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Super fun
I never liked crime podcast that don’t just talk about the crime case, but Lauren and Chrissy are my one exception. There fun talk is so entertaining. Deep dive side notes are the funniest thing to listen to, and who doesn’t love Dina from superstore.
Ms. Ornelas
Super Store fan
Love this show. The research is amazing and I love their conversations, especially when brandy is involved.
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Best show EVER
I absolutely love listening to these ladies. I find myself responding the same way to the information as they do. I love how detailed they get, I literally could listen to these fantastic ladies for hours.
Ble toy 9
Librarian approved research!
What a show! I love nothing more than a deep dive and you ladies deliver EVERY episode.
True crime podcast afficionado here
I’ve listened to pretty much every true crime podcast out there and I have to say these ladies do a fantastic job and the show has quickly become one of my faves. Great balance of research, humor and banter. Lauren is a great comedy actor so I wasn’t surprised by her charm and delivery but Christy is also quite the natural. Hard to believe she’s not also a professional performer. I also love Lauren’s little snippets of insider industry knowledge. Keep up the great work and please keep doing the show forever!
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It's great.
Great mix of comedy and true crime.
Great fun podcast but a teensy tiny misstep….
I love this podcast, especially the banter and awesome chemistry between these sisters/cousins. I’ve recommended them to a lot of family and friends. However, I do have ONE complaint, but don’t worry, it’s such a small thing and it isn’t enough to knock this down to 4 stars. I think posting the Rachel Ray episode was a mistake. I’m sorry ladies; I love your show to death, but after 10 minutes of Rachel’s drunk-voice filibuster (when does she breathe?), and listening to how her house burned to the ground over 2 entire days (do they not have firefighters where she lives?), I just had to turn it off. Please don’t be mad. The talent you ladies possess far outweighs the first (and likely only) clunker of the show. Hence, 5 stars.
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Truly a great podcast. Informative but these two ladies make me wish that I was sitting in a room with them laughing and drinking with them. I love it! Cheers Ladies and thank you for all the laughs!
Christy and Lauren will brighten your day!
I can’t get enough of this podcast! Christy and Lauren do the best job of any true crime podcast of providing the perfect mix of commentary and facts! They make me laugh out loud while also being on the edge of my seat. The research is unreal. I know every time I listen to an episode I can rely on their knowledge! MUST LISTEN!
Can’t stop listening!
Lauren and Christy are so funny and so entertaining. It’s worth every listen!!
Butcher Beauty
My favorite podcast
Let me preface this by saying I’m not super into crime stories or even podcasts in general, but this one got me into both! So after watching Superstore, Lauren Ash quickly became my favorite actor. So I followed her on Instagram and heard about the podcast. I knew she would be a good time, but then there’s Christy! She is hilarious and brings out the best in Lauren. Christy also does a phenomenal job with her thorough research on the topics, I gotta say I was impressed with how deep she dove. She also puts together her findings in a nice and organized fashion with sprinkles of sass and jokes. I love them and it feels like I’m there with them when I listen. I listen to it at work and on my commutes. I’m hooked! Keep it up ladies!!!!!!
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The best True Crime Podcast!!
I love their commentary, friendship and compassion for each story they report on.
Hilarious AND interesting!
I began listening to this podcast after Lauren & Christy were guests on the Australian True Crime podcast—which I listen to regularly. It turns out that Lauren Ash Is the actress who played Nina on the sitcom, Superstore (side note: this made me decide to start watching the show—-which is hilarious! The character that Lauren plays on the show, Nina, is so over the top and SO FUNNY. Lauren & Christy, who are cousins, do a thorough job of researching crimes and presenting the audience with a detailed picture what transpired. As they present the topic for each podcast, they interject their blunt commentary—often about how the case was handled by the police, towns, and media—and also what they thought of how the judge or jury handled the case. Sometimes they express their shock during the podcast and often engage in side commentary by sharing stories from their lives that might relate to the case. It is not your typical crime podcast, because you will find yourself enjoying their commentary (often things I might be thinking), agreeing with them, and laughing. Oh, and you also discover new drinks to try😊
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Best Podcast Ever!
You girls are amazing! Thank you for sharing your knowledge on these cases. :)
Cousin goals
Usually I’m ready for podcasters to just get to the story, but I love the banter between Lauren and Christie! Y’all make my workday much more enjoyable☺️
Christy is my spirit animal
The show is a perfect blend of comedy & true crime. The banter between these two brings levity to some serious crimes. I always look forward to the weekly new episodes!
Mullet Madness
Bailiff top and Pajama bottoms!
Love these ladies!!! So much fun while also satisfying my need for True Crime!
Dramatic reading of Reddit
There’s so much internet rumor in these cases, it’s painful to listen to. I feel like I’m listening to people who spend a lot of time in the bowels of Reddit and equate it to the news. It really does a disservice to the victims and the listeners. Also…. victim blaming. Just because they say a hundred times that they’re not, the hosts are super judgey and honestly it’s gross. I had high hopes for this based on the reviews, the sound quality, the resume of the hosts but this just isn’t something that needs to be in the universe.
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I’m going to declare this the best true crime podcast out there. One of the reasons is that it’s not depressing. It’s two friends talking about true crime and it feels as if, it’s my BFFs and I talking about a true crime story we saw. Great podcast ladies! May a suggest a live show?
I stumbled upon this podcast quite by accident honestly…just trying to find some true crime stuff to listen to. The Staircase episode got me hooked and I have laughed soooo much! I love you guys SO MUCH! I have legit “binge listened” to every single episode and I’m now re-listening to all of the famous fatality episodes 😄😄 This podcast is HILARIOUS, not to mention super informative! I love you girlies - I’ve already been to the merch store and ordered myself some TCC goodies! ♥️🔎♥️🔎
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Details galore! One of my newest favs
I go through true crime podcasts quicker than I care to admit, and started this one recently. The 2.5-3 hour episodes can sometimes be a bit much, but the banter between longtime childhood friends helps break it up. The stories’ fluidity has improved, and I think Christy has made more of an effort to avoid repeating herself in the recent eps. I could do with less—“and to that, I say…” “as a mother” and being addressed as “dear listener” (personal preference) but it’s not irritating enough to make me turn it off. The research is out-of-this-world!!! I *thought* I was pretty well-versed in the big cases, but Ive been introduced to new suspects, theories, and details I haven’t heard elsewhere. With her work ethic and thoroughness, I have no doubt Christy was an A+ student. Autopsy reports, documentaries, books, diaries, trial records—she looks at EVERYTHING that could pertain to a case. They’re creative in coming up with their own (usually humorous) speculation as well. Lauren’s Richard Ramirez astral projection theory during the Elisa Lam episode had me ROLLING but also low-key scared of demonic possession. There’s less blood lust on this podcast compared to others. I find it ironic and slightly disturbing when true crime hosts criticize/judge the perps for their violent actions, and in the same breath express their own fantasies to torture/murder/harm the perp. (While I understand the instinct, I just prefer less violence all-around, whether ‘justified’ or not.) There’s not much of that here—thank you! On the corollary—sometimes they veer dangerously close to victim-blaming and/or blaming the victim’s parents for not watching their children hawkishly enough. (Particularly in McCann & Delphi.) Even a subjectively negligent parent doesn’t deserve to have their child go missing and/or be murdered—geez! Neither sex workers nor people with addiction deserve your condescension either. Just a sprinkle more empathy (particularly towards the aforementioned groups) would go a long way. Unrelated: Every time they utter a “sore-ree” instead of a “saw-ree” it makes me laugh & slightly jealous I wasn’t cool enough to be born in Canada.
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Just, YES!
I feel like I’m tuning in for girls night with my besties every Tuesday night. Hands down my favorite true crime podcast ever… give it a listen.
So much fun!
I love Lauren Ash, and hearing her and Christy is hilarious. You can feel how much they love each other and how close they are! I love true crime and I love their research and their takes on everything. Their pop culture references make me feel like I could easily sit with them and laugh and hang out and quote Speed right along with them.
Love these Canadian gals
I heard the girls on the Doughboys podcast and was entranced by their voices and humor. Canadians strike me as so down to earth and relatable. Each ep is great. You don’t even have to be familiar with the source material. I didn’t watch The Windower on Dateline but I loved the TC&C ep. Updated review 6/11/21: Having listened to almost every ep I just love you guys even more! I love how you bring social justice (missing WW syndrome, pride month) into the episodes. As a public defender who is obviously more criminal defense than prosecution oriented, I still fully enjoy the show. These girls are the best!
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I absolutely adore this podcast! These two have such amazing chemistry it's unreal! I love hearing about their childhood. It takes me back to the summers I spent with my cousins when they came up from out of town. I especially love that they are not political and are respectful, emphasis on not political. Keep up the incredible work! OH! Also, I've learned so much on cases I've heard 10+ podcasts on and tv shows. I could not be more pleased/impressed with this podcast!
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My go-to podcast!!
I listen to this podcast when I do basically anything. Walking the dog? TC&C. Showering? TC&C. Ignoring the crushing weight of all of my responsibilities? TC&C. I also started watching Superstore because of this podcast and it’s now my favorite show! Thanks Lauren and Christy!
Ticks All the Boxes for me
My favorite podcasts are two people that are friends in real life discussing anything and going on tangents. Also big bonus for having a sense of humor and intelligence. These two check all the boxes for me. They are funny. They are sisters maybe or cousins I'm not sure but they're definitely real friends. The research is great and their voices are pleasing and distinguishable. I discovered them through A Date with Dateline which also ticks all the boxes for me. Give it a listen!! If you don't love it instantly then we could never be friends
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Who knew I needed another true-crime podcast
I subscribe to a lot of true-crime podcasts. (I might have a problem.) I didn’t think I needed another, but the informational deep dives are exactly what I love. I crave learning new bits of information, and this podcast scratches that itch. Thank you.
Favorite podcast!
I cannot say enough good things about True Crime and Cocktails. This podcast is amazing! The cases are well researched and presented. Lauren & Christy are easy to relate to, listening to this feels like I’m chatting with friends. I also love how long the episodes are! I know it’s kind of become a running joke that each episode is longer than the previous one, but I hope they continue with that pattern. I’m in the car a lot for work and listening to TCAC makes the day go by so much faster. Give it a listen, you won’t regret it!
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Favorite true crime podcast
I look forward to every new podcast ! Fun, informative and thorough.
I look forward to hearing their take on different cases/mysteries. Playful banter sometimes goes off on a tangent for too long would be my only criticism.
take the cookies
You guys, I seriously love this podcast. These two are unbelievably funny and truly bring awareness to some not so well-known cases.
Chelsea M-C P.
So chill!
I heard an ad for this podcast on Date with Dateline and thought I’d give it a try because I loved Lauren on Superstore. So far I’ve loved it! Chill and easy conversations, funny stories and the BEST deep dives! Keep it up ladies!
Amber Cannon
Love it!
I really love this podcast. My husband is a little nervous about me watching so many murder mysteries but it is so interesting. Thank you both.
KRivera ATL
My favorite podcast!
I love this podcast so, so much. I heard of it from Lauren’s Instagram and I’m very picky with my podcasts (some people’s voices ya know 😬) but half way through the first episode, I knew it would be my all time favorite. Great banter and humor, but also is super well researched and bonus, it gives me new ideas of drink purchases! Keep up the great work ladies!
Kittie Rose
Nothing more to say
Other than thank you for putting together such an amazing podcast. I look forward to my weekly date with the True Crime and Cocktail ladies. Came as a Superstore fan for Lauren but stayed for Christy. Both are fabulous.
Best podcast ever
This podcast incorporates true crime cases with two women who could be your besties! Such a good podcast. Give it a listen!
Thank you Lauren and Christie
Hi Ladies, I’m so un-tech-savvy that I just now googled “how to leave a review on Apple podcast” so I could tell you how much I love your show and just feel like we are friends when I am listening. Thank you. I also loved you, Lauren, in your TV show as Dina.
I love every episode
I love true crimes and unsolved mysteries just as much as I love Lauren and Christy. The research, the laughter and the stories make this the best podcast. Btw my gf thinks I'm crazy 😜 🏳️‍🌈 but she supports my craziness #pride
So amazing!
The level of research is intense! Love listening. True crime can be fun.
Love it
I’ve been wanting to leave a review for a while now but I knew that I would have trouble putting into words how much I love this podcast. I first started listening during a hard period in my life— moved to a new city, started a new job, etc., and it was all a very lonely experience. TCAC made me feel a little less lonely and gave me something to look forward to. You can really tell that they work hard to provide a quality podcast that’s full of great research, but there’s also a fun charming aspect where they share stories and chat. Christy and Lauren are very likable and it’s impossible to get through an episode without a good laugh.
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The best true crime podcast
This is the only podcast I’ve ever been able to truly get into. I absolutely love listening to you guys. I absolutely love true crime and I’m so glad I found this podcast!!
From Superstore to TC & Coctails..
I recently finished binging Superstore. After doing so, I was having withdrawals because it was just a really good show and should of had way more recognition. Towards the end of it, Lauren was my favorite. Seeing that she had a podcast about True Crime, I was estatic and had to listen. Then you have her cousin Christy, omg I love her! They make the perfect duo! Thank you both so much for bringing much loved entertainment!
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Unmatched research
I have listed to true crime podcasts for years and just found True Crime and Cocktails. I have learned so much more about the cases they cover compared to any other true crime podcasts. The research is wonderful and the storytelling is superb!
Always excited
Can never wait for these to be released each week. The vibe of old MFM episodes but with extensive research
The ladies are a blast
They’ve made me laugh out loud, and that’s enough! This is great to distract me from the hum drum of work while I multitask and enjoy their chat and stories. And, interesting crimes! Thanks ladies!
Only the best crime podcast. That’s all.
I enjoy crime podcasts but this one takes the subject to an all new level. Who knew horrible crimes could be so entertaining? These podcasts are not only entertaining but thoroughly researched, so it’s not just fluff. The humor helps the listener to digest some truly horrifying stories. Keep it up ladies.
So Good!
Just found my new true crime bffs! Love the deep dives and personal experiences you share. Looking forward to binging the old eps and hearing what's to come.
Love this podcast. I love true crime and you ladies are so fun to listen to😊
It’s been a while since I’ve found a podcast that I want to binge . Love the detailed research, and the gals are fun. Thanks ladies!
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