Trust and Believe with Shaun T
Trust and Believe with Shaun T
Trust and Believe with Shaun T
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I ❤️ Shaun T
Shaun T changed my life. I started doing his Insanity videos because my husband had them from a few years ago on DVD. It was rough in the beginning because I was so out of shape. But once I figured out that 50% of the struggle was mental, it clicked! I went from 188 pounds to 170 in the 60 day period of Insanity! His words were inspiring to me because not only was I struggling physically, I was struggling emotionally as well. He’s so encouraging and inspiring! I’m now doing his Insanity Max 30 program and let me tell you, the first few days have kicked my butt, but today I felt that “click” moment and it all became mentally clear that I CAN DO IT! Once I saw Shaun T had a Podcast, I was instantly hooked. I love how real he is and how he can say things that I could never admit out loud. I struggle with depression and anxiety but this man has helped me with it all. Thanks so much Shaun T, I owe you so much. Thank you for inspiring me to DIG DEEPER not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. KEEP GOING!
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Jenny Brangers 23
Shaun T changed my life with his workout programs. I never knew this podcast existed until last week and I’m so glad I started listening. He’s just as good at motivational speaking as he is at kicking your a** with his workouts! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Thanks for all you do and say for fitness and the mental aspects as well
Raw truth
Shaun T shares his raw truth while guiding us through tid bits of awakening so that we can and should “dig deeper” in our lives. I’m very glad I decided to start listening to this podcast.
Love your podcast!
I enjoy listening to you especially when I can relate. It’s nice to know that others have and/or have been in similar situations in their life. Best, Cheryl XO
Loving Shaun t podcast
Ong I’ve been listening to trust and believe since Shaun t started it I love it such a great podcast
My Marriage
This relates to so many marriages including mine. Thank you all!! With many love and Thanks! The Sabols! God Bless You!!
Feel good, real talk
Thank you for being so real, uplifting, and FUN! I love hearing your take on life and your pep talks. Your energy is contagious and inspiring. I’d love to hear more about your fitness journey. Specifically, how you channel your competitiveness after being in track and football. I’d also love to hear what your favorite healthy snacks are! ✌🏼
Like having a friend
Shaun, I’ve always enjoyed your fitness programs and thrived in response to your energy in them (even when I’m cursing you during a particularly difficult move). As social media has evolved, I have enjoyed watching you evolve. And having this podcast is like having you sitting on the couch with me, telling me all the things I need (maybe don’t want) to hear, like any good friend would. Thank you so much for being you. For being authentic and real and having such amazing energy. Thank you for giving us this podcast. ❤️
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Thank you!!
I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your energy, sincerity and beautiful soul! I love your workouts and just discovered your podcast. I am telling everyone I know about it! I consider it fuel for my mind.
Smarty Stretch Pants
You are light !
Your workouts and podcast brings joy to my life and to so many ❤️
Amazing Podcast
This is a great and informative podcast!! Love it So inspiring!! Shaun, I could listen to you all day! Thanks
I love listening to your podcast in the morning when I’m getting ready for work. It sets me up for the day. It’s like a sermon! I keep wanting to shout out, “Preach it, Shaun!”
Wow! I love Shaun’s openness and honesty! There’s been so many episodes that completely shifted how I think and feel. I just listened to the “don’t let food control you” episode 🤯 Thank you for everything you do, Shaun!
So happy👌🏽👍🏽
Been looking for a good fitness podcast and I finally found it. Awesome podcast love it 👍🏽💪🏽
I absolutely love listening to Trust and Believe. Shaun T is so inspirational and keeps me in the path of a healthy lifestyle.
Just WOW
This podcast is as real as real gets!!! I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of a couple of the recordings and it’s always a great time! Shaun is one of the best humans that has ever been placed on this planet! Trust & Believe is a must! ♥️
Love it. Stay Motivated.
I have been listening nearly every day now. Granted I am only on episode 44. I have a lot to catch up on. Listening to this helps me be more productive at work, getting exercise in and things done around my house. Feeling better about me slowly but surely. Thanks Shaun T!
Yes let’s get up
Moving your body excising and eating right💗 I’m taking responsibility and trying to open up more ❤️I have so many goosebumps!!!
Satasha Havens
I absolutely love listening to your podcast while I’m doing my morning chores. It really brightens my day!!
Temujin Taft
All i can say is that ST is a wonderful speaker. He makes me laugh, cry and really think about a lot of different ways to keep me motivated. Love hearing his podcasts as they never disappoint and his guests are truly fantastic.
Thanks for these podcasts
Love when you answer questions on the podcast! Love watching your TikTok posts just wish I had the self confidence to do then!! Working on my weight with Noom and self confidence everyday! One day at a time!
Absolutely Amazing
I highly recommend this podcast! Shaun offers very valuable content and is very inspiring!
Sarah Friess
I love this but the music is distracting!
I am a long time Shaun t fan and love the content he posts. And this may just be me but the background music playing during interviews completely distracts me from hearing what the guests saying.
Background Music
Love the podcast but please stop with the background music. I can’t concentrate on what you’re saying or your guests with the music blaring in the background.
Background music
Sean I love what you do man I really do but the background music is killing me trying to listen to your podcast think about it
Sioux City Iowa
I can’t believe Scott said Sioux City Iowa!! I’m from there and love you two!
Two of my favorite people to watch on social in one place?!?! WHAT?!? I loved every second of hearing you two interact! You both are inspiring and make me laugh -beautiful collision of incredible to get Laura Clary in that soup.
So Inspiring! Must listen to!
In a world full of negativity, Shaun is so inspiring and positive that he makes you want to be the best version of you. He’s so much more than just a fitness Guru. He’s a great life coach and an all around genuine, real person. You wont regret listening to this podcast!
Long-time Shaun T Listener
I’ve listened to Shaun since his first podcast Define Your Life- and I’ve never missed an episode. Back in 2015 my husband and I literally ran into Shaun and Scott on the street in New Orleans and that brief moment I met both of them I saw that Shaun and Scott were the real deal- they were so nice and sweet and personable just like they are on the podcast and other platforms. Listening to his podcast sometimes challenges me to look at another side of an issue like I have never done before. I will be a listener for life 😄 Shari Salt Lake City, UT
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So inspiring
I read Shaun’s book and decided to give the podcast a listen. Now I listen to each new episode on my way to work. I’ve even started going back as far as I can to the beginning. Shaun inspires me everyday to be a better human and has shown me how to believe in and love myself, even if it’s a work in progress.
Trust and believe is truly an honest podcast.
I stumbled on to this podcast just by accident. I have known about Sean for many years. Followed him faithfully from the beginning of the exercise world. Loved him on beach body etc. etc. Now that I have the opportunity to listen to podcast at work, It’s been truly an amazing meditation type process to listen to this podcast during my lunch hour. Honestly sometimes I just go into this meditation where I am at peace. So thank you for publishing such wonderful topics challenging topics funny topics and always as a woman weight loss and exercise topics one request is put more weight loss and health and weight training and exercise topics during this pandemic since we are all stuck at home. Motivation motivation is the key and you are truly a motivator. God bless you and your family. Thank you for you.
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Love it!
I always search for podcasts to keep motivated in my fitness journey and trust and believe hits the spot in motivation and inspiration to get moving! I love Shaun T and his take on fitness goals. Even his tips in relationships matters has definitely helped my marriage ..I can’t get enough of this podcast, so far everything I’ve learned here I’ve applied it in my life and I AM GETTING AWESOME RESULTS 💕Thanks Shaun T keep up the great work !
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Love your podcast
Shaun I love how inspiring you are. I followed your workouts for years and now loving your podcast and I am in love with them. For the past month I cannot get enough of the guest you invite I learn so much. Lately I’ve been having so much energy and just been wanting to join the train of inspiration. Ppl are always asking me for advice and I simply say hey I follow shaun
Life Changing
Shaun T I just adore you. You have been a part of my life for 12 years WOW! I’m changing my body, mind and spirit. I love looking into your face on YouTube and connect with your sweet spirit and get MOTIVATED. Much Love. Mrs. Latoria Thompson
Thank you for being more than body focused
Grateful for your podcasts. I found you through T20 and incorrectly assumed your podcast would be all hype. Your thoughtful insight and transparency streams though my mind while I walk/run. Love hearing your perspective, research results and interviews with others focused on helping people lead balanced, healthy lives. I’m a 55 year old almost divorced woman attending grad school for social work and your words resonate deeply. You make a difference in my life. Scott is also awesome, Thank you!
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Melinda Owens
Uplifting Listens
This podcast is something that I regularly look forward to. Shaun T offers such a great balance of relatability and inspiration. He covers timely and relevant topics, too. Highly recommended.
Who’s a people pleaser? It me
Restarted T25 and forgot how much I love Shaun T. Decided to give the podcast a listen. The segment with Mel on changing your content to manage other people’s reactions made me cry because it’s me and trying to make everyone happy but me. And I can unlock my full potential when I start standing in my truth. I listened to 4 episodes on a walk and don’t even know where I walked because I was so moved by the content. So glad I gave it a listen!
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Tinda Bambina
Shaun T is amazing!
I love this podcast because Shaun T is amazing and authentic. He is exactly who he is, unapologetically. He is funny, smart and so incredibly inspiring, and has great guests! If you are a part of the Dig Deeper and/or Trust & Believe family, you are missing out!
If you’re not listening to Trust &Believe you are missing out SERIOUSLY!!
I discovered Trust and Believe about a month ago and I can’t seem to live with out it. I literally look forward to each and every episode each week. Shaun T has brought topics to the forefront that not many address or choose to talk about. I love his transparency, his momentum, his positivity and most of all his love for everyone! Thank you Shaun T for being you and for what you continue to put out in the universe. Love Jasmine Benitez-Barnes ❤️
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Trust and believe in motivation!
The best podcast around. If you are looking for education, advice and all around motivation look no further because Shaun T delivers it ALL!
Hope Giving Podcast
I have been listening to Trust and Believe for about a month now and it’s great to hear someone so honest and open as Shaun is. I am struggling with depression and ADHD and really have been searching for answers for awhile and Shaun has given me the courage to go see someone and talk about my problems. Thank you so much Shaun. Your fitness programs and warm/kind soul have come at a time in my life when I truly need it 💪🏼❤️
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Disk sidedness
Love you podcasts
I seats learning something from your shows. You should talk to David Goggins
The Whole Package!
Shaun T is unapologetically real in these podcasts! Inspiring, motivating, and grounding, and definitely my favorite podcast to date! I’m hooked on Shaun’s energetic, magnetic, speaking-right-from-the-heart personality. Give it a listen, and you will be too!
Intelligent, motivating, real
Shaun, I’m a new listener to your podcasts and have used your YouTube workouts starting from the 4 basics up to the current ones and now I’m starting the transform :20 program. When I started the 5 minute workouts and then stumbled upon your podcasts I had no idea how much you would help me mentally. The past year and a half I have struggled, only recently realizing I really need to seek more help, and you’ve helped me tremendously. Thank you for doing what you do!
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Great content.
I’m new to listening to podcasts of any kind. I’ve listen to about 5 of these now, the first one having been The Workout Buffet. I really enjoy the open realness of Shaun T as he hits on various topics, beyond typical fitness program/trainer talk. The Love, hate relationship with food is something that rarely gets mention in the fitness industry. It’s refreshing to hear about this from someone of Shaun’s stature.
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What an awesome show! I absolutely needed to hear this podcast today! I have always been a people pleaser and always want people to like me! Thank you!!!
Great podcast, really gets the brain going. I appreciate the candor, something that isn't always on display today. If I had my request, I'd like to hear more episodes on nutrition and fitness, the things that I came to know Shaun T for.
The highlight of my week!
I look forward to the release of the next episode each week, with so much anticipation! Shaun keeps it 100% authentic and he always knows exactly what to say to help me dig a little deeper into my mind so that I can continue to grow and change into the best version of myself!!
The Real Shaun T
I love Shaun and have mad respect for this man and his accomplishments. He is the real deal. So raw and honest. He truly is the kindest person. I saw him at a hotel once while he was traveling. I felt fat and ugly that night. I recognized him right away being a fan. I remember being so ashamed of my “Unfit” appearance as he walked past me I wanted to hold my head down in shame. He walked past me, looked me straight in my eye and smiled at me with a very polite hello. I saw him in the hotel a few more times that weekend and each time I was met with a huge smile. No arrogance but just a down to earth person who was not judging my appearance and was kind to others. He never once turned up his nose at me or brushed past me with an empty look. He speaks from the heart and is very knowledgable in his field. I wholeheartedly recommend this podcast and eager to take in the pearls of wisdom he shares.
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