actionable tip. Don’t miss the #TwitterSmarter live Twitter chat every Thursday at 1pm EST. I guarantee you will enjoy and learn from both.
John at Sunset
Fun and actionable!
I have so much fun listening to Madalyn and her awesome guests. They always share some easy action steps for quick wins as well as long term use and gains.
Danielle Nocon
Madalyn knows more about Twitter than Jack Dorsey
Not kidding. She's the expert of all experts and genuinely enjoys helping people with Twitter and more. This podcast delivers every single episode with more valuable insight than any other podcast out there. She is THE rockstar!
Max Branding
Great podcast
Good stuff. I love learning new things and this show satisfies my need for high quality information. I'm focused on building a authentic presence on Twitter and this show helps me do that. Thank you! Keep up the great work.
Never Fails
Madelyn never fails to teach or remind me of something useful and she’s always a great listen!
Madalyn’s my Twitter go-to!
Madalyn is my Twitter go-to!!!! She’s has a wealth of knowledge on Twitter and her info and strategies really make me enjoy using the platform and not get overwhelmed by the speed of the feed. Thanks, Madalyn!
Bonnie Frank
You’re the best miracle worker on the planet!
Twitter is a phenomenon! You help me unravel my spine from the many positions I sit in wonder 🙆‍♀️
The Michele Tune
Wonderful podcast
I listening one chapter per day and, so far, I have learned so much. It made me start managing my Twitter account again. Thank you!
Awesome Podcast
Madalyn is the real deal. Tons of Twitter takeaways in every episode.
Helps me Twitter Smarter!
I’ve been neglecting Twitter forever bc didn’t really know how to use it. This has helped me and also given me time back I was wasting on it!
You’ll not only get actionable tips but you’ll get homework assignments!
This podcast is only about Twitter -specifically, using Twitter more effectively and - wait for it...smarter. There’s not a lot of fluff here. Madalyn is down to earth and asks only 2 questions: (1) What are your best Twitter tips? and (2) What are your favorite tools? The content is useable, actionable, & timely. You’ll not only get actionable tips but you’ll get homework assignments! I’ve made some great connections from incorporating just a few of her tips. If you use Twitter in any capacity, it will worth your time to listen and subscribe.
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Madalyn Knows Twitter!
I've been following Madalyn on Twitter and recently started listening to her Twitter smarter podcast. She provides so much value and has helped me tremendously with leveling up my Twitter game. Madalyn knows Twitter! She's in the know with the latest and greatest and will always share helpful and actionable advice. She also hosts one of my favorite Twitter chats #TwitterSmarter. The community she has built is incredible. Listen to her podcast, follow her on Twitter and join the #TwitterSmarter community. You will be happy that you did! Thank you for everything Madalyn! 🙏
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Listen to the Twitter Ninja
I listened to Madalyn’s podcast series and it completely opened my eyes to the power of Twitter for both my personal and professional use. A great place to learn how valuable this social media platform is to anyone serious about learning social media engagement at it’s finest. Madalyn is a great teacher and has great guests to show you what a great platform this is now and should continue to be.
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New listener, Big fan!!
If you’re looking for simple ways to improve your Twitter engagement, this podcast is for you!! Many of the tips relate to other social media platforms, so boost your online presence in 2018 with advice Madalyn and her guests!!
Carla Jo Howard
So Refreshing!
This show is AWESOME! The show manages to provide useful, actionable advice without being boring or dry. Madalyn is such an approachable interviewer. Twitter has always been my social media platform of choice for business, and I have learned so much I didn't know thanks to this show. If you want to build a Twitter presence, you need to be listening to this show.
Robert Klinck
One Of My Favorite Podcast
Not only is #TwitterSmarter one of my fav Twitter chats, but also one of my fav podcast. I miss quite a few of the Twitter chats due to work. But the podcast is so great because I get to listen on the go and obtain great ways to continue building with all the Twitter goodness shared here on this podcast. So many great guest deliver real life tips on how they've reach their goals using Twitter. Madalyn is the Twitter expert and she brings on awesome collegues to help us all become #TwitterSmarter If you're not listening, you're missing out.
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Madalyn is Terrific!!
I love Madalyn so much!! Her podcast is awesome and her tips are so actionable. She has changed my entire mindset on Twitter and in less than 2 weeks her advice is already affecting my twitter engagement. Thank you!!!
LuAnn Nigara
Tweeting for Value
I ran across this podcast several weeks ago when searching for way to get into the Twitter world after lurking in the sphere for a few years. Once I committed myself to dip my toes in the water, go public & engage in this virtual cocktail party, this podcast has been quite valuable in my implementation. Although some of the episodes are older, I was always able to take at least one golden nugget of information from each one that pertains to my needs & goals. Some have so much useful information that I end up listening to the podcast several times to digest the information more completely, whether I have a long drive, stuck in traffic, riding the subway or even waiting for the bus or ferry. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to navigate through Twitter to subscribe to this podcasts! I'm definitely more educated (or #TwitterSmarter) for it! Thanks, Madalyn & keep up the great content!
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Insightful tips in a manageable amount
Twitter itself is incredibly overwhelming, but Madalyn´s podcast helps you navigate the overwhelmtion by highlighting expertise and giving people an idea of the tools available to make Twitter more manageable and less overwhelming. It´s clear she enjoys what she does, and it´s a pleasure listening to her podcast. I especially like how she intros each episode with a quick summary and ends each episode with another (sandwiching each episode well). If you want to know more about how to make Twitter work for you, this is the podcast to listen to!
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As someone newer to the SM marketing world, the tips/advice loaded within each episode have been invaluable. A must-listen.
Great to learn Twitter and Social Media
This show has helped me sharpen my Twitter skills and learn the best habits for marketing and what bad habits I have. Great show!!!
Get the most out of Twitter with Madalyn as your guide
I look forward to each new episode of this podcast with anticipation because Madalyn explains Twitter like nobody else. She has a way of explaining the platform that is easy to understand and offers a mix of both practical advice, and great ideas. Her most recent episode "How to Tweet your way through a Conference" contained lots of great best practices and tips for standing out and taking your Twitter game to the next level.
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Great informative interview!
Brief, yet full of information! Thank you Madalyn
The Healing Project
I'm #TwitterSmarter thanks to Madalyn!
I've been on Twitter for about 5 years and up until THIS YEAR (2016), had no clue what I've been doing...LOL 😂I enjoy Twitter immensely, yet hadn't really educated myself on the ins & outs...UNTIL NOW! Thank the Lawd for Madalyn...I came across Madalyn one day about a month ago as I was tweeting and browsing. Her tweets were easy to read, interesting and drew me in! Naturally I started following her, joined the #TwitterSmarter chat, then found this podcast! I'll never think of (or use) Twitter the same way again! Thank you Madalyn for this AMAZING platform where I can drive and boost my knowledge of Twitter, hear tricks & tips and learn about other "power players" in the Twitterverse! Your interviews are not only educational, but they're friendly and REAL. Even the most novice of social media user can relate then implement the strategies you and your guests teach! I plan on being a lifelong learner of Social Media of course, but especially Twitter. It's now my favorite platform. Why? Because I no longer FEAR it thanks to Madalyn! You GO GIRL👍🏽 Ja-Relle @jarelleelaine
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Love it!
Love the podcast! Very informative!
Awesome podcast!
Just discovered Madalyn Sklar tonight via Twitter...what an awesome and informative podcast! I sometimes have hard time paying attention to podcasts but not this one. I was glued to first my podcast! Cannot wait to listen to more.
Sweet Jumpsuits
Short, Sweet, and to the point!
Great resource for community managers from beginner to advanced levels. Be sure to check out this great podcast.
Sweeter Tweets
A great tool for those new to Twitter as well as experienced tweeters. The tips are handy and to the point, easy to implement regardless of your level of Twitter experience.
Extremely Helpful
I'm still a novice with Twitter, and I learn at least 2 significant new tricks from every one of Madalyn's episodes. Her guests are all experts in some aspect of Twitter usage, so these short, well-organized interviews never disappoint. I'm a fan.
Madalyn and her guests share so much value!
I was thrilled to find this show in my podcast search. I'm always singing the praises of Twitter and finding your #TwitterTribe for my clients so hearing Madelyn and her guests do the same with loads of tips, favorite tools, and insights is fantastic. Subscribed immediately! :-)
Tim Fargo
All Pod Casts help me @Twitter Smarter… Thanks for the ongoing great tips! As the world of social media is changing,..and it is changing rapidly..its essential that we learn and adjust. Always time well spent listening pod casts and reading your blog!!
Amusing Muse 2000
Twitter Do's & Don'ts with Sarah Nagel of Sprout Social (Episode 29)
I'm jumping back into Twitter personally after being off the radar for the past few years (but have been using it for work account for 10 years) and so it was a good reminder of the essentials of good engagement, community building and just having a good time on Twitter. The best part is that you are receiving really important stuff - but in an informal manner - almost feels like we're all sitting in a cafe somewhere chatting. Can't wait to jump into more of Madalyn's podcasts. Highly recommended.
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What you don’t know can slow you down!
by @releasedtosee I have had an inactive Twitter account for about three years now, like many my main “social media” active resulted primarily on Facebook. Thinking that twitter was to difficult to understand and being discouraged by the amount of work need to gain followers I quickly lost motivation. Flash forward to now, I run a growing Photography/ Videography business and see the need to be active in social media. With little time to find credible sources and having large amounts of time on the road for my day job I rely heavily on podcasts/ audio books. When I typed Twitter in to the podcast search I found Madalyn, I’m SO happy I did. I’ve listened to thirteen of her shows so far and have learned so much already! Thank you Madalyn for meeting this need for me and so many people!
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This Podcast should be charging
Madalyn Sklar is a wealth of information. Each time I listen I learn something new about how to promote our podcast. How to be a better friend on Twitter. We love Twitter because it engages people into communication.
One of My Very Faves! A Necessity for Social Media Users
The 140 character social networking platform doesn’t seem too complicated, but as any of us who aren’t seeing desirable results know, Twitter can be quite a labyrinth. Madalyn brings in excellent guests and asks questions that really illuminate which methods, strategies, and practices are most useful to help navigate through the enigmatic terrain. I have learned so much from this podcast. Her passion is irrefutable and contagious. Everyone can benefit from amping up there Twitter game, and here you’ll find the best tips on the market.
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Great info for beginners and seasoned professionals
I absolutely love this podcast because it DOES make you smarter in the social world. Madalyn provides really great insight on building your audience, keeping them interested but also diving into new things to expand your efforts and think differently.
Mila Clarke
What a concise bit of information this podcast delivers. No waste of time, just great stuff. Thanks!
I’m smarter because of this Podcast
If you want to learn the ins and outs of Twitter from the experts this is the podcast to listen to. Madalyn invites the superstars of Twitter and social media onto her podcasts where they dish their secret recipes. Folks, this is the podcast for you if you want to become a Twitter expert. Oh, you probably should join in on Madalyn’s #TwitterSmarter weekly Twitter chats every Thursday at 1pm.
Amazing help!
I love all of the advice, and the guest that come on here, it’s where I aspire to be in a couple of years. Thank you for everything Madalyn!
Really great show!
Loving this podcast. Episode topics are interesting, the content is incredibly helpful, and the episode length is perfect. Keep up the great work, Madalyn.
J Carbary
Don't listen while driving
I have a huge problem with this podcast. I listen to podcasts in the car and #TwitterSmarter is so filled with practical tips that I want to pull over and note them all down. Seriously, subscribe because you'll learn lots from the inspiring interviewees and Madalyn.
Every episode is value packed
True story. I found Madalyn’s podcast and started listening to it on my 6 hour drive to a convention. I couldn’t get enough. I literally listened to every single episode both there and back and have learned so much about twitter. This is a goldmine of great content. Thanks Madalyn!
Sue Monhait
Sue B. Zimmerman Interview
I had never heard of Periscope, great information! Thank you Madalyn Sklar!
The BEST podcast about Twitter!
Madalyn is a great host and welcomes an incredible lineup of guests who share actionable tips and tools you can start using right away. Whether you’re just starting out or have a big Twitter following, #TwitterSmarter podcast has plenty of golden nuggets for YOU!
Go to spot for Twitterers
This is the place to learn how to maximize your Twittering time and effort. You rock, Madalyn!
Gary Toth
One of a Kind Podcast
I’ve gotten to know Madalyn over the last few months and I’m so impressed by the quality of her podcast, as well as her other content on marketing. She’s extremely active across social media, showcasing that she’s genuinely in helping others succeed with their marketing on Twitter and elsewhere. Give her podcast a listen to better understand how to find success on Twitter.
Excellent podcast
I enjoyed Mark Schaefer's podcast on three Twitter secrets. Loved your idea about subscribing to lists someone already has created. Just subscribed to one of yours. Thanks, Madalyn!
Great Podcast Guest
I met Madalyn on Twitter, been a fan & student ever since. The Twitter Thematics w/Ariel Hyatt of CyberPR to be informative, easy to understand & implement.
Diana~Suede Mgmt
Great guests & content
I enjoy the specialized content centered around Twitter. Madalyn is definitely an expert and her guests are top notch!
BJ at
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