Embodied with Elizabeth DiAlto
Embodied with Elizabeth DiAlto
Elizabeth DiAlto
EP267: Out Of The Box Judaism with Esther Goldenberg
1 hour 1 minutes Posted Aug 13, 2018 at 5:40 am.
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Show notes

Today's guest, Esther Goldenberg is passionate about Jewish life, Israel, and living your religion in the way that's meaningful to you. Her mission is to make Judaism accessible and interesting, regardless of how you choose to use that information in your life. While I'm neither Jewish nor into practicing religion personally, I still very much appreciate gleaning the universal wisdom available from stories, traditions, customs and rituals (in a non-appropriating way, of course!)--and Esther provided a ton of that throughout this conversation.

Her big truth was two fold and a bit paradoxical, "This ain't about you and this is all about me..."

From there we also discussed weaponizing the Bible versus finding the gems that can help people live everyday life regardless of any specific faith.

Enjoy and share!