True Crime & Cocktails
True Crime & Cocktails
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So Love THIS Podcast!
The content might be something that you can hear on any other Crime podcast, but they make listening so fun and you just might find yourself giggling despite the topic. My only complaint is that they only have the time to record these once a week. Hoping they will let me join their world for real! Hope you love them too!
These ladies are everything!
First off, I’m a huge fan of Lauren Ash. She made the show Superstore and after the show ended I had to seek her out. Well I’m a lazy stalker but this podcast has been pure gold. Christy is not only hilarious but her research is total nerd level thorough (that’s a compliment). It’s clear these ladies love each other and true crime as much as they love their cocktails. Thanks for making quarantine a little more fun ladies! Love ya!
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Wonderful Work on Armie Hammer!
Was looking for a comprehensive summary of the Armie Hammer situation and holy cats did these ladies deliver. Really, really, impressive research and writing, in addition to being very funny. Am now binging past episodes, you have a new loyal fan and subscriber. :)
I just recently heard about this podcast from a group i’m in on facebook; & i’m so freakin’ happy I did. the girls are h i l a r i o u s and they do their research. definitely recommend!
Hilarious and entertaining
I've never had the stomach for crime, you guys put such a funny and heart warming balance to these stories, it's getting really awkward bursting out laughing in the middle of work, my boss thinks I'm crazy. Lauren you are incredibly talented, my wife and I fell in love with Dina and it's so fun to find more of your content. You need to do a show with Rainn Wilson, Dina and Dwight forever 😂❤️
Sister by choice
This podcast is wonderful! It’s so funny. I feel like Christy and Lauren are my besties trying to solve the cold cases! Love them and their energy so much! Would love to be “shunned to a trailer” with them any day
Great Podcast
This is the most fun I’ve ever had, listening to a Podcast. These two ladies are a perfect blend of information and entertainment. I literally laugh at the top of my lungs to their banter. Unfortunately, I always seem to be at a stoplight when this happens and people are frightened. I’m retired law enforcement. Their investigations and theories are usually spot on. Take a listen to these two brilliant women. You won’t regret it.
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Best crime podcast!!
Love these ladies! This podcast is hilarious and makes my work day speed by! Keep up the great work!!
My fav podcast ever
I’m a true crime fan so this podcast naturally was a must listen. But for me, the best part is the sisterhood and positivity they have for each other. Something so golden about the life stories they share. Their love for each other and good times is magic. Expect these two on prime time tv with a sitcom of their lives 🤞
Love It!
This might be my new favorite podcast. I love Lauren on Superstore and her name on the pod caught my eye, and I’m so glad it did. They are hilarious together, so charming and entertaining! I’m binging and only a few episodes in but felt the need to write a review.
So good & so fun.
Love them.
al monk
Sure to get a laugh
These two wonder women bring their A game every episode. They do tackle some serious stories but make you think of all the possibilities. I admit I started listening because I have a slight girl crush on Lauren but her cousin does such impeccable research you have to send major kudos to Christie! Keep up the great work ladies!
One episode in and I love it. Both women are hilarious and I love their banter. Great unsolved mysteries too!
Good people
Found these gals from their appearance on Doughboys pod and loved their dynamic. Although they talk about sensitive topics, Christy and Lauren just seem to be good people and are very careful about how they handle certain topics. Lauren has so much positivity and kindness too but not in an annoying way. They also really pull you in with deep dives and—but honestly they could pick any topic (other than murders) and I would love it because they’re good storytellers.
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So judgy. The constant “I’m not blaming the parents but....” and “I’m not victim shaming, but...” Stop it already. Also it is gross to be so casual about these crimes that involve real people. If you like ignorant, self-important, Karens who sound like they just smoked a carton of cigarettes, this is the podcast for you.
These ladies keep you interested and laughing through the entire episode each and every time! You won’t be disappointed 😊
Jessica stone sunshine girl
Press Play
These ladies know what’s up. They’re funny, respectful, and make you feel like they’re right there with you.
New favorite true crime pod!!
These gals are so fun! The research is PHENOMENAL and unlike any other podcast I’ve listened to. I love how in depth each case goes and I love the dynamic between the sister cousins! ☺️
My new go-to!
I found this by accident because I was obsessed with Murder on Middle Beach. I listen over Conan and Smartless first. Love it!!!!
Best true crime pod ever!!
These two together are a hoot!! In love from the 1st episode.
New favorite in true crime
Christy and Lauren are the best. It’s like listening to old friends (who are funnier and more entertaining than my real life friends) deep dive into murder mysteries. I was a little late to the party on this podcast but that just means I have more episodes to binge! I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts and this is my new favorite.
Kristin-St. Paul
Highly recommend!!
I am a new listener to the podcast. In less than a week, I am already almost finished all episodes in season one! I found the podcast as a fan of Superstore through Lauren Ash’s Instagram, and I am so grateful I did! Lauren and Christy are an absolute joy. Their stories and humor are so genuine and entertaining. Christy brings such amazing research to each episode. Any true crime fan will absolutely love this podcast! Definitely recommend!
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My new favorite!
I never thought I would be able to like a podcast as much as my past favorite - but here I am not only liking it as much, but I am liking this BETTER than my previous favorite! Their voices are so easy to listen to and their Canadian accents make them so comforting to listen to as well. OBSESSED.
Lars Loren
Grab a drink, grab a snack!
I love this podcast so much. I honestly haven’t watched a single unsolved mysteries, and don’t really have any desire to, but listening to them discuss each case was so fascinating to me. The level of research is incredible. And the side discussions are so wonderful & funny. I love a good tangent. And the relationship they share is so beautiful and funny. Thank goodness they joined the podcast scene.
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Love this podcast!
I absolutely love this podcast! It’s like sitting around with my friends talking. I found you from another podcast and I have been binge listening! Keep up the good work!!!
Fantastic Fun filled with Facts
This should be on your ears right now, and later.
My New Favorite!
Obviously Lauren is hilarious, but Christy is a STAR! Why am I laughing during a true crime podcast? Why am I laughing while they’re talking about murder and psychopaths!? They’re delightful and I wish them so much success!
Genevieve Bush
Didn’t know I could love Dina more!!
My FAVORITE new podcast. Well done ladies. Well done
Pedey Pablo
The Best Crime-cast Out There!
These two ladies approach the subject of true crime with intelligence and humor. Many of the crime-casts out there bring some humor but these women also bring the brains. It makes a difference, folks. I liken them to the anthology series, “The Dollop”, which is also delivered with intelligent humor. Really great. So glad I found it. Thanks, Lauren and Christy!
Over Night
Love it!
I heard these two lovely ladies on the DoughBoys and knew I had to check out their podcast. I was not disappointed. It’s one of my new faves. ❤️❤️
A Bag of Worms
A bag of worms in the best way. I stumbled across this a few days ago and I’m all in 🕵🏻‍♀️
It’s like my two BFFs are talking to me about one of my favorite subjects: true crime. I laugh, I cry (not really, but I drink along with them so sometimes tears come and idk why), and I learn! The Princess Di episode is amazeballs. Love it! Five stars, highly recommend.
I stumbled on this podcast by pure luck and from the first 10 minutes of listening to it I was hooked! It’s been 2 weeks since I first discovered it and I’m working my way through all of the episodes, I can’t stop listening!! Whenever I get a chance, it’s on! I’m going to be really sad once I do get all caught up and have to wait a whole week for new episodes.
Best true crime pod
Lauren and Christy are the best, so smart and funny,. The research is really good and in depth. 2+ hours fly by listening to them. If I ever go missing I want these ladies to be on my case. Love how much they love each other and compliment each other.
Love it ❤️
As a true crime and Lauren Ash fan I am 100% all in and invested. It is just great!!
New favorite podcast
These hosts are just amazing! Such thorough research, super entertaining, interesting stories, always keeps my attention. This is my go to podcast for my commute now!
Completely obnoxious, get to the story
Love this show!
I found this podcast through listening to an episode of another podcast Lauren and Christy were guests on and I’ve been hooked!! I am listening through all the episodes again just because I love it so much. One of the best true crime podcasts out there. The chemistry between Lauren and Christy is amazing and I laugh out loud (literally) at every episode.
Great show!
One of my favorite podcasts to listen to weekly!
As a mother...and human being...
This is by far one of the most informative (thanks to all the fabulous research) and hilariously entertaining podcasts on true crime I’ve EVER listened to and I listen to quite a few. We all know these are very serious topics and there are victims and their families that can’t ever be put at peace, but with that being said even through the laughs, relatable old stories and cocktails induced silliness they make even the toughest cases to hear just that much easier. And I think at the end of the day it gets this out to more people. So thank you Christy and Lauren for doing this and I can’t wait to subscribe to the 5+ other podcasts that are on your list!
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Love these Canadian gals
I heard the girls on the Doughboys podcast and was entranced by their voices and humor. Canadians strike me as so down to earth and relatable. Each ep is great. You don’t even have to be familiar with the source material. I didn’t watch The Windower on Dateline but I loved the TC&C ep.
Toot toot!
I freaking love this podcast. Before I started to listen, I didn’t realize how much I love True Crime. I loved Lauren’s past podcast and tried it because of her. The chemistry between her and Christy is hilarious! Plus, Christy goes above and beyond in her research. I’m hooked, I got my friends hooked, and you will be hooked too!!
Dannon Yogurt
So glad I found you guys!
I have listened for days on YouTube. I‘ve been in bed sick for a couple days and finding this podcast and you two have absolutely made me feel so much better during my misery! Love you both!
Savannah Hargis
I have always liked Lauren, but after hearing her and Christy on an episode of Doughboys and learning about their podcast I fell in love with Christy. They are a great pair and this podcast is the perfect balance between true crime and girlfriends hanging out. 10/10 I’m in love.
My new favorite podcast
I love the humor AND the murder! ♥️ You guys are so funny. Cocktails and true crime dish, all I’m missing is a little camp out tent ⛺️ like in your logo. Send me one, k?
I enjoy listening to you too a lot but I do not like the language
Great listen!
Even though the episodes run in the long side I’m never ready for them to end. The content is always well researched and the hosts are just fun to listen to
Megan M. D.
Joy = Lauren Ash’s laugh
There are so many true crime podcasts out there and it makes it hard to stand out. These ladies definitely bring something freshness to the true crime genre. The research is amazing. It’s a perfect mix of delicious facts and gleeful giggles.
don't be a chucklehead
The Podcast I’ve Been Searching For!
I’ve been a Huge fan of Superstore and Dina for years! Realizing Lauren Ash not only has a podcast but a TRUE CRIME podcast cohosted with her cousin, the brilliant Christy Oxborrow, is the one we’ve all been waiting for!! As a true crime junkie, I could never find the right podcast to listen to, and then you ladies came along!! I listen to old episodes anticipating the next one! Lots of love from Chicago!
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