True Crime & Cocktails
True Crime & Cocktails
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Hello Ladies, I love the show and so happy I found y’all. Yes I am from the south, Georgia to be exact. Keep up the good work!!!
Sloggy's paradise
So glad I found this podcast!!
I adore Lauren Ash and heard her on another podcast I love, which led me to this excellent podcast! I want to be Lauren and Christy’s friend, sitting in with a cocktail and listening in. Definitely check this podcast out!
any negative reviews about this show are from men
it’s the most i depth, unusual research i’ve ever heard.. about people i used to think i was an expert on. they do unhinged amounts of research, and they do it with love and empathy. i’ve cried in public listening to this podcast, it’s incredible. honestly the best history / true crime podcast i’ve ever listened to. i can’t say enough good things.
Hands down favorite
I love listening to Christy and Lauren. They are authentic and engaging and make me feel like I’m hanging out with besties just talking about true crime cases. It doesn’t hurt that Lauren is my girl crush. I adore this podcast and can’t get enough.
Megan ZonaLife
Christy is my idol!!
Christy’s personality, research, obsessions, collections & voice are THE ULTIMATE!! I absolutely adore her & am want to be her!! Thank you for sharing your research, stories & lives with us!! Please keep the stories rolling!! We appreciate you!!
Only the best crime podcast. That’s all.
I enjoy crime podcasts but this one takes the subject to an all new level. Who knew horrible crimes could be so entertaining? These podcasts are not only entertaining but thoroughly researched, so it’s not just fluff. The humor helps the listener to digest some truly horrifying stories. Keep it up ladies, you lovable goofs!
My favorite podcast
This is by far and away my all-time favorite podcast! I have been listening to the genre for years and there have been a few repeat cases and every. single. time. they bring information I’ve never heard. I appreciate the levity they bring to the genre. I would say we need more like them but I wouldn’t listen haha. Guess we just need more OF them! Also, can we PLEASE get some Raccoon Day merch?! I love you both and occasionally just send some love and light your way! I hope this podcast goes on forever. We believe in you!
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Super informative & funny True Crime Podcast
Love this podcast! Christy is a great story teller and includes so much research & information in every episode. Such a great deep dive podcast. I have learned so much listening. Lauren ash is hilarious and fantastic as always. Love them and their podcast!
Love this podcast! The cases are presented very well with lots of information. I also love the fun banter! Very enjoyable with a mix of different cases. Great work Christy on all the research. Shoutout to Lauren as Clue is also my favorite movie. Keep up the great work gals!
Poison Blackberries
My #1 Show! Funny & Informative
Your podcast was recommended to me by a fellow “murdery” podcast fan and I love it! I enjoy your humor, honesty, and the way you tell the entire story, including analysis. Keep doing what you’re doing - you are both very appreciated!
Love you both!
I think your podcast is great! Love listening to your banter and you both have great voices. The other day I was listening to the Monopoly scam episode and LOLing while taking my daily walk. I’m sure I looked like a crazy lady! But who cares. It was a great listen. Keep up the great work.
My favorite podcast!
I started listening because I’m a fan of Lauren Ash and have been so pleasantly surprised at how entertaining and informative Christy is. I love the banter at the beginning and enjoy how well the crime stories are told. My goal is to listen to every episode and I’m almost there! Thank you for all your good work!
Carol from Wisconsin
Basic research?
Tried listening to the Danny Masterson pod, do you honestly think CIA , the a stand for association? Try "agency" and to do a little reading before hand. Stop listening after that - if you can't get a basic facts straight how is anything accurate? Pass .
Wasted over an hour hoping it would get better!
Good listen
Love the dynamic between the hosts, feels like I’m sitting down to chat with friends.
Dugger show
This was an amazing review of the documentary. I was “triggered and terrified by the stories shared. This type of “religion” is extremely dangerous and somewhat disgusting. Love you ladies!!!
One of my new faves!
I love the deep dive style of this show. Tons of info with nothing left out.
Erin Molly c
Interesting and fun—but needs editing
The content is interesting and the hosts are good, but the show would benefit from editing. Episodes are long, but the content didn’t begin until 30 minutes in, which is frustrating to fast forward through and guess when the content begins. A more streamlined episode with minimal personal front loading would make for a better listening experience
Love this show
I just listened to another podcast that has a similar format to this, but it was not good and the research was surface level. True Crime and Cocktails is the opposite! The hosts are fantastic, the research top notch. Lauren and Christy make you laugh, but also give the subject matters the respect the deserve. Listen for the true crime…stay for the Holiday Hootennanies (I don’t know how to spell that)! Thanks for a great podcast. Love listening each week.
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Truly laughing out loud
Love this podcast. I heard Lauren on No Autographs Please and had to check out TCAC, and now I’m hooked. I love the beginning and truly I laugh out loud at the conversations. I have never watched all of SATC and I’m right there with you Christy, I know bits and pieces. I would 100% listen to your rewatch/fresh watch podcast and watch along for the first time.
So good
Love this podcast, so funny and informative. I love the extensive research you do and the commentary.
Best dang slurpee sippin podcast everrr
Just found this podcast and I’m hooked! Binged episodes over the last week (…3 slurpees later) and feel like I’ve found my people. Please do a Sex & the City rewatch! Would LOVE it!
Good podcast but they spent half of it talking about themselves.
I want hear about true crime not about their life . I don’t hear this podcast more often because of the long monologues.
Love it!
I normally do not do the podcast thing to much. My friend told me to listen to one episode. I was hooked. The host and co host are so down to earth. I love listening to them talk you can tell they have an amaz ok ing chemistry.
An absolute gem!
I just found this absolutely beautiful podcast. I just chose a random episode, and it just happened to be the one where Christy uses the term “south mouth”. I knew I was hooked from there! The research on each case is second to none. But being the geriatric millennial that I am, the banter is my favorite part. My new favorite podcast!
The worst
I mean some good stories, but you can hear them anywhere. One host isn’t as funny as she thinks she is. The super liberal dialogue gets tiring after a while.
In America…
Lauren, there are tons of otc yeast infection products in America…maybe not pills but monistat works super good!
The best!!
I share it with all my clients.
Megan Last name withheld
This is the best episode ever, love the pod but this was my JAM back in the day as well and listening to some one who loved as much as me was awesome.
Psychic Rose!!!
😂😂😂😂😂😂 laughing!!!
The “hurt my feelings” podcast.
Stay out of politics and focus on true crime.
Love this podcast!
You guys are hilarious. I love to laugh and I like to listen to true crime stories. You do an amazing job of making me laugh EVERY episode while still listening to a true crime story. Thank you for doing this!!! I love listening to your episodes! What happened to the case files? Why are they on hold? Since I’m just listening now, I’m trying to look back at your case files but it looks like you took them down but I don’t know why? Btw, I found you by me watching old episodes of Celebrity Game Face (since I just found that show recently). So you’re still getting new listeners from past appearances! Looking forward to listening to all the past episodes up to the current ones!
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Breaking News!
Loved the breaking new special episode! Thanks Christy, you always bring the goods!
After listening to almost all but a few of TCAC episodes, I can say, with 100% authority, that the Police Computer Overlords should just invite Christy into “the” room, suddenly remember they left something elsewhere, and give her JUST 20 MINUTES ALONE. And look, hear me out, maybe you accidentally leave a flow chart of how the computer search engine works…and maybe any pertinent passwords…just taped to the monitor. It’s fine. It’ll be fine. #team20minutes #justiceforchristys20minutes
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Wow!! It’s hard to believe it took me so long to find this Podcast!!! Sooooo amazing, hilariously funny, wonderfully researched and awesome conversations about the subject of each episode!!!! Also love cocktails so this is perfect for me!!!!!!!
Currently listening to the Barney doc and yes we are dead inside because we didn’t have programming for us. At the age of 5 I was watching the children of the corn, power rangers, Dinosaurs, etc etc. I was numbed at a young age 🤣🤣🤣
Feeling seen
I’m currently listening to Jack Royal and I don’t usually leave reviews on anything. I feel compelled to come on here and say thank you for talking about your primary care medical journey. I realize it was kind of in passing but I had a really bad experience a few years ago basically begging doctors to listen to me when I found a lump in my breast at 32. After months of being told it was impossible that it was cancer I got pregnant and my OB listened and got me help ASAP. I was 14 weeks pregnant when I was diagnosed with stage 3C very aggressive breast cancer. (Side note I just celebrated 5 years cancer free, I did chemo while pregnant and my daughter was born early and she just turned 6). Normalizing the idea that it’s ok to get a second/third or even fourth opinion is ok! You two are so genuine and real and while you are a true crime podcast you have real talk and banter that is relatable to your audience. You’re silly, kind and present information in a way that is respectful as well. I’ve been binging and have nothing negative to say and highly recommend your podcast. Thank you for all that you do for your listeners, the victims and their families and friends.
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Love love love
I love this podcast!! Never thought true crime would feel like such a safe place!!
❤️love this!!
My favorite. Funny. Thorough. Genuine.
Love these women and their banter! It is one of the best parts of the show. Also, they do their research, support other women and show respect and compassion to the victims of crime. I listen every weekday for my lunch hour. Show suggestion- Susan Osborne and her son Evan Chartrand- still “missing”.
Hot flashes at 42
Ladies—I need that perimenopause podcast! Much love.
Should've ordered a bottle
Here since the beginning
And I still look forward to the new episode every week ☺️ love your style Lauren and Christie!
Enjoy the show!
If you love true crime and entertainment, then this is the podcast for you. They put a lot of time into research to bring you the facts. I just wish the episodes were shorter, so I could listen to them, all at once.
I enjoyed this podcast, until I listened to the Glee Curse episode since they keep on referring back to it in the newer episodes… ugh I’m not impressed, in fact straight up upset. This is just a Lea Michele bash- fest. Christy even says she doesn’t know her, but continues to spread rumors and false allegations about her?! I’m not understanding why this episode is hyped up. She talks about how Kate Hudson doesn’t like Lea… well if you did a little research you’d know that these two are friends and frequently work together. I understand that there were issues on the Glee set and people calling her a Diva… but why not mention all the people that state the opposite. She found her love and her best friend both on the set, the ladder she is still friends with so I mean how terrible could she have been?! Disappointed that christy feeds into things without proper research here…
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Best true crime show out there
I love this show! Found it recently and have been listening nonstop!! Support them on patron!! I have learned so much, and laughed out loud more then I can count!! I have even gotten looks in the grocery from laughing so hard!! Please never stop this show!! I relate to you both so much!! From Supernatural to every time Brandy shows up!! Best True Crime podcast I have listened too yet!!!!
Love the beginning the most
I started off skipping the chit chat at the beginning. They have broke me down, it’s now my favorite part. They are fun and charming.
The horrible banter
The beginning banter destroys the whole podcast.
Love the openers
For the past 3-4 episodes I have just listened to the openers before they get into the case. I’ll go back and listen to the cases soon but I just love Lauren and Christy’s updates and stories.
My favorite true crime pod by far!
Christy and Lauren are just a breath of fresh air. Although the topics they tackle are obviously horrific, they always manage to bring some levity into it, and always make me chuckle. Fantastic research and very thorough. 5 stars from your biggest fan in Maine!
So glad I found TC&C!!! These ladies are bosses!!!!!
Such excellent research, presentation and personality!!!! Christy & Lauren, you ladies are making the world a better place one episode at a time!!!!! So grateful that you brought your light, passion and intelligence to the podcast universe! Keep going!!!!!
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