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The Trumpet Daily Radio Show proves the Bible’s relevancy to your life.  Trumpet executive editor Stephen Flurry hosts a show covering wide-ranging topics with an emphasis on world news. Trumpet Daily Radio Show records from Trumpet Daily facilities at Edstone in the United Kingdom. The program is available on-demand at the Trumpet Daily website or the Trumpet Daily channel on YouTube. The program airs every morning at 7 a.m. (Central Time) on KPCG 101.3 FM in Edmond, Oklahoma.
#1325: The Whole World Lies in Wickedness
[09:15] The Atlantic’s Hit Job on Trump (20 minutes) Last week, the Atlantic ran a hit-piece on President Donald Trump, citing four anonymous sources who said the president called dead U.S. veterans “losers.” The story has been thoroughly debunked, some aspects of it even by the article’s author, Jeffrey Goldberg. Why does the media keep spewing such viscous and baseless attacks against the president? [33:15] The Democratic COVID Coup (20 minutes) The coronavirus continues to be used by radical-leftist leaders as an excuse to grab more power—and to attack their political enemies. [52:30] Listener Feedback (3 minutes)
Sep 8
56 min
#1324: The Present Evil World
Who is behind all of the damaging COVID related destruction? There is a common source and it explains all of the evils in today’s society. The sufferings of today are prophesied to come to an end, and prosperity, abundance and fulfillment wait on the other side.
Sep 7
54 min
#1323: Ending the Cycle of Hate
[00:40] Germany vs. Russia (13 minutes) After the poisoning of Alexei Navalny in Russia, Germany is rethinking its relationship with Valdimir Putin. Many Germans are demanding their government end the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project, a project U.S. President Donald Trump has been critical of for years. [13:40] Media Covers for Murderer (10 minutes) Michael Forest Reinoehl shot and killed a Trump supporter in Portland last weekend. The police have been searching for him for days. Yesterday, he appeared in an online video interview with VICE and admitted that he was the murderer. Reinoehl was later killed in a shootout with police in Washington. Why would the media provide cover for Reinoehl? [22:00] Stealing the Election (11 minutes) The Democrats are preparing to steal the presidential election by whatever means necessary in November. This year will be like the 2016 election crisis on steroids. In this segment, I talk about Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry’s prescient comments following the Bush-Gore election fiasco 20 years ago. [33:30] Lockdown for Life (13 minutes) Western nations that used to value liberty are now trampling over basic rights in the name of “public health.” In some areas, the coronavirus crisis response resembles the Chinese Communist crackdown in Wuhan earlier this year. But this isn’t China. It’s happening in Australia, Britain and America! [46:30] New Leaders (9 minutes) The year 2020 has put failed leadership at center stage. Some nations have irrationally ruined their economies by imposing unscientific lockdowns. In other countries, leaders are taking advantage of a pandemic to win political clout. How will this leadership crisis end?
Sep 4
55 min
#1322: The Dems Last Hope: Steal the Election
[00:30] The Red Mirage (17 minutes) The Democrats will do anything except concede a loss come this November’s presidential election. Analysts are now preparing for President Donald Trump to win big on election night, but then lose the election once all the mail-in ballots are counted. Prepare for chaos! [17:15] Australia’s Fascist Lockdown (11 minutes) In the Australian state of Victoria, police arrested a pregnant woman in pajamas in her home, in front of her children, for a post she made on Facebook in favor of a lockdown protest. In June, the same police force allowed tens of thousands of Black Lives Matter protesters to flood the streets of Melbourne despite the fact that it was an illegal gathering. [28:00] Salongate (10 minute) Due to coronavirus restrictions, it is illegal In San Francisco to open a hair salon. The rules are strictly enforced. Salons are going out of business and thousands of people can’t get their hair done. This week, 80-year-old Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi flouted the lockdown rules to secretly meet with a hair stylist in a San Francisco salon. She went without a mask as well. [39:15] Ruining Sports (15 minutes) The woke mob in America is ruining professional sports. In this segment, I talk about the value of sports and important lessons we can learn from participating in them.
Sep 3
56 min
#1321: President Trump Calls Out Enemies of the Truth
[00:30] Media Malpractice (30 minutes) Distortion and lies have become routine for America’s mainstream media. Why are they making it so hard to get to the truth? In this segment, I talk about the media’s assault on truth. [31:00] Voter Fraud (15 minutes) The Democrats are now preparing for the “red mirage” on November 3. One analyst predicts that on election day Mr. Trump will appear to have an overwhelming victory, but when all the “votes” are counted in the following days and weeks, Joe Biden will eventually “win.” [45:50] Listener Feedback (10 minutes)
Sep 2
54 min
#1320: A Radical Movement Far Worse Than Communism
[00:30] Bible Prophecy (14 minutes) How do you explain the rabid hatred the radical left has for the United States of America? Do you know what’s really motivating the violence in American cities? Why aren’t more leaders striving to uphold the rule of law? These are perplexing times! But the Bible provides penetrating insights into these perilous times—and gives us hope [14:05] It’s Worse Than Communism (35 minutes) The Democratic Party in America has completely surrendered to the Marxist plot of the radical left. This is a dangerous time in American history. For the last several years, the radical left has shown that it will do whatever it takes to bring down President Donald Trump and return to power. As my father recently explained, this satanic movement is even worse than Marxism or communism. [51:00] Listener Feedback (5 minutes)
Sep 1
56 min
#1319: Saving America
[00:30] Saving America (12 minutes) The United States of America is on the brink of a civil war. What does Bible prophecy say about America’s future? [12:30] Kenosha and Portland Warzones (23 minutes) The cities of Kenosha, Wisconsin, and Portland, Oregon, resemble Middle East war zones. In Kenosha, the mainstream media have failed to report on the widespread destruction throughout the city. In Portland, Mayor Ted Wheeler blames his city’s problems on President Donald Trump. Last week, the mayor rejected Mr. Trump’s offer of federal help to bring an end to the 90-plus days of rioting. [35:00] Wuhan Flu Deaths (7 minutes) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have updated its figures on the Wuhan coronavirus. In 94 percent of recorded coronavirus deaths, there have been 2.6 other co-morobities, meaning the overwhelming number of COVID deaths are in the category of people dying with coronavirus. Very few have died from coronavirus alone. [41:10] The NBA Justice Warriors (15 minutes) Last week, NBA players considered going on strike in response to the shooting of Jacob Blake. In this segment, I talk about the broken business model at the National Basketball Association and why more people than ever are tuning it out.
Aug 31
56 min
#1318: President Trump Lays Out Vision for the Next Four Years
[00:30] Results (13 minutes) Since the media so rarely report on any of President Donald Trump’s accomplishments, he often takes them directly to the people. Despite the endless attacks from the radical left, President Trump has been able to accomplish a lot in first few years in office. How? [13:30] Trump Speech (27 minutes) During his speech on the last day of the Republican National Convention, President Trump gave a refreshingly positive view of American history. He also spoke about the cancel culture and supporting law enforcement in cities battered by Democratic leadership. In this segment, I go through highlights from the president’s speech and how the media reacted to it. [41:30] Bible Study: Lofty Looks (14 minutes) When men succeed, they rarely give credit to God. God despises this haughty spirit. In this segment, I talk about how God humbles men who have a vain and high-minded spirit, and why we must look to God in order to truly solve our problems.
Aug 28
55 min
#1316: Carnage in Kenosha
[02:15] Kenosha Riots (21 minutes) The riots in Kenosha are turning the small Wisconsin city into a war zone. Last night, three people were shot and two killed. Where is law enforcement and how long before this sort of violence spreads to other small cities across America? [23:00] Hillary Clinton to Joe Biden: Do Not Concede (12 minutes) In a recent interview, Hillary Clinton advised Joe Biden not to concede to President Donald Trump under any circumstances. Democrats are making it known that if Donald Trump wins in November, they will not accept the results of the election. [35:00] History of Cancel Culture (20 minutes) In this segment, I talk about the history of cancel culture and the effort to blot out America’s and Britain’s history with God.
Aug 26
56 min
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