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Keep making more!!
This opens my mind and learn something important!!
If the blind lead the blind, they all will fall in the ditch. The one who sees will lead his army to victory!
True Movie Goer
PLEASE MAKE MORE EPISODES!!! You are waking people up. Thank you for sharing the gospel and the truth.
Ppl don’t know was going on the world they sleep. krayzie and keef really put it on the spot
My opinion from all of u
My first episode
Just heard my first episode 7/11/19 and it felt like I was studying with the brothers all over again. Lol nah but it takes a lot courage to speak your truth Krayzie. When I use to speak it I would always get rejected. So keep goin! I love you brother and always have. 25 years later I still play your music! I look forward to listening to past and future pod cast! Thank you!
Chasta mcnasty
Lyrical king
Krayzie the great!
Long time listener, first time commenter.
As a long time Krayzie Bone fan, and after following him on IG, I couldn’t help but check out this podcast. We live in a awesome time where we can interact with our “lyrical heroes”. 20 years ago if I could have interacted and listened to my rap God on a podcast like this I would have thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Anyways, this podcast has a great mixed vibe of stories from the past while Bone were in their “glory days” to spiritual topics involving God. I absolutely love Dat Bum Keef G! He has a lot to say and sometimes has a tough time holding back the “gangster” talk. It’s a beautiful thing to hear people come from the grimey projects better themselves, and make a conscious effort to use language that they are unaccustomed to. Keef G gets gets tongue tied and makes up words on the spot(which only makes you love him more). I feel terrible criticizing anything/anybody that are trying to do good. That being said,Angela sometimes gets irritating constantly agreeing with everything said on the background. “Ya, ya, that’s right” all the time in the background gets to be too much at times. I have nothing but love for this podcast. If anything I hope they take this criticism and improve on it. Keep up the good work Krayzie, Keef G, and Angela.
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Listening to this man is so very beneficial you can gain so much knowledge and wisdom in so many positive ways he doest know this but since i was 10 years old specifically him and the other bone brothers have been my mentor and idol and i have learned how to survive and grow out of the similar environment they came from and through their words and music i stayed alive
The 7ife
7ove the show, every moment is entertaining, Z@7ute to the #7Gods #The7ife 🤴🏾👽🤴🏾👽🤴🏾👽🤴🏾
Who knew that Krayzie Bone was so thought provoking?
Keeping It 100
100, 1000, 100,000,000 Krayzie and Keef G keep it all real. Informative. Entertaining. Thoughtful. Good listening of views on various topics.
Crazy Rascal
Kray has always been my favorite rapper and to hear his views on topics that are happening today is insightful & inspiring. Been a fan of Keef G since I heard “we ain’t really living” and also appreciate his views on what’s happening today. If you want to hear unfiltered truth and be inspired to make a difference in this world, then this is the show for you!
Looking forward
I’m looking forward to tuning in and listen to the convos, first 2 were pretty good keep’em comin
Bone OG
The best out of the whole group
Jasy's 77097
Dope & Thoughtful
Krayzie Bone is not only a dope rapper, but an amazingly intuitive guy. I for sure can’t wait till the next episode. I wonder if we will get to hear some old ruthless records stories?