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Lovecraft Country Episode 7 Podcast "I Am."
1 hour 16 minutes Posted Sep 27, 2020 at 6:57 pm.
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Show notes

It's a strange wonderful trip through time and space on Lovecraft Country Episode 7 "I Am." Hypolytta learns what kind of person she is. We chat all about this trippy episode on the Dreadful Podcast from TV Podcast Industries.

Lovecraft Country Episode 7 "I Am." Summary

After going to Ardham County, Hippolyta’s journey of discovery continues through time and space after unlocking the secrets of Hiram’s Orary. Elsewhere, Atticus and his father’s relationship hits a new low as he encounters Montrose and Sammy at his dad’s flat while looking for information about his mother’s side of the family. As Tic attempts to track down the Book of Names in St Louis he is warned by Leti that Hippolyta has the Orary and could be in danger. At a space observatory in Kansas, Hippolyta activates the device, just as members of Captain Lancaster’s police have her at gunpoint. Atticus arrives to help his Aunt but during the fight with the cops a rip in space and time opens up and both Tic and Hippolyta are flung through the tear. From the Kansas observatory to a high tech “cell” with the being “I am” Hippolyta is then teleported to Paris to dance with Josephine Baker, from there Hippolyta travels onwards to ancestral Africa (with Confederate soldiers) and further into the sci-fi world of her daughter’s comics with George. Her odyssey through multiple worlds is transformative and empowering as she learns about her thoughts, her feelings, her desires and ultimately who she is and what freedom means. Back in Kansas Atticus is flung out of the tear and back into the observatory carrying a book written by Geroge Freeman, but where has he come from and what has he seen!!?

Directed by: Charlotte Sieling

Teleplay by: Misha Green, Shannon Houston

Showrunner: Misha Green

Lovecraft Country Cast:

* Aunjanue Ellis as Hippolyta Freeman* Jurnee Smollett as Letitia "Leti" Lewis* Jonathan Majors as Atticus Freeman* Michael K. Williams as Montrose Freeman* Courtney B. Vance as George Freeman* Wunmi Mosaku as Ruby Baptiste* Abbey Lee as Christina Braithwhite* Jamie Chung as Ji-Ah* Jada Harris as Diana Freeman* Jamie Harris as Eustace Hunt* Jordan Patrick Smith as William*