True Crime & Cocktails
True Crime & Cocktails
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More than a true crime podcast
Christy and Lauren are cousins by birth, sisters by choice and best friends. Every week is a fun hangout with long running jokes and lots of impressive research on some aspect of true crime…unsolved mysteries, notorious deaths or crimes, a little paranormal activity. It’s lighthearted but handled with respect and humor. One of my favorites. Christy and Lauren’s banter is the best.
It’s a romp!
EVERY episode is a romp! Especially The Glee Curse! Lauren Ash, if you read this please don’t ever stop this bit. I laugh EVERY time!! These ladies take an extreme amount of time to research and provide thorough information on each crime they cover. They have covered crimes that have been covered by other pods and I always learn more from these ladies! The side notes and random facts are very interesting and I LOVE IT!!
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Just 2 ladies.. getting by
These women are amazing! They are funny, relatable, and I love listening to this podcast. This is one of the best researched true crime podcasts I’ve ever heard. They are funny while still being respectful. Highly recommend.
Informative and beyond charming
I have no special interest in true crime as a genre, but this show is so well researched and the two hosts so candid and delightful that I’ve really gotten into it. They always get the tone right, and never talk down to their audience.
Cookies Jr
I happened upon this podcast and when I saw the length of episodes, I knew I would either love it or absolutely hate it…. I love their style and all the extra information they put out. I find that even though they go off on side notes, it’s easy to follow. This podcast is very engaging and even with the lengthy episodes, I’m still sort of bummed when they end
Bordr Collie 🌼
Yes to the banter yes to the long episodes!
I listen to my fair share of true crime podcasts and I’ve noticed many people commenting on how it’s “long winded” there are plenty of podcasts that go straight to the meat of the topic but this is not one and I’M HERE FOR IT. I like the flair I like the side notes and the community they’ve built. I’ve listened to every episode and I will say this: each episode is VERY well researched, they are respectful when speaking about the victims and yes maybe it’s not your humor but to me they are hilarious. There are so many shows for all types of listeners and if you like shows that you can feel like you’re “in” on their inside jokes and like you’re hanging with 2 good friends who have RESEARCHED the crap out of each topic then this is the show for you.. if not.. go elsewhere.
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Hogs before frogs!
I just finished binging ALL episodes, and I must say these two lady’s are AMAZING! Their insight and research into cases are well thought out, their comedy is on point, and the love between them warms my heart. I can’t get get enough of these two. The only disappointing aspect is I don’t have friends like you two in real life. Keep up the great work gals, and thank you for all you do!
Long winded
Over 2 hours about everything but the actual topic. I had to literally fast forward to 30+ minutes in to hear anything about Lizzie Borden and then it just kept going downhill. Seriously disappointed
This show is a bright spot in my week
I could listen to Christy and Lauren all day. I came for the true crime and Lauren after being a big fan of Super Fun Night and then Superstore, but a year later I find that I look forward to the banter at the top of each episode even more! I go through the full range of emotions every week laughing, crying and learning. The research into every case is amazing, and even if I’ve heard about a case or seen a show about it before I always learn something new. These two are gold. What a friendship, what a team, what a show.
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The Perfect Podcast
I fell in love with this podcast immediately. The relationship between Lauren and Christy is perfection. The way they communicate their research while also storytelling is something that captured my attention instantly! The perfect mixture of true crime, pop culture and animal adoration make this podcast a dream come true! Way to go ladies!!
I look forward to new episodes every week! Lauren and Christy put SO much work into each episode and are very clearly passionate about this show. Each episode is a highlight of my week. I love catching up with the gals and having a laugh while learning something new. I hope this show continues for many years to come!
My favorite podcast!
I love this podcast. Christy and Lauren are hilarious together. I laugh out loud each episode. I listen while getting ready for work and it’s like having my good friends with me. The intro stories they share and “side notes” are the best. They are kind, smart, funny, compassionate and top notch researchers! I started listening end of last year and couldn’t stop. If they ever do an in person I’m there! ❤️
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Pure murderous delight
It’s no secret that murder stories keep us all sane, but these ladies allow us to not feel guilty for being nosey about murder, mysteries or even death in general. I love listening to this podcast because the hostesses are hilarious, fun loving and serious all at the same time! They know how to do great research as well as dedicate their personal time to watching hours upon hours of documentaries and read books to give us all the nitty gritty that we so crave. They allow us a glimpse into their lives as well because it’s not all murder! They are one of the best murder podcasts around. Their YouTube channel is even better cuz you get to see their fur babies on occasion and get a little behind the scenes of their controlled chaos. Well done!!
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Consider this hug smuggled
This show is my warm blanket. Can’t recommend it enough.
Danger (End) Zone
Girls Who Get It, Get It. Girls Who Don’t, Don’t.
I laugh at all the reviews saying they talk too much about nonsense when that’s the WHOLE THING. These are two cousins/sisters/bffs who have a treasure trove of memories and a real love for each other. They have a “yes and” approach to their conversations, going off on tangents that are enjoyable to follow. I feel honored to be invited to these conversations. The whole feel is supposed to be like hanging out casually with friends and there are no limits to where the story will take you. One minute Lauren is talking about astroprojecting demons and then Christy is talking about her cats for 30 minutes. Sans pants. THERE WILL BE MINI BRANDS. If you’re here for hard core murder…this ain’t it, sis. This is for funsies. Also check out the Glee Curse. It’s a romp.
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You gotta come listen to Blanche and The Judge
If you like true crime with a twist of hilarious stories and inappropriate comments then you’re in luck! Lauren and Christy are amazing at mixing the murder and comedy together much like mixing their cocktails together. Come for the murder, stay for the laughs. 10/10!!!
My new favorite
LOVE this podcast!!!! Lauren and Christy are such a delight, each week is a romp! Thank you both for the joy you bring with every listen!
Hanging out with friends
This podcast is something I look forward to listening to each week while I work. Even though the subject matter can be dark Lauren and Christy find a way to keep it light. Listening to their banter it makes you feel like you are just hanging out with your friends.
Love it!
I kind of love it that the episodes are long. In the beginning I felt like they were rushed to keep with a time limit but honestly the more relaxed long-winded episodes are better now. They don’t feel rushed and the girls can really get into theories and bounce ideas off one another, which is my favorite part! Christys extra effort of deep diving is much appreciated! Even though I’m familiar with most of the cases they discuss, she always surprises me with new information, which I love!
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LNV 22
Can’t live without it
Can’t say enough great things about these two beautiful ladies and what they do but I will just say this: if you like to laugh, be entertained, and listen to true crime - give them a listen!! #truecrew Patreon is super affordable and worth it too!! ❤️
Mars 82
Love love
Love this show. They thoroughly research every episode and they keep me laughing. I love the deep dive they take me on each episode and yet still keeping it fun.
Love it!
I’m a MFM fan and was looking for something new. I love the LOVE between Christy and Lauren and the depth of research. I now own merch, Patreon subscriber and full supporter of TCAC!! The True Crime and Fairytales series are my favorite. I have no idea how you can record those without losing it every second. All the LOVE.
Unique twist to podcast listening
I love listening to True Crime and Cocktails. I do admit some topics are more interesting than others, but this doesn’t affect how I feel about the show. I have never written a review for a show of any kind, but when I heard that people were criticizing the opening, I had to comment. I love the interaction between Lauren and Christy, it adds to the experience - 100%😂 (I’ve now adopted that little phrase) Sometimes I wonder if people think I am crazy when I’m driving alone with a huge grin on my face or laughing out loud while listening to their banter. How can you not smile about two women trying to figure out what a weevil is. People are free to listen or not. As my mom always told me, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”. Keep up the great work girls!!
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The best crime podcast
I found the podcast due to Laurens Instagram. I stayed because y’all are awesome.You too talking reminds me of me and my best friend with our strange antics and odd history.Compared to other podcasts I find get the most in-depth and since y’all do your own research it doesn’t seem like you’re just sitting here reading a script. I had to subscribe to Patreon just to get more listening time as I caught up on all the back catalog. Regardless of any of these one stars you ladies keep doing you. Can’t make everyone happy and that’s OK!
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Lily Rampant
absolutely obsessed with this pod!!! such great research and funny commentary, i wish i was friends with them!!
Awesome Podcast
I love everything about this podcast. Both hosts are effortlessly hilarious and so much fun to listen to. The research is incredibly thorough and the story-telling skills are great. Many of the episodes are extra long which I love because I can really put a hurtin’ on a box of wine in that time span.
Your new besties
True crime, done very well. Two best friends exploring true crime cases ranging from infamous to mysterious, well known tales to unknown madness. While discussing the case, which is always well researched, you get to hear stories from their past, catch a glimpse of their day to day. They are honest and hilarious and at the end of every episode it feels like you just had a drink with your besties and you can’t wait til you all get together again.
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BFF slumber Party!
Great show! I love the relationship between the hosts. Such love and respect!! Hilarious childhood stories of these two cousins that aren’t so different then my own childhood. Get in your jammies, snuggle your pillow and get ready to listen intently. The content is SO thorough and brings up lots of interesting questions. Even cases I am familiar with are brand new. Great job Ladies! Every episode is better than the one before and I look forward to each one. Thanks!!
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It’s like a slumber party where you’re besties are also true crime experts
I absolutely adore Lauren and Christy. Not only are they super determined researchers that truly give you eeeeeverything you need to know about a case but also they’re just your gal pals catching up with you over drinks. Do they provide an unbiased look at the accused? No. But some people are the worst and deserve to be called out so I’m here for it.
Making True Crime Fun
Just found y’all a while back ago & adore you both. You keep the stories interesting & fun. My coworkers are always asking me what I’m listening to because I’m always laughing. Love the relationship y’all share.
Easy way to nake money
Love the show!
I love this show and can relisten to the episodes many times. I typically do not like banter at the beginning, but I LOVE it with these two! Great and more unique subjects, plus I love the length of the podcasts. I listen during work and it makes my day so much better.
The hosts are completely insufferable. I say this as someone of similar age/demographic. I didn’t think it was possible to dislike a podcast more than My Favorite Murder.
These are your new true crime sisters!!
I came here as a fan of Lauren, I’m staying because I’m in love with both of them! Lauren & Christy are the smart, empathetic, funny and thoughtful women we all wish we could be around. Huge new fan!!
Hey, thanks!
Found this podcast from a comment made on a Buzzfeed article. I told myself I wouldn’t subscribe to any more crime podcasts, but I love the vibe and banter ❤️
Awesome research
I love the amount of research and time these girls put into each episode! Awesome info on all I have listened to so far!!! The only thing I don’t like is that the first 20 plus minutes are kinda blabber. I don’t mind podcast intros being banter, but it’s just kinda excessive.
Binge Worthy!!!
I first encountered a snip of this show on TikTok and now I am addicted to these women! I have never been a fan of true crime but after the last year… we’ve all changed a bit. I have listened to almost all episodes more than once. If you love true crime and are looking for good company, give this podcast a listen!
Too long
I can’t to be the “too long” and “it used to be better” but here I am. I have been listening from the beginning and loved it. But somewhere it stop being my first play, and built up and up. I can’t will run times like 2.5 - 3 hours. I can’t focus on the main story with too many side notes (a couple is fine, but 10 per ep is too much). 1.5 - 2 (max) hours would be fine. Don’t mind chit chat time (ideal 15 - 20 minutes). Also, worried for Christy’s health - don’t put your will being aside for some research.
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Too political
This show is waaaaaaay too political! Lauren is incredibly hypocritical as well. She preaches love an acceptance, yet loses her mind at any sort of negative feedback (even if it’s meant to be constructive). Also, their coverage of the Delphi Murders was horrific. There’s better podcasts out there.
Great Company
I had no idea how much fun tangents could be! I love the conversation between Christy and Lauren even more than the topics of the episodes. I have many more episodes to go and I’m confident I will go right through them.
Favorite ever
I can’t stop listening to this podcast. I’m not far from listening to all 62 episodes. I just love these two so much! I feel like they’re my best friends now. Top notch research.
Hogs Before Frogs
Had to drop a 5-Star for this 10/10 joke.
Love this podcast
I really love this podcast. Christy and Lauren give so much info. I also love how respectful they are and never seem as though they are trying to force their opinions on the listeners. True Crime is super hard to listen to sometimes and listening to Christy and Lauren tell stories and joke with each other throughout really helps when hearing these stories.
You Lost Me
For a while now I have been a pretty regular listener of this podcast. Although my political views are different from most of yours, I usually choose to ignore it because the stories are decent. However, you crossed a line in encouraging listeners to unsubscribe if they don’t feel the same about the Rittenhouse case as you. I followed your suggestion and unfollowed the show.
Interesting cases
I enjoy the subject matter & don’t mind some banter but the first 25 minutes of the podcast was all banter.
The best true crime podcast
This is by far the best true crime podcast I’ve listened to. They are super relatable and I love their humor. I love how they not just keep it dark and heavy all throughout. And the banter in the beginning is the best. Ladies keep up the great work!
Too political
I started listening to this podcast a few months ago and I do enjoy the story telling and appreciate the thorough research. However, up until now I’ve ignored the fact that they are obviously of different political views than I am. And we can all have our own views and opinions so I figured I could handle it and just listen for the stories. But they aren’t that funny(I don’t see why everyone writing reviews finds them funny) and the last episode I listens to they started Kyle Rittenhouse turned me off. I stopped it immediately and I don’t care to continue at this time. Unsubscribing now.
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Love it!
I really enjoy your podcast. You are very thorough with your information and I always find out something I didn’t know which I didn’t think was possible. The best part though is I always laugh. I love true crime but sometimes the podcasts can be very dark and sad. Which is understandable because they are talking about horrible things. I like your lighthearted approach while still showing feeling about the people you are talking about.🥰
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Well I’m done
I am very disappointed with you two, I was traveling across country and enjoying your podcast one after another till I got to the one where you started spouting off your crap about Kyle. You have done such a great job doing your research on your stories and talking about these crimes that have happened and yet you would pass judgment on the Kyle Rittenhouse case not having done your homework. Very disappointed I’m done with you good luck releasing you to the universe
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Love me some True Crime
Your laughs bring me extreme joy. Have to stop writing this review so I can listen to the Glee Curse episode.
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