Truth.Love.Parent. with AMBrewster
Truth.Love.Parent. with AMBrewster
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Helpful and Convicting!
Biblical truths are presented which help with personal growth in biblical living, which translates into better parenting. This is paired with direct, helpful parenting tips. Excellent podcast!
Excellent podcast
This podcast is a blessing. All parents should hear it.
This is the absolute best podcast on parenting from a Christian worldview I have ever heard. If you are a Christian and a parent you absolutely need to subscribe. Event if you’re not a Christian I would encourage you to give this podcast a listen. You may be surprised at what you hear.
Easily the best parenting podcast today! Every episode transforms my parenting a little more. It's applicable for parents of kids of all ages. I enjoy listening with my kids too so we are all on the same page.
Universally practical without the syrupy voices.
I’ve listened to some pretty big names in the family radio/podcast world but I’ve never had anything so simultaneously applicable and easy to listen to. Excellent parenting content with excellent presentation even if you don’t believe in the Bible. Good stuff Mr. Brewster. Keep up the good ministry.
So Very Helpful and So Very Needed
I became a mother late in my life. I never had children, but I was blessed with a little girl when I was 40 years old. Her birth parents have many issues but without them I wouldn’t have her so I love them both. I have taught children at church for almost 20 years but this podcast has taught me lessons I wish I had of learned before I began teaching. This information is not only great for parents but for teachers as well. My world was flipped upside down when we got our daughter, but I knew that I would hold strong to my promise to God to raise her knowing Him and forming a relationship with him. Your teaching has opened my eyes to the changes I needed to make in my life for her to have a strong relationship with God. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into each study. You give so much meat that I spend days breaking things down. May God Bless you and your family on this new journey. Tammy (Sylacauga, AL)
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Detailed practical application of bible teaching
I have just recently found this podcast and am learning so much about how to apply biblical teaching to my parenting. With 4 children, I do not have time to read books but having short podcasts at my fingertips has been so helpful. Thank you for using this format to help busy Christian parents!
Willza U
Real biblical truth for parenting
Thank you for the continued humbling and practical advise through God’s truth to help us parent. I can’t wait for my commute to and from work to fill up with God’s love and convictions through your podcast!
Biblical Truth + Biblical Love = Biblical Parenting
I honestly can’t say enough good things about this podcast. As a homeschooling a mom of four who wasn’t raised in a very biblically-minded household, I’m always looking for parenting resources and advice. Parenting advice abounds everywhere, but finding advice that is actually and truly based in Scripture can be near impossible. I truly appreciate that this podcast continually points me too mine and my children’s fallen condition as sinners in need of a Savior, and doesn’t disappoint in reminding me of the Gospel’s solutions - all in very practical terms and with helpful examples. Thank you so much to Team TLP for encouraging parents and their children in godly wisdom.
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Getting on the way of the Bible
Yup, you say that children are inherently fool, sinners. This is at least debatable. This is reading into the text.
Radical shift in my parenting.
I heard about TLP through a woman at my church who teachings various parenting/discipline courses and stumbled across the podcast. She highly recommended it and so I checked it out. TLP in and of itself is great but what has radically shifted my parenting are topics that go deeper than, “should we do time out? How do I handle talking back?” coupled with the clear and weighty focus this podcast puts on scripture. I feel like after listening to an episode while doing the dishes or driving in the car I then need to go back and get out my Bible to catch it all. There is an abundance of feel good content out there (blog, podcast, or otherwise) but what I love here is that its focus is on me as a parent first. It has been tough to swallow and my flesh wants something more topical and that “practically” meets all my parenting woes. God’s word is relevant and perfect for every situation all the time and I love that this is the focus with TLP. I also love that the episodes are short and succinct. 5 stars all the way.
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Full of Wisdom and Truth
This podcast is a blessing. Truth Love Parent is solid, biblical counsel for every parent who strives to better raise their children to know and love God. I’ve listened to most episodes, some even a few times over. I also had the pleasure of meeting Aaron at the Dallas meetup which only furthered my respect for him and the wisdom he shares each week through the podcast. Thank you, Aaron, for your ministry! You help fill a gap for those of us who need the extra godly exhortation and encouragement to intentionally parent for God’s glory.
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Clear and Biblical
These are very useful podcasts for Christian parents. Highly recommended!
Kim in Tex
Great resource!
I just stumbled onto this podcast and I'm glad I did! This podcast is very informative! I love how scripture is used to back up the topics. I also enjoy the fact that it is relatively short, with not having a lot of time it's very helpful to be able to get through an episode on the drive to and from work. I'm greatful for this resource!
Answered Prayer
A few months ago I prayed for wisdom in parenting my teens. As a relatively new believer I did not feel equipped to raise my kids based on the Bible since I had done it so long based on the world. I know that God heard me and led me to these podcasts. They are packed with truth & love. I feel so empowered when I finished listening to one. Thank you Lord for TLP and thank you TLP for equipping us to parent with God’s love & truth. Philippians 2:13. 💜✝️💜
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Good information.
Great Biblical information for parents. He just speaks a little fast and sometimes I miss parts of the information.
Tip for Parents/Couples
My Husband and I started listening a few months ago and adore so many thing about this podcast. We are constantly learning and trying to do better in parenting and TLP helps SO much. One of our favorite things is how it keeps us on the same page. We will challenge each other to listen to a specific episode, we talk about it briefly after we both have (during our pillow talk at the end of super busy days - raising 6 kids in a blended family) and then we will work on it IN OUR PARENTING, WHILE WE ARE PARENTING. We both know the other is trying to work on what we listened to that week in TLP so we can support each other. We rarely get time to sit down together and plot and plan our parenting approaches but doing this keeps us in synch in our home! THANK YOU TEAM TLP!
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Great teaching
A must for parents!
Refreshing Counsel
Truth, Love, Parent has been such a refreshing source of truth in my life! I'm not the avid reader that I would like to be, so this podcast has been an tremendous blessing to me! I appreciate how each and every podcast is so carefully crafted and professionally articulated to not only share vital biblical truth with Christian parents, but also to counsel them through the application of that truth in the most practical ways. In my opinion, every Christian parent should take the time to listen to this entire series at least once--if not more! Thank you AM Brewster!
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Christy LT
Excellent resource for parents
My wife and I have been listening to Truth Love Parent for over 6 months now. The quality of the Biblical insight into parenting, coupled with the thorough notes have been invaluable to us, as we are raising our 3 and 1 year old girls. Thank-you so much for the wisdom, that is so much needed in this world today.
Practical, biblical parenting tips
Great podcast with succint, focused, practical, biblical parenting advice. Articulately conveyed and professionally done.
Best parenting resource I've found
A friend from church recommended TLP to me. I listened to the 4 part series on the parable of the souls. I love the wisdom and thoroughly biblical teaching. Since then, I've worked my way through almost 30 of the podcasts and recommended it to many friends. We even helped our community group subscribe on their phones last night. Keep it up. You are making a difference!
Lily hates utube
Wonderful, truth-filled parenting resource
Just love getting my daily dose of truth, in a loving way to parent my children. It is a breath of fresh air in a Biblically illiterate society to recognize that there are other parents turning to the Bible to use His Holy Word to teach and minister to our young growing disciples. We need this!
Balanced Christian parenting advice
I cannot say I agree with every fine detail of every single podcast, but my philosophy concerning parenting advice is to, "Eat the hay and spit out the sticks." There is SO MUCH hay to be found here because AM Brewster approaches each subject from a Biblical perspective. I have been blessed and encouraged with each episode to parent my children with purpose.
Scripture-based parenting advice
Great resource for parents!
For a parent by a parent---a gift from God
This podcast came into my daily routine during a not so great season of strife with our strong willed 9 year old daughter. I was nearing desperation and the thought of trying to find a Christ honoring parenting podcast came into my mind (thanks Lord!). This was the first on the list and I decided to try it out. Best decision ever! I randomly tuned in to Episode 37 (umm...perfect?!?) And smiled to listen a few days later as the host mentioned that he was in the midst of a series that started with---Episode 37. God never ceases to amaze me. Parenting is NOT easy in today's world (was it ever?) and it can be so hard to find ways to ensure I am hearing from God-the ultimate model of a perfect parent! But this podcast does just that. A. M. Brewster is human-a dad-a parent just like me. He delivers God inspired messages along with supporting Scriptures and even PDF notes available! I cannot say enough for how this has helped me to re-evaluate my priorities as a godly parent and continue to be strong in the Lord as I raise my children to be followers of Christ. Thank you Evermind Ministries and A. M. Brewster!!
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Great for Sunday School
Truth. Love. Parent. is excellent for our Young Families' Sunday School class! So many of the podcasts cover precise topics that are necessary for our young parents. They are simple yet deep and are easy to listen to. We also can print out the .pdf show notes for them to study later!
Best parenting resource!
I love A M Brewster's heart to help us parents. I've been looking for a resource like this for years and finally found it. I am a pastor and I cannot wait to share this phenomenal resource with the parents of our church. I am so thankful that this podcast is not moralistic but instead gospel centered. Thank you!
Truth love parent
So thankful for TLP and it's faithful biblical admonishment . It has helped our family look at life through the lens of the gospel in our every day journey. Thank you for helping me be a purposeful parent.
Essential Element of Parenting Podcast Diet
Truth, Love, Parent presents critically important information in a day and age in which most of this type of practical, biblical content has been lost. A vital part of my podcast diet, the content presented helps to direct my efforts to teach my kids to not only survive but thrive in a dark and sinful world.
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