True Stories of Good People
True Stories of Good People
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I’m crying
This is exactly the barriers of asking for help
Great job !!!
This a fantastic podcast. Just what the world needs . I just feel like we need to hear more stories of people/organizations helping our veterans and our military families. So many amazing positive stories though. I love Charlie Hyatt’s story. She’s an amazing human. ❤️❤️
Much Love Miss Alex aka Lady B!
Thank you for featuring such an inspiring, motivational individual!
Incredibly inspirational podcast
I love how in depth the host gets with the guests :-)
Uterus Warriors
Every episode I listen to I love more than the last one. I am enjoying using this podcast as a palette cleanser in between all of the true crime and news podcasts that I listen to. So refreshing and inspiring.
I love GoFundMe and their amazing platform.... I love good people stories and their efforts in this world that sometimes looks a little dim and troubled, it seems, according to the news that we see and hear. It is a lifter of our heads and spirits to hear of good, spectacular and bright people! Thank you all! May God continue to bless America!
Truly inspiring
How can you not give 5 stars to a podcast that’s simply about good people doing good things? No ads, no up-selling—just every day humans demonstrating the superpowers of kindness and compassion. Forget the news, this is what we should be plugging into. Thank you for showcasing the stories of the many who are making differences and giving the rest of us the opportunity to follow suit. 🙏🏻
Episode 3 with Ricky Mena brought tears to my eyes!! For him to have experienced what he went through is such a blessing!! I have learned that the most difficult times in life are actually the best time to experience true spirituality. Absolutely life changing.. Thank you for doing what you do and keep up the good work 😛 Shelli
Great stories
Host talks too fast, very hard to listen and follow and I want to listen to these positive stories ! Please Kelsie, I’m trying to hear and follow these positive podcasts, but I feel more like I’m at an auction. My mind has to race to keep up with what you’re saying. I listen often while I’m doing housework, etc which makes it even more difficult when I’m doing things while listening.
Hoosier hottie
Finally! A podcast with positive, uplifting, influential stories. Thank you!
TSOGP continues to lift me up every day. This is the content our world needs, and Kelsea is the Nina Totenberg of crowdfunding podcasts.
Amazing and uplifting
This is such an unexpected treasure! The interviewer, Kelsea, explores the amazing stories of people who are making an impact in their communities. If you need a pick-me-up in a world of negativity, this is it. I always feel reminded that there are good people with amazing hearts in this world after listening to an episode.
Project Feel Good
All of these podcasts are inspiring and help us see all the good in the world. . Thank you for making them and sharing them!
GFM Love
Project Open Paw
Paul Crowell is the most generous, selfless, dedicated person Ive ever had the honor to know. His passion for the dogs and people he helps is heartfelt and boundless. A hero. Thank you for shining a light on his wonderful work.
Quinn Fog
Love this podcast!
Honestly the most positive and uplifting podcast out there! Much love to Kelsea and Gofundme for putting this out there.. The world needs more of this! <3 <3 <3
Project Open Paw
Amazing People!
This podcast is amazing. These people are really making a difference in our communities. I am just blown away at how compassionate and selfless many of these people are with their time and money. These are some serious game-changers in the world and I hope that this podcast spreads like wildfire. If we all were more like these role models, the world would be much more joyful.
Noggy Nogg
Best podcast out there
This podcast is wonderful. I love that the people being interviewed are just regular people making a difference in a way personal to them and to people in their community and I love the encouragement to look beyond ourselves and help someone around us. This podcast is truly inspiring and real and the interviewer (I cant remember her name!) does a great job.
Pod Save Goodness
The stories weave between touching and informative. Never straying from the truth. These stories matter. Nice to see community difference makers, heroes, and all-around good people given a platform to spread their positivity, perspectives, and insights.
This podcast will make you cry tears of joy knowing there are so many good people in the world. It will also awaken an incessant need to go out and do good things!
Great podcast!
I really enjoy these inspiring stories! :) Thank you!
Love what I’ve heard so far, excited for more stories!
M James Sanders
Heartwarming and inspiring
Compelling stories that remind you of the good in the world. This is a much needed reminder that good things can come from everyday acts of kindness.
I love this podcast because it is so uplifting to hear the good work people are doing in the world!
Jorden Blair
Bring on the happy tears!
People are so amazing... I’m so glad I finally have a collection of GOOD stories about REAL people doing REALLY GOOD things. Thank you GoFundMe!
I love listening to this podcast during my commute. What a gift of hope and courage!
Just what we need!!
I cannot get enough of these uplifting stories. There is so much wrong in the world, we desperately need pods like this one. Subscribe, listen, and find balance in your day against everything else that is thrown your way.
Beautiful stories of hope
I feel so reinvigorated after listening to this podcast. The guests are so genuine in their desire to help others. It makes me want to do more to help others, too! Listen to it in the morning with your coffee for an inspired way to start the day.
All people have the power to make change!
Kelsea Little is doing it again: bringing you heartfelt stories of everyday people doing amazing things to help their community and create a huge impact. A must-listen for anyone trying to find the good in the world.
All the warm and fuzzies!
Refreshing stories that remind youthere are truly amazing people in the world doing great things - restores your faith in humanity!
Uplifting. Faith in Humanity restored
I love listening to these stories of people making a positive change in the world. it helps me remember that there is good in the world despite of all the negative things we see day to day.
Great stories about people who really made a difference in their community.
Such great stories, so thoughtfully compiled
The podcast you never knew you needed!
There is nothing better than hearing honest and genuine people telling there stories - in THEIR voice. Whether you had a bad day or a good day, listening to Kelsea and her first will instantaneously make your day brighter. Listen to this before work, and you’re guaranteed to start your mornings with a smile on your face. I love this podcast! Just make sure you have a box of tissues handy!
So so so good..
I am always blown away by the good in people. Some people. This podcast really captures those positive sentiments. Super interesting and inspirational.
Inspiration in podcast form. More episodes please!
These good vibes tho!
It's great to balance my podcast catalog with such amazing stories and positive vibes. Love the storytelling, the casual back-and-forth between Kelsea and guest, and the production is fantastic! This is seriously filling that Chicken Soup for the Soul sized hole in my life. Keep up the great work!
Feel-good podcast
Inspired by the ways these people have helped others <3
Magic is real!
Each episode is heartwarming in its own way. Definitely worth a listen if you’re looking for inspiration to make a difference, even in the smallest way. It will leave you with a feeling of hope for our future. You won’t regret it!
The Feel Good Podcast You Need!
Let’s face it, the world can be incredibly glum most days. I listen to podcasts to entertain and brighten my day. This does BOTH of those things - even if I’ve already cried a couple times. Heartwarming stories that may change your mind about humanity, or at least make life appear less bleak. The host guides the interview in a natural way, and happens to have a sweet voice to listen to. Ready for the next episodes!
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good news!
I love this podcast because it shares the GOOD NEWS! We need more of this in the world! It's small stories like this that will encourage and empower people to spread joy.
Must-listen stories of kindness
This is the podcast we need right now. Everyday people with inspirational stories, told with heart and humor. Subscribe if you're someone who could use some authentic, touching stories to give you faith in humanity.
This podcast is awesome
The stories are so moving.
Amazing podcast
Love it. Eager to listen to more episodes!
Restoring your faith in humanity
Wow this podcast is just what you need in today's world of dark news and end-of-world rhetoric. GoFundMe is the perfect platform to launch something like this - their site is filled with these stories, and this podcast captures that essence perfectly.
Great pod
Great storytelling about incredible people doing inspirational work.
Dose of inspiration
Thank you Chelsea and GoFundMe for bringing us inspirational stories of people doing good - I believe we all benefit being reminded of our dominant impulse to do good. FAR MORE good happens everyday, it just gets a lot less coverage.
Very excited!
This podcast will be the perfect antidote for those moments when the regular news stresses you out. Can’t wait!!
This is what it’s all about!
Even when the world feels like it is falling apart, there are incredible people in the world. Thank you for being a light!
Good People. True Stories - can’t get any better!
Such a timely podcast! Can’t wait to hear all the amazing stories that will be shared! This will be a great podcast to start my day off right! Can’t wait!
Yonathan Moya
Love the sound of it!
Can’t wait to hear the first episodes...I got the inside scoop on a celebrity who is going to be featured too...excited to hear the season!
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