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Lovecraft Country Episode 10 Finale Podcast "Full Circle"
1 hour 19 minutes Posted Oct 18, 2020 at 7:10 pm.
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Show notes

As the season comes to a close we discuss Lovecraft Country Episode 10 the finale of the show. As everyone returns to Ardham for the final battle.

Lovecraft Country Episode 10 "Full Circle" Summary

With the Book of Names in their possession Atticus and Leti begin the incantation to remove the curse from Dee’s body, but are pulled through to another place where they are connected to Hanna and Atticus’ mum, Dora, who impart their wisdom of magic and their family on them. Removing the curse from Dee, Leti, Atticus, Hippolyta and Montrose, set about to disrupt Chistina’s plans for Atticus. After obtaining the flesh of Titus Braithwaite using the Book of Names, they also enlist Ji-Ah and ask Ruby to obtain the final part of their counter-spell, a piece of Christina’s body.

As the autumnal equinox approaches the gang return to Ardham County, joined by Ruby, Ji-Ah and Dee, to begin their offensive. But their plans are thrown into chaos as Christina has taken the form of Ruby, who lies in a coma back in Chicago. Throwing Leti from the village tower and capturing Atticus with the help of the Ardham locals, Christina, as the moon rises high in the sky, performs her spell on Atticus to become immortal. But as all seems lost, Leti and Ji-Ah come together to connect Atticus with Christina and begin their counter-incantation. In an explosive force of magic Christina is beaten but at a terrible cost. The willing sacrifice by Atticus to die ensures that his unborn son, his family and friends are protected, but also the power of magic is removed from the Braithwhites and white people to the Freemans and black people. In the emotional aftermath of Tic’s death, as they get ready to leave Ardham County behind, Dee approaches the injured Christina and crushes her neck with her new bionic arm!

Directed by: Nelson McCormick

Teleplay by: Misha Green and Ihuoma Ofordire

Showrunner: Misha Green

Lovecraft Country Cast:

* Aunjanue Ellis as Hippolyta Freeman* Jurnee Smollett as Letitia "Leti" Lewis* Jonathan Majors as Atticus Freeman* Michael K. Williams as Montrose Freeman* Courtney B. Vance as George Freeman* Wunmi Mosaku as Ruby Baptiste* Abbey Lee as Christina Braithwhite* Jamie Chung as Ji-Ah* Jada Harris as Diana Freeman* Jamie Harris as Eus...