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True Crime & Cocktails
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This Podcast Makes Me So Happy
Despite some of the content being heartbreaking, the chemistry between Christy and Lauren is undeniable and it makes listening feel like hanging out with two of your best friends/sisters. I have been a big Lauren fan since Superstore and Christy is hilarious. This is definitely my go to true crime pod along with Let’s Go to Court, another duo of amazing women.
Mr. J53448
Where’s the Topic?
Took over 30 minutes to get to the actual topic of the episode. Tuned out. Definitely two people who think they’re more interesting than they really are. Disappointing.
So much fun to listen to!
Lauren and Christie have the best personalities and are fun and intellectual at the same time. I listen to a lot of podcasts and find this one particularly awesome.
Lena Love Garcia
I’m wasted
New drinking game- take a drink every time Christy says “sure”
You’re ruining my sleep schedule
I just started listening but I don’t want to stop. The stories are great. The chemistry that these two have as “sisters” is just perfect. The extent to which the research goes is amazing. They make it seem so easy but it’s evident that a lot of work goes into these episodes. If I had a brand I’d send a hat.
Boss Ladies of True Crime🕵️‍♀️👩‍💻
Christy and Lauren are everything you want and need in a true crime podcast, or any podcast in general. The perfect mixture of epic research, intriguing topics, consistent content, and women empowerment. Thank you for making my work week more entertaining, but also informative! -Nick from Atlanta, GA
I wanted to love this show and there are certainly episodes that are enjoyable but the sophomoric armchair diagnosis, in particular of Tonya Harding, a person who is still alive and who has had terrible injustices wrought upon her, is pretty awful. 1) they insinuate that she has a personality disorder because of severe childhood abuse and delve into dissociative disorders for no reason other than they have been reading about those disorders recently; 2) they insinuate she *may/could* have killed her abuser in a hit and run simply because she won a world record around speed driving; and 3) state she is validating her life choices for the public when we haven’t required her too. E.g. Tanya states she is going to therapy but she’s not crazy. They then discuss why we should normalize therapy before spending an entire segment postulating about her potential personality disorders and if she could have potentially killed one of her abusers. Tanya absolutely had to validate her life choices around therapy, her parenting, and her breast implants because of people who are literally still throwing feces at her car and home almost THIRTY YEARS later while the actual men who perpetrated the crime are walking around scot-free. This episode is part of the problem. Leave Tanya alone! Jeez. And consider listening to the You’re Wrong About podcast which actually treats Tanya and her story with respect.
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This podcast makes me laugh so hard at work all of my coworkers probably can’t stand me. They give some of the best information on true crime cases while sprinkling in hilarious antidotes and even better alter-egos. They still take the subject matter seriously and make your day a little more depressing. But then make you laugh and make your day much happier. Thanks for entertaining me during night shift. Especially Blanche, Brandy, and Dr. Judge.
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Top notch
I have loved this show since I heard about it several months ago. But I’m telling you, the Bonus true crime and fairy tales episode was phenomenal. Best thing I’ve heard on the internet!
5-star research
These gals are not only funny but the information they bring into each episode is insane. I feel like we are getting first hand information with a funny twist.
Grab a drink and enjoy!
What a great show to listen to when you have a couple of hours to spare. Christy is the most amazing in her research. I can get all of the information I’d never be able to find on a google search. Loren has the most helpful feedback and does an amazing amount of research her self. I just love this content.
This podcast is hilarious! So much fun. I just started listening and have already told a bunch of people how great it is! Keep it up!
Love this podcast!
Please tell me when you can come to Minnesota for a live show!!!! I’m all in! 😄
Nice and juicy
I love true crime pod casts and listen to several that are female hosted. This one stands out for a few reasons. The hosts seem to be genuinely nice people and try to be respectful where respect is due. I have to admit I started listening because I loved Lauren Ash on Superstore but find Christy Oxborrow explaining she met a fan at her son’s football game endearing. Niceness aside, the research is phenomenal and goes a lot further in depth than most podcasts. Just because they seem to be decent people doesn’t mean they don’t share some pretty hilarious opinions about people who aren’t so decent. They aren’t afraid to theorize “out of the box” and can add new perspective to stories I have heard several times on other podcasts. As for those repeated stories, they cover the classics, but aren’t afraid to dive into topics no one else has covered. The Jerry Lee Lewis episode is a good example. I don’t write reviews often but after listening to the “True Crime and Fairytales” Little Mermaid episode I have to say these two really bring something fresh to this arena and are definitely worth a listen!
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Becoming One of My Favorites
I’ve been listening to true crime podcasts for years now and just discovered these ladies a few weeks ago. They are quickly becoming one of my favorites. I love their relationship and playful banter. Great storytelling with funny personal stories mixed in … I also like the random side notes.
Just bad
I never write feedback when it is negative but I have to make an exception. Maybe some people find you funny bud it’s very sophomoric humor. Your canned sounding humor of coarse make the other roar with laughter. Repeat, repeat and repeat. You should definitely list yourself under comedy not crime. I listen to over 30 shows and usually love the banter if there are two hosts. You two spend all of your time talking about everything you’ve done and to much name dropping. I’m moving on. Sincerely, Dawn
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Best Podcast I’ve Found!
To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of podcasts before this one! Now I’m hooked. For the new listeners….Grab the warm blankets!
I love Lauren Ash
My husband and I just finished watching superstore and We absolutely fell in love with Lauren. So you could imagine my excitement when I found this podcast! I love it and I binge listen all night at work. Just ordered some merch as well. Can’t wait for it to come in. These two are absolutely hilarious and very informative.
emmylou Anthony
Rachael Ray
Was Rachael drunk on this episode? She took over the show and it was so difficult to follow. Ash and Oxborrow are a DYNAMIC duo and do incredible work on their own, Christy is so thorough on all her research and is always prepared but this episode was a total train wreck NEVER have her on the show again!
Ladies you’d want to have lunch with.
A gem of a podcast, I’m so glad I dove in and started listening. Laughter that’s contagious and the true crime topics I love listening to. 5 stars worthy.
Great Podcast
Very entertaining! Perfect to listen to while I do chores, commute, etc. Interesting stories, lots of well researched info, not too many upsetting details (some true crime podcasts focus too much on describing awful crimes instead of focusing on the mystery). Love the biography episodes too (Marilyn, Britney, Chyna). Always excited when a new episode comes out! 5 stars!!
…My least favorite part of this podcast? When Lauren says, “we gotta wrap this up soon.”
Great listen!
You gals are great!! I decided to become a podcaster because of you two!! Super fun listen and great laughs!!
Another to add to the rotation!
I’ve been subscribed for awhile and finally listened today and I’m mad I didn’t start listening sooner!! I love the take these girls give and love the lightness they bring to these heavy cases.
Great Storytellers
Came for Dina, stayed for Lauren & Christy
Let me tell you bout my best friends
Christy and Lauren ARE a warm blanket. This podcast has everything you want if you’re a true crime fan. They dive DEEP into their cases always bringing out new information and excellent theories while always remaining respectful and honest. They are hilarious and you instantly feel like you’re their new best friend. You can skip over their personal dialogue at the top of the show and get to the crime of it all but I don’t know why you’d want to. Can’t recommend this baby enough.
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What a couple of losers. They will rot your brain.
Cant get enough!
So I stumbled upon this podcast while searching before a long drive….DID NOT EXPECT TO FIND MY BEST AUDIO FRIENDS THAT DAY BUT HERE WE ARE 😂 Lauren and Christy (ie? I’m sorry 😩) you are gems and the chemistry is unmatched. Love love LOVE Christy’s research so much and Lauren, your Psychologist hat is theeee best. Thanks for all your hard work and for becoming my new best friends 😂🙌
The best
I love Lauren and Christy! They get the facts straight, and I feel like I’m having a conversation with my friends! Easy to listen to, easy to relate to. Keep on keepin it real ladies! -Kathleen
I adore Christy and Lauren! The show feels exactly like my friends and I chatting! I love the lightheartedness mixed with the in depth research and respect of each case. A+
Deep Dive
I found this by total random accident when I found a random TikTok of Lauren and ended up doing a random deep dive of her social media! But this is RIGHT up my alley, horrific true crime, check. Balanced with hilarity and fun insight into the hosts! Absolutely hooked!
This is my very favorite podcast! They are so entertaining. I can't wait for each show! Love these girls!
Tammy D B
I enjoy these ladies and their stores so much.
Saving grace!
I’ve listened all long from the beginnings in Lauren’s podcast and all of the Patreon episodes. Thanks for accompanying my on trips back and forth to the hospital to visit my Dad for 8 months ❤️
So delightful
Such a beautiful find! Lauren and Christie are so lovely and warm I love the contrast of their lovely personalities with the horrors they discuss. I look forward to releases :) and I love how long episodes are!!!
Didra D
I lool forward to getting in the car and driving somewhere just so I can listen to this show. It’s like hanging out with two very funny friends. Thank you for it!
True Crime Thorough Analysis and Humor
The true crime research is thorough, the analysis of the cases go deep, and Lauren and Christy discuss it all respectfully — yet with comic relief when it comes to discussing the people surrounding the victim who maaay be just a tad shady. Listening feels like you’re sitting with friends!
As a mother…..
I could not love you both more. Keep up the fantastic work.
One of the most enjoyable true Crime podcast ever ! Love Lauren and Christy.💚
Fun, Funny and Easy to Listen To!
This is my go-to podcast lately— true crime, and thoughtfully presented, but at the same time lighthearted and funny!
Love these girls and love this podcast!!! Also, I loved Superstore and was so bummed when it was over! ❤️
I love you ladies. The podcast is a nice blend with you two. I look forward to the new show every week. Can’t what to see what you have up your sleeves next.
I love these ladies!
These two are the he gals you want to hang with. Chrissy takes research to a new level and I live for when she lets Brandy take the wheel. Lauren is the gal who is rofl on the screen and now in my ear. Great job ladies keep the case files coming!
You ladies are awesome !
This is the podcast we all deserve ! The deep dives, the “on a side note, side notes “ are amazing. My only request is that you don’t stop !
Best podcast
Not only do I enjoy the stories that they bring back to life I enjoy the friendship that they have and how hard they make me laugh and it makes my workday so much easier keep putting them out there!!
Not a true crime fan, but...
I love this podcast! The chemistry and energy between Christy and Lauren is unmatched!!!I'm not a true crime fan, but I'm a HUGE True Crime and Cocktails fan!! Keep up the great work, Ladies!!
I love true crime
I can not get enough of your podcast! I got my 19 year old hooked. I listen to the podcast then we will watch it together!! Amazing! Love you both!!
Great podcast
The girls provide laughs! They remain respectful to the facts of the case. They both deep dive on their research and provide details even on cases that you think you are already familiar with.
These ladies rock!!!
Love them!!! So much fun while also satisfying my need for True Crime!
Love you gals!
I became a fan of Lauren watching Superstore, and when I saw she had a podcast, I couldn’t listen fast enough! She and her cousin are truly hilarious. I laugh out loud in my car by myself listening! Keep it up, ladies. Love y’all 🤍
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