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The Tunnels is a serialized docudrama about the mysterious tunnels that can be found underneath a small town in Georgia. What are they? What is their history? What are those mysterious sounds heard within them? Find out what's just below the surface of the town, because if you look underneath, there is so much more.
Episode 406 - Stories
This is it, our Season 4 Finale. Ezekiel has recruited Robert, Karen, and the others in order to rescue Peter and help stop Synder once and for all, but they won't be the only ones making a trip into the tunnels for a date with him. This is the episode that changes everything.
Sep 26
37 min
Episode 405 - Forsaken
In our penultimate episode, Robert returns home along with his allies, and Carrie helps them piece together some of what is going on, while Cade makes a frightening discovery when going to question Gabriel. And Peter may receive an unlikely savior in his fight against Synder.
Sep 12
24 min
Episode 404 - Reunions
Karen and Cade are reunited with Robert, but after spending 6 months with George Locke, what kind of condition will he be in. Also, Peter and Ezekiel run into the last thing they wanted, while continuing their search in the tunnels.
Aug 29
29 min
Ghosts of Griffin Special
Don't worry, Season 4 will continue in two weeks time, however, we take a little break from our season to give you a special peak at what our Patrons on Patreon's get. This is an episode from our Patron Exclusive series, Ghosts of Griffin, entitled Day In, Day Out. We hope you enjoy!
Aug 15
10 min
Episode 403 - Bargaining
Locke bargains with Dr. Barton in order to achieve the next step in his plan, while CSU Young has a disagreement with Sheriff Burke.
Aug 1
24 min
Episode 402 - Revelations
At the order of Sheriff Burke, Erica Young meets with someone with inside information on what is going on. Karen and Cade have to figure out where they are going next. And Locke continues his search for May.
Jul 18
24 min
Episode 401 - Aftershocks
Season 4 Premiere! Six months have passed since the eclipse. Robert and Barnabas are still missing. Locke has went into hiding. The vessel has been revealed. However, now something is coming. Something that will change everything.
Jul 4
26 min
Portal (A Season 4 Mini-Episode)
The road to Season 4 continues with our final mini-episode, as a strange group of investigators search the tunnels for answers.
May 16
10 min
Ghosts of Griffin (Trailer)
An exclusive series coming to all of our Patrons in April 2020, and then every month you'll get a new story of fiction that takes place right here in our humble abode of Griffin. http://www.patreon.com/hauntedgriffin
Mar 30
1 min
Haunted Hell House of Horror - Mini-Episode 5 - The Night of the Photoshoot
A very special mini-episode of the Haunted Hell House of Horror, as our ragtag group of haunters venture into the haunt...without permission...in order to take photos as they try to get into the annual Haunters Against Hate calendar. What could possibly go wrong?
Mar 17
16 min
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