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True Crime & Cocktails
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Stumbled across a hidden gem!
Y’all…. This podcast is fabulous! I have been bingeing all episodes and I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard in my life! Ladies, keep it up and stay unique!
I’ve binged all of the episodes, and now I eagerly wait for Tuesdays to roll around to listen! They are the best duo, and are so funny, all while doing the most incredible research! My favorite podcast!
Kay beez
These quirky ladies go so far and above in their investigating! Their dialogue is addicting! Onward, Ladies!!
One of the most enjoyable true Crime podcast ever ! Love Lauren and Christy.💚 Thank you for bringing a respectable true crime pod cast which lately feels like there are just so few. I appreciate your hard word and empathy and compassion.
New Go-To Crime Show
This is my new go-to crime show. I truly enjoy these two ladies. Big fan of Lauren Ash and now I love Christy too. They have an amazing dynamic, which a lot of true crime shows don’t seem to have.. or other shows attempt to project this level of friendship but it’s disingenuous and you can see it come apart at the seems. Meanwhile Lauren and Christy have a wealth of old stories and experiences to call back to, amongst their general banter and camaraderie. They (Christy especially) do a lot of research for the show. Like A LOT. Which I appreciate, and they cite their sources. Many true crime pods do not either thoroughly research OR they don’t cite their sources and I think that’s another issue in the true crime space. I’m glad these ladies are doing it right!! There a few minor things; 1) They sound a lot alike so sometimes I can’t tell who is who especially when they are laughing. But I think that’s bc they grew up together almost like siblings. 2) It can get a little long, some episodes I end up not finishing bc it’s almost TOO detailed. 3) When they talk about their theories seem like they forget they are talking about real people and real lives. Overall though it’s the perfect mix of true crime, and light laughs. Thanks ladies.
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Lacey C.
Sets the bar so high!
I consume so much true crime and True Crime & Cocktails is at the top! It’s hard to listen to my old standby podcasts now because of the level of research Christy and Lauren do. Even cases I think I know a lot about, they always turn up something new. Their banter cracks me up and when they go off in a wild tangent, I’m always right there with them. It’s the best and AS A MOTHER I highly recommend it!
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I love these two
So smart! So funny! Simply the best!
Love these gals!!
I can’t say enough good things about Christie and Lauren! I love everything from their chatting in the beginning to the long, detailed stories about the crimes. Something about the way they really show their emotions to the victims and the content is amazing. I love them and I always look forward to new episodes! Please keep going what you’re doing ❤️
I’m hooked!
I’m completely hooked. I have binge listened over the last couple of months since I found TCAC and have caught up to “real time” - this podcast is great in so many ways it’s sooo hard to wait a week for “the next TCAC”. I love the conversations before the true crime and absolutely love both hosts!!! ❤️ Thanks ladies!
K Mist
Love this show!
The chemistry between Lauren and Christy is so amazing, and the research is so well done! Additionally, it always gets me when they talk about self-love. It’s refreshing to hear people who don’t exclusively self-deprecate, lift each other up, and aren't willing to downplay their beauty, accomplishments, or skill
I listen weekly, but needed to take the minute to express how much I appreciate your comments at the end of the Susan Cox Powell episode about safety in American schools and public spaces. Gun conversations are hard, and I applaud you having the courage to speak your truth - you echo my thoughts and feelings exactly. Thank you for speaking on this! Every episode is incredible! You are empathetic, informative, and funny. But your words in this episode on assault rifles made me take the time to give you the review. Thanks!
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Listen and listen to it right MEOW!
Absolutely wonderful podcast! I listen daily while doing paperwork and it fills the dark terrifying void in my soul for true crime. Love the banter, love the wit, love the insights.
A complete waste of time
Otherwise known as a complete waste of time
Best Podcast Ever
This is by far the best podcast I’ve listened to I’ve listened to it since 2020 and these cases and information is fascinating and I want to congratulate True Crime & Cocktails on their award wins at the communicator awards keep up the amazing work and here’s to many more entertainingly fascinating stories and seasons
True Crime & Cocktail's #1 fan
I love these women so much!
This is possibly the best podcast and team. I love the updates on their lives that they give us at the beginning of each episode…it is part of the True Crime and Cocktails experience. Their storytelling is just amazing and hilarious to listen to. The details they give to each investigation is chef’s kiss…you can tell they work so hard to bring us so many facts that we definitely don’t hear on other true crime documentaries. And I love the Fairytale episodes that are randomly thrown in! Also…not sure how I missed that they put these episodes on YouTube, but I now listen to the episode and then watch it on YouTube! Thank you for making these episodes for us. Please don’t ever change 🥰🤗
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Best show EVER
I absolutely love listening to these ladies. I find myself responding the same way to the information as they do. I love how detailed they get, I literally could listen to these fantastic ladies for hours.
Ble toy 9
Well researched and thought provoking
Love these ladies!!!!
Newport listener
These are My Girls!
I refer to these ladies as my girls to all my family and friends because they truly feel that way! This wonderful podcast has everything I could ask for! I literally listen daily, they make me laugh, cry, think, feel! I adore the banter and the unbreakable and true love relationship between Lauren and Christy. Stay true to yourselves my girls! You are doing such great things for a lot of people! And to those who think it’s too long… can’t you just move on and stop trying to ruin it for the rest of us? You do know that right? There are other podcasts… so… you can just listen to another one… there is a button you can press I’m pretty sure… As for us in the True Crew…We would gladly take more if we could! Keep up the great work My Girls
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Sara GhOme
I never write reviews, But I had to for this one! The chemistry between these two ladies is amazing and funny even when they’re talking about murder. I laughed out loud when I’m walking my dogs are driving in the car alone to the point where I have tears when they talk about their memories of growing up together and all of the comments in between the stories that they’re telling. I literally wanna be their best friend! Thanks for an amazing podcast!
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LOVE the length of the episodes. Seriously. If I like a podcast I want the episodes to go on forever, so really the episodes aren’t long enough 😂
Really discouraging for a first-time listener. I did like the banter at first but as the episode went on... and on.... and on... and on... without any mention of the topic that was supposedly supposed to be the focus of episode, I gave up. I was so excited to see a women-driven, fun frivolous podcast about true crime! I love (justifiably) long podcast episodes, especially when each episode is full of detailed accounts, reputable research, and even interesting/hilarious tangents. This is not that. This is clearly just the result of two alcoholics that love to hear themselves talk. To be self aware enough to say “it’s been an hour and 45 minutes, and we’re talking about our v******s! We’ll GET THERE!” shows a complete and utter lack of regard for your audience and their time. It’s even disrespectful to your own intentions for your podcast, which frankly, has very little to do with crime or cocktails. If you want to hear 2-3 hours of drunk karens chirping like crows on a wire about their kids and anything else but true crime, this is the podcast for you.
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I really like you guys…
BUT your podcast is too long. I really think that you would have a lot more success if you took the advice and tried shortening your episodes.
The best!!
This show is amazing, I recommend it to everyone!
Avid Listener
These two women are insanely entertaining! I listen weekly and have been listening for almost a year now! I never knew I was so into true crime until I found this podcast. I even got my sister into it and we often discuss the episodes once we listen to them! Kinda like a book club but podcast club? Is that a thing? Anyways! LOVE THIS SHOW AND EVERYONE SHOULD LISTEN
These ladies are the most enternaining, engaging, hilarious, and wonderful podcast host I've come across in a while! I love anything "true crime" and you add their familiar humor to this and you definitely have a winner. There are many times I have found myself laughing out loud (and getting strange looks from my husband) with tears in my eyes at their antics. Keep it up ladi am a forever fan!!
Jazzed Besties!
Such an a amazing podcast! If you are looking for two friends discussing some highly researched true crime, here it is. What I love the most about this podcast is that they’re having fun and it doesn’t feel forced to make a recording. Their friendship is what makes the foundation for this podcast and they bring you in like another sister. Love you guys, nothing but the best! PS: please ignore the negative feedback. If you want just straight facts about the topic, read a book about it. We’re here for their commentary and the connection they bring to so many people. ❤️
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You girls are great
Keep it up. Love the podcast.
Time traveling duo
You are so fun to listen to!! Best podcast! Put prehistoric times on your time travel itinerary & let us know if dinosaurs really are pink!!
Another podcast that just talks about unnecessary stuff at beginning
Why are there so many of these podcasts that just talk and ramble at the beginning of every episode? Why? What’s the purpose? Some people just love to hear themselves talk.
Favorite podcast!!!
I love listening to Lauren and Christy!! The research is thorough, their personal stories are hilarious and they are just superstars to me. Favororige thing to listen to! Rock on y’all!
Great podcast!
Absolutely love this podcast!! Just recently came upon it but as a lover of true crime I was hooked right from the beginning. Christy and Lauren remind me of me and my sister and how they crack each other up. Trying not to binge the episodes but it’s hard not to when they are so interesting and entertaining!! Love you ladies and the podcast!
I love the podcast but
Please take constructive feedback that people are giving you. The runtime is too long and there’s too much irrelevant information shared in every episode to be able to stay engaged. The speculation around victims, their families, and mental illness of both victims and suspects is problematic as well. Please treat these stories as the sensitive topics that they are. I really want to keep listening!
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Such fun!
Fantastic podcast.
One my favorite podcasts!
I recently found this podcast and I am so happy I did ! I love true crime podcast, they are one of my favorites. Obviously sometimes truecrime stories can be a bit hard to listen to but these 2 ladies always have me laughing so hard and make listening to true crime stories a bit easier as they are respectful but FUNNY! Best podcast on my list . Love them!
Love it!
I normally do not do the podcast thing to much. My friend told me to listen to one episode. I was hooked. The host and co host are so down to earth. I love listening to them talk.
I live for the “Side Notes”!!!
Things I love about this podcast: Side Notes Side notes within a side note. Side notes in side notes inside side notes. Off topic banter about memories and about nothing at all. Silliness just for the sake of being silly. The investigative lengths to which these ladies go to is to infinity and Beyond! (Buzz light year reference for Christy) Blankets -so many blankets Blanche- oh how I love her, let me count the ways Last but not least: The sisterhood, the love and acceptance, the brilliance of these two very smart and energetic forces is complete perfection that I cannot wait to enjoy every day. Could not possibly love this podcast any more. ;)
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They get me
The moment they referenced Madeline Kahn’s “flames on the side of my face” in Clue, I knew I was in good hands. They just get me. The perfect balance of impeccably researched True Crime, with humanity, humor and pop culture references that make you absolutely love Lauren and Christy. 10/10 recommend.
Love from Cleveland Ohio
I just started binging this and holy crap it is amazing. I have to try and hide my random laughter sitting at my desk at work. You are both amazing and Brandy is pretty great too. Lol
Top Shelf 100%
Christy & Lauren- thank you!! I love the depth and compassion you bring to these cases. And the laughter!!! So needed in our times. Hugs & blankets. Y’all are the best.
Doc LV
Can we be best friends
I’ve been binging this and I love them So much. They remind me of my family and best friends, I always laugh out loud. It is so well researched, so fun, and dare I say it’s my favorite true crime pod, and I’m an OG MFM, Sword and scale fan. Love you ladies sooooo much. Let’s get drinks
cory matthews
Such a romp, it should be a crime!
These ladies have befriended me from afar. I love listening to their antics and stories from their lives and then deep diving into the true crime. It’s such a weird balance I didn’t know I needed till I found it. I admire the sisterhood on display at all times and their inclusivity. I just love it all. Thanks ladies for gifting me with the need to say “Absolutely,” “Of course,” and “I’m here for it” like all the time now!!
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Here for a good time and a long time
I have been bingeing this show while working on home projects/remodeling and can not seem to stop. I came for the true crime and I’m staying for Christy and Lauren - I don’t understand why everyone isn’t. I’m also very much enjoying the patriarchy bashing and literally laughing out loud while listening.
A Must Listen
I listen to Lauren and Christy almost daily trying to catch up. Oh my gosh, I have never laughed so hard at a podcast. They definitely make this relatable. They do amazing at telling the whole story and making sure their research is correct. I love these ladies 😍🥳
Please dear god listen to these women.
I have never laughed so hard, felt so seen or related so well with a true crime podcast as I do with true crime & cocktails. These witty, hilarious, caring women give this podcast their all & being able to listen in on their stories makes my day. If you’re looking for your next go to, this is it. Thankyou Lauren & christy!!
Happy child
They bring out my inner child. I have visited many toy and craft shows since I’ve started listening to them. No regrets.
The Very Best!
I’m a rural mail carrier in the Oklahoma Panhandle and these two carry me down the 160 miles of dirt road! They are hilarious and the depth that they go to on a case to give facts is amazing. They are the family favorite podcast!
Unique find for True Crime lovers
As a Superstore fan, I was SHOCKED to find out Lauren Ash had a podcast project. I pressed play immediately and fell in love with the relationship and rapport between these two ladies and their delivery of hard cases. I have listened to so many podcasts that basically just reiterate the facts of the case - but I needed more! Christy and Lauren give their insight, sometimes comedically, and sometimes seriously, and it has me audibly saying “thank you!” Because they provide logical questions and answers to cases that I feel most people are wondering, but are not often covered on podcasts. The Madeline McCann and Tamla Horsford cases were particularly enlightening and so enjoyable to listen to. I would love their take on Brittanee Drexel….. keep it up ladies, amazing work!!!
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My love for this show has more crushes than Christy
The dedication and passion that’s this podcast has for quality content keeps me coming back. The humor of Christy and Lauren is just so many good words!! They have the best dialogue and it keeps me interested. I wish I knew who crayola head was, just so I could get some kudos. Please never stop!
Sara M🦩🐧
Love these two
Great podcast. Normally I like my crime podcasts to be cut and dry and just about the case. There’s a lot of them out there that I can’t listen to because they talk forever before even getting into the case. But FOR SOME REASON I love the two hosts and I enjoy listening to them, even for the 20 or so minutes at the beginning that isn’t case-forward.
Love love love!
They are the human embodiment of a warm blanket straight from the dryer. ❤️
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