True Crime & Cocktails
True Crime & Cocktails
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By far my favorite!
I have listens to every episode and love it! Love the tangents, love the nonsense and like the 2+hours of episode! It’s nice to do chores and have a nice listen. Or while I sew. Give ‘em a watch if you need another laugh.
English teacher here
(This is for all the listeners who think it’s chill and noble to leave reviews correcting peoples pronunciation) For the love of all that is good people please STOP writing reviews and sending emails to podcasters correcting their pronunciation! Language is lovely and fluid and people pronounce words differently depending on where they are from! Its gonna be okay, no one is hurting you and I am so sick of hearing about it on literally every show I listen to.
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Ladies I love you, so so dearly. BUT it’s NE-VAD-UH not NE-VAH-DUHz. Sincerely everyone in Nevada
More than a true crime podcast
Christy and Lauren are cousins by birth, sisters by choice and best friends. Every week is a fun hangout with long running jokes and lots of impressive research on some aspect of true crime…unsolved mysteries, notorious deaths or crimes, a little paranormal activity. It’s lighthearted but handled with respect and humor. One of my favorites. Christy and Lauren’s banter is the best.
Like hanging with your best friends
I LOVE these two so much, the podcast is like hanging with your besties (the good ones we all need and love and deserve!) The research they both do into these cases is unbelievable.. I can’t get enough of them and can I suggest.. a true crime and cocktail girls weekend?? 🤞🤞 (here is when Christy says “of coursee”.) Thank you for giving us an incredible podcast, never stop! 🧡
Good stuff
Good stuff!!
Christy and Lauren are the best friends you didn’t know you needed. They are smart, funny, informative, and their laughter is the best. Also, if you like them and want to help them, write one of these… it goes a long way! Also, get the blankets. Also, let’s make shirts.
Love these girls
One of my best friends recommended this podcast to me and I instantly became hooked. I’m still pretty far behind, but I love being able to catch up on my own time. Lauren and Christy are truly hilarious together. I feel like I’m listening to my own friends most of the time. The way they have so much compassion for victims and everyone in general is beautiful. Never stop doing what you do!
Love this podcast!
I drive a lot for work and therefore listen to a lot of different podcast. These ladies make my drive so much fun and I am now excited when I have a long drive because I know I will have a great podcast to listen to along the way. It is clear how much thought and research goes into each episode. I found the podcast through my love of Superstore and especially Lauren’s performance as Dina. She is an incredibly talented actor. I love that she has brought her quick wit to this show. I also am so impressed with Christy’s research and passion for the cases they present. I love the interaction between these two and it makes me feel like I’m sitting there with them as they go over the cases. Please listen - you will not be disappointed. Thank you Lauren and Christy. You are both amazing people.
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Love your podcast
The structure of the show is perfect 1. Intro and discussion of whatever news is currently trending 2. Detailed summary of the facts of the case, as well other perspective crimes that night be relevant 3. Review/explore theories about the case It’s a really fun couple hours - I listen while walking w/ small weights and thanks to this duo I have dropped 12 pounds too.
just because i like tetris
The Greatest BFF true crime podcast to ever hit the airwaves
I. Love. This. Pod. Not only do I have my own two new besties on my drives to chat with (I mostly listen 😉), the research and attention to detail in the reporting is top tier. These ladies are kind, caring, and respectful of all! There’s also a really wonderful community surrounding this podcast and I’m thankful to be a part of it. Lauren and Christy are wonderfully delightful and I’ll take ALL of the banter every time. I love it all.
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My favorite true crime podcast
They're so incredibly respectful to the victims which sounds like the bare minimum, but when true crime became entertainment that was really lost on some people. The research from both gals is also so in depth and impressive. Finally, their relationship is beautiful and pure and I love it so much. They just feel like such genuine people and I truly appreciate them.🖤🖤🖤 RIP Peaches you sweet angel baby
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Tip Top
Lauren and Christy deliver a meticulously researched true crime podcast with hilarious banter and perfectly timed one liners. It really is like spending a couple hours with your best gal pals. By far my favorite podcast that I’m always recommending to friends. 🍻
I look forward to Tuesdays for a new podcast!
Bittie 1
Consistently my favorite
The chemistry and friendship between Lauren and Christy is out of sight. Christy’s research is outstanding. I look forward to this podcast all week, and usually play it twice.
Favorite Podcast
I just love these two ladies! Amazing, free content. The stories are great, the banter is great and I love the pop culture discussion. Please, give them a listen. Christy, if Lauren gets too busy to continue, PLEASE keep doing this podcast! Love your research and reports. I look forward to this each week ❤️
I love you both!!!
Hey ladies! I’m sorry that people are being negative , what? I love the convo before the presentation of the case and honestly you make me laugh every podcast!!!!🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍
Crunching sounds?!
So I love Lauren ash from super store! That’s why I wanted to listen to this podcast. The new episode on 11/15 was the first one I listened to. I wanted to love it but I can hear crunching sounds! Like someone is eating chips. I couldn’t listen to it anymore because the sound between the talking and the sound was too much!
Thank you!
Just got done listening to episode 105. I am so glad that the two of you realized ,That the old formula wasn’t working for you so early in the new season. What’s the old saying,””you can’t go home again “or “everything old is new again”. I look forward to your perspective, I don’t want the two of you compromising your values trying to please me or anybody else. I listen to your podcast because you two have a unique take and it makes me think. I don’t have to agree with you.Looking forward to the rest of the season.
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my little dog
Like they’re style
Just stumbled upon this podcast today. There’s quite a bit of chit chat at the beginning, but I just skipped it since I don’t “ know “ them and didn’t get it. No problem there. The storytelling was really good Seems really well researched Only thing ladies , handguns use MAGAZINES not CLIPS. Big difference
Gorgeous 💕
I am so jealous of the relationship between you two!!!! I’m an only child and always wanted a sister and you both make me so happy with how much you love each other! I’m half British and my daughter married a British man so I share the love of the royal family and yes, watching The Crown is a must! My wedding dress (1991) is a replica of Princess Diana’s that I had hand made! PS, my elderly neighbor is from England and says…. she always hated Diana. I know! Who says that?!?!
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Paul McCartney's Michelle
I truly feel like we’d be best friends! I’m 41 so I get everything y’all are talk about at the beginning of the episodes! I seriously think you should make a podcast and just have the banter that happens at the beginning of the episode! I would totally listen every week (in addition to this of course!)
So Fun
I really love the banter in the beginning of the episodes. It’s so fun! I also love the research and personal assessment and opinions of each case.
These two are great!
How did I not discover them sooner? They are hilarious, and I love the research! Of all the true crime duos, I feel like I could legitimately be friends with them!
podcast listener 100
Love the sisters by choice
For some reason I just started listening to the podcast but I love it. I need Christy to do a deep dive on any potential guys I meet. Dating in your 40’s is rough! Love this show
Love them
I trip all over myself to smash the play button on this every Tuesday. They should be running the FBI but instead they are entertaining the world. If I am ever murdered, tell the police to go home. I want Lauren and Christy on the case. Need more young them tales!!!!
Don’t sleep on this like I did
Okay; yes sometimes tangents can be a distraction but almost always they go with the episode topic. But most importantly I love truce crime I listen to a lot HOWEVER MFM recently did dr,Feelgood the information and research was so little compared to Chrissy’s that I was disappointed that it was the same length with very little information. No mentions of his European career, no mentions of the major named clients who died, nothing on how he worked through friend/family circles and a drive by on his wife’s death. That fact that christy goes deep into the side stories adds so much to research and makes for a clean informative episode. Truly this has become my top truce crime podcast
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How I love thee
I’ve been listening since the beginning and I LOVE this show and the dynamic of these two. I find myself using inside jokes from the pod trying to figure out which of my friends it came from…and it was from these two chuckleheads. The research is amazing, all the hats that Lauren wears to talk it through. Just makes me so happy!
Such an amazing crime show. You laugh, you cry, you learn, you’re left feeling amazed! Thank you for a great show!
It’s a CRIME how much I love this podcast!
How do they do it? Far be it from me to be redundant but I enjoy episode after episode after episode after episode more and more and more, etc. ☺️😁😉. I’ve been listening from the very start and feel like one of the family. As a matter of fact, I AM one of the family as a Patreon dudettè. The chit-chat that occurs before launching into each crime enhances that sense of family, for it is warm, funny, and sometimes quite touching. True Crimes and Cocktails truly IS a romp. It’s just two girls getting by with around a bajillion pajama-clad pals drinking and munching whatever whilst solving crimes. 🔎🕵️🕵️‍♂️🕵️🕵️‍♀️🔍
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Do you have room for one more BFF
Fully obsessed with you both and your dialogue. I genuinely find myself CACKLING. I also love the hard work and extensive research you do for the cases. Keep ‘em coming 💖
Favorite new podcast!
I just discovered this a week or so back, and have been catching up. So good, thank you both!
Love them!!
Absolute favorite podcast…i grew up along the Saskatchewan/Montana border so these girls just hold a special place in my heart. Regina was the big city we would visit. ❤️ Seriously, you two have such a great camaraderie & your research skills are impeccable with these mysteries! Thank you for all you do, i love it!!!
“That was my first experience with a Daddy”
I love this podcast, I love these ladies. Christy you might be the funniest person to exist. I have never laughed as hard as I did when you said daddy. Thanks for the laugh!
Came for Lauren, Stayed for Christy (and Lauren)
When I heard Deana from Super Store had a true crime podcast I knew I had to listen being a big fan of both the show and true crime. I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with her sister/cousin Christy! I have been listening for over a year now and I’m never disappointed. When I’m listening I feel like I’m hanging out with my two best friends. Thank you ladies for the hours of entertainment, whether it’s laughter, tears, shock, or horror. You never disappoint!
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Lisa Windley
Love. These. Ladies.
I am so sad that I am late to this party, but am really happy I am here now. Lauren and Christy do such a great job of balancing the seriousness of the topics while still bringing in some humor to break it up. And even though Christy doesn’t like compliments, I have to say how amazing she does researching and delivering all the details for every episode.
I enjoy these ladies so much. I was always a Blanche myself 🤪
Great true crime podcast
I started listening to this podcast about 6 months ago while on a long car trip. I now am 8 episodes from finishing the entire series to date. I loved Superstore so it was part of why I chose this podcast since Lauren is hilarious. What made me keep listening was Christy. I am a Golden Girls super fan and have felt so connected to her and love her personality. I am a 90’s kid- and so much of their banter hits home. Love this team and will forever listen!
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I started listening to this podcast about a year ago and I was hooked from the beginning! These two are hilarious with their banter and stories from childhood. This most recent episode had me laughing so loud listening to them talk about what the neighbor guy might have done to Lauren’s facial products. So freaking funny! The cases they present are always so informative and you can tell that they take the time to gather and give all the facts. I hope they stick around for a long time!!
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Im hooked!
I had seen this podcast in my you should watch list and was listening to other ones at the time and was like ill wait. I should not have waited this one is so good. I listen to them on my drive to and from work. I am coming late to listening but im plowing thru they are so funny and informative. I loved lauren from superstore and then with Kristy. Them together are magic. Im so glad i wait longer to listen to them.
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Lots of fun
Love this podcast! Not only are the cases presented very well researched and interesting but listening to these two is a hoot! Easy to listen to and holds your attention. Keep producing more episodes. It’s great.
My new favorite!
Love it!
love this podcast!
i have never written a review on a podcast before but this is the best podcast ive come across. when i realized lauren was from superstore i was jazzed to say the least. absolutely love the show and listen to it everyday! there’s something for everyone in their episodes and ill always recommend!
Christys voice is literally so soothing. Idk why but she kind of reminds me of Melissa McCarthy, but I listen to this show either a)When I’m really stressed and need to calm down or B) when it’s bedtime because it’s like a lullaby. Thanks so much for the comfort 💖💖
8/24/22. Kid gets to choose your title
The first grandchild will be the one who determines the name for you. And you will accept it because you adore your grandchild. It all is determined by what the child can actually say when he or she starts talking. My child only heard the names Nana and Grandma. She could only say Memaw. My mother-in-law hated it. She shamed my daughter into calling her grandma. Please be happy with the name that is chosen by the precious child. Thank you.
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Loving this show!!
I came from True Crime Obsessed, Obsessed with Disappeared and thought this can’t be as good. I was wrong!!!! Love you both!!!
I was in the mood for a good laugh so started rewatching superstore and remembered Lauren Ash had a true crime podcast that I’ve been meaning to listen too. Came here for Dina Fox, fell in love with Christy Oxborrow! These ladies are hilarious and such a joy to listen to
Awful hosts
One woman has the worst voice ever and talks way too long. Feel bad for the other woman who does the actual research.
Amy True Crime Review
I’ve been listening to this podcast from the beginning. I was a huge fan, got all of my friends and coworkers listening, and even paid for premium Patreon membership—HOWEVER, while I still think Christy is amazing and want to be her friend in real life, Lauren’s ego and psychological labeling of people has started to turn me off in a major way. I’m unable to enjoy the banter between the ladies as I once did because I’m so frustrated. It is incredibly irresponsible of Lauren, who has no psychology degree, to label people the way she does—even when I agree with her assessment as a layman, I think it’s horrible to use this platform to put that sort of judgement out there when you really aren’t qualified in any way to speak on it. I’ve also never seen Superstore but you mention your acting career in almost EVERY episode and the inflated sense of fame you have just because you were on that show is nauseating. I’m not trying to rip your confidence down—I’m sure you’re a very talented actress and there’s no doubt that you’ve worked very hard to get where you are —but for those of us who have no context for you as an actress, it comes off as braggadocious and conceited. I’ve unsubscribed to Patreon because I also feel frustrated that you pick and choose the same people to interact with week in and week out, while ignoring messages from everyone else. There aren’t bonus true crime episodes available to Patreon members, just content where the ladies talk to each other about cases they’ve covered or personal stories, and it’s not worth the money. Lastly, the episodes have gotten too long. I blame the 30 minutes of chatter at then beginning and the psychologist hat at the end. I’d enjoy this pod a lot more if you got straight to the case with the detailed research—and PLEASE cover more cases that aren’t already huge in pop culture (when you’re the 80th show to cover a case with no new information, it’s not interesting anymore).
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What a gift
A true joy. These two chuckleheads provide thorough researched cases, and bring much needed levity to the darkness of true crime. It is one of the best true crime podcasts I have listened to that present a different case in each episode. I have learned something I never had heard before in all of the most well known cases that have been presented and they give thoughtful analysis to the crimes. Give this a listen and you may give up on your other beloved true crime podcast…who knows?
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