True Crime & Cocktails
True Crime & Cocktails
Lauren Ash
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My weekly guilty pleasure!
I look forward to every Tuesday because of these two AMAZING ladies (I mean, who looks forward to a Tuesday?!)! I have become truly addicted to the banter between these 2. I not only listen once to the podcast, but 2 to maybe 3 times during the week because it brings me that much joy. Thank you ladies and keep it coming!
Here from Dougboys.
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Everything You Need in One Podcast
As someone who watches all the true crime shows, this content is right up my alley, and Lauren and Christy definitely do it justice. Not only are these ladies hilarious (both as individuals and in how they interact with each other), the level of effort and research they put into this podcast is incredible. I’m being dead serious when I say that Christy should literally switch careers and be a detective (it’s never too late). She’s so organized and thorough in the details, and then makes it so entertaining to listen to! At 2+ hours per episode, it’s by far the longest podcast I listen to, and I STILL wish it was longer. I could listen to them all day long. Please keep making these forever.
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Love this podcast!
I just learned of this podcast yesterday and I love it. So excited there are so many episodes i can listen to now!
My new favorite podcast!
Obsessed with this podcast and love Lauren and Christie!!
Love like no other!!!
So before I started listening I already knew I loved Lauren from Superstore, but now I’m completely in love with Christy!! These two are amazing together and make talking about a sensitive subject interesting and funny. I don’t know how they do it, but I’m soaking it up!!! FYI Christy...I’m a Blanche too!!! Keep up the killer work ladies....I don’t ever want this to end, but if it does I’ll be expecting the science podcast next!
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Yes! Yes! Yes!
I would like to consider myself a true crime connoisseur. And let me tell you, this podcast does not disappoint. The research is impeccable and the hosts are funny and informative. Highly recommend.
Confession: I've never listened to a single podcast (ever!) and I've never watched any form of true crime media, but I followed the hype here and I'm SO glad I did!!! Lauren and Christy are such a treat to listen to. They give you all the backstory to the crimes, provide virtual case files on their site, and dive deep in with lots of outside research! I love that they aren't afraid to throw out their most far-fetched theories. I loved it so much I just became a patron on patreon! So excited to catch up on what I've missed and also for what's to come :D
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Such a great find!
I’m not one to write reviews, but I just started listening to this podcast and felt I needed to share how great it is! Lauren and Christy are absolutely hysterical women and such a joy to listen to. Christy is too funny and Lauren’s genuine responses to her hilarity are perfect. I can’t wait to listen to all of the episodes! So happy to have given it a listen! Highly recommend.
amazing - listen and you won’t regret it!
funniest true crime podcast I’ve ever listened to. truly a bright spot of the week for me any time there’s a new ep
alice balagia
I came for Lauren but stayed for Christy
I cannot say enough good things about this podcast! 10/10 WOULD RECOMMEND. Lauren and Christy are my two, new best friends. They’re hilarious, relatable, witty and smart. I came to this podcast over my new love of superstore and Lauren Ash, but it’s Christy who made me stay. Christy is honestly a star and IYKYK she carries this whole podcast with her extensive research and case files. I’m so thankful I found this show!
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SOOOOO Good!!!!
I love the energy and the chemistry between these two amazing women! They have such an awesome friendship, that I feel like I’m just hanging with my friends. Excellent research and phenomenal storytelling. As an avid podcast listener, this has quickly become a weekly go to. You won’t want to miss this podcast! Thank you ladies!
I listen to TONS of podcasts but there’s something special about this one. The crime talk is great but the banter between them is what makes this a great podcast. I find myself horse laughing from their stories. Keep this up!! I never want it to end.
Lo Fisher
Truly a Hoot
If you haven’t listened and you love true crime and comedy (the two pair well, just like Christy and Lauren), do yourself a solid and do it!!!! Intrigue, laughs, and trips down memory lane..... all absolutely fantastic!
Love this show ❤️
It’s like sitting around talking with your best friends.
I’m hooked
I want to apologize for not listening to this podcast sooner. I’m not a fan of listening to people ramble (it’s too much like talk radio) but I love true crimes and unsolved mysteries just as much as I love Lauren and Christy. The research, the laughter and the stories made it so easy for me to listen to 10 straight episodes. Keep up the great work gals 😀
Top shelf podcasting!
I am so mad that I didn’t know about this show until now. I love everything about it. I knew I loved Lauren Ash from her guest spots on Never Not Funny, so I was thrilled to find out she had her own podcast about true crime (one of my favorite topics). But this is so much more than just another true crime show...Christy Oxborrow does amazing research that leads to great discussions and theories. But I also really like hearing Lauren and Christy talk about their childhood memories and explain Canada to us. This is exactly what I needed in my life right now!
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Love it
I never write reviews but I have to say that I love this podcast. I came to listen because of Lauren Ash but Christy is the star of this show. I love their chemistry! Keep the episodes coming!
Best podcast ever!!!
Great research and hilarious!
Mommy-O T
Can we be best friends?
I freaking love you, ladies! You are quickly becoming my favorite podcast.
I wanna be friends!
Love the podcast ladies! Very enjoyable, I laugh with you all as I too grew up with a cousin/sister! I’d love to hang and laugh with you two one day in real life think it would be a great time. Thanks for doing this podcast, truly great! Mandy P OBX, NC
Was a fan of lauren and superstore
But now i am a huge fan of your family! The laughs shared! The deep dives from christy are amazing love every second cant wait for more episodes of this second season keep it rad ladies :)
Love it
I enjoy the dynamic between these two, as they said in one episode, I came for Lauren but stayed for Christy lol very thorough break down of the cases as well.
Laugh out loud funny!
My kids constantly asking me what I'm laughing at, and it's these two ladies! Lauren's laugh is so fun and Christy makes her laugh so much! They remind me of hanging with my crazy besties, which is so nice because ya know covid took all that away. Seriously the only true crime podcast where I find myself laughing out loud multiple times an episode! Please keep going forever!
The hilarity is no mystery!!!
Thank you ladies for this hilarious podcast!! I am too much of a scaredy cat to watch unsolved mystery but I love true crime (i know ... I am layered) this podcast fulfills my love of true crime but I am laughing so hard while listening I forget to be scared!
Great balance of facts, fun, drinks and theories! These smarties are a thrill to listen to!
True Crimes and Cocktails
Christy and Lauren should be PI’s!!! They are amazing! Keep solving Ladies...
True Crimes and Cocktails
Lauren Ash and Christy Oxborrow are absolute gems! They present unsolved mysteries AND extra information that are fascinating! The cocktails are fun and gives me a smile which is sorely needed in this world. Ms. Oxborrow puts in the time by watching the original episode multiple times and then doing her special deep dive into the details. This saves me countless hours myself and I can listen to the podcasts while I do my laundry! Big win for me!
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I want to be friends with BOTH of you!!!
Through this pandemic I have been binge watching MANY television shows. I hit Superstore and fell in total love. Lauren, you are so beautiful and I adore your character so much! I am devastated that the show is ending :( BUT my love for you led me to find this podcast that is so ME! As a child I watched every episode of Unsolved Mysteries! When it was released this summer, I watched. I too feel like I could help solve all the mysteries/crimes! This podcast is amazing! If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. Please KEEP the podcasts coming!!!
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Love to listen
I love love these crazy cousins and I also love true crime. Add in cocktails and you can’t lose. I haven’t drank while listening yet because I am usually running errands but my day will come.
True Crime & Cocktails + Lauren & Christy = Perfection
I love, love, love this show so much. The fact that they are also friending during all this makes it even better. Do they do off topic, sure. Does Christy bring up a sexy man at least once in each episode, sure. Does Lauren sit there and drink and be as shocked as we are when Christy reveals something amazing, absolutely. And I love every second of it. Highly recommended it.
Love this podcast!
This podcast is fantastic! I recently found it and have been binging ever since. The back and forth between Lauren and Christy is so funny. I appreciate Christy’s detailed research. One of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to!
Just wow
Great podcast. Intelligent ladies. Love to listen. More episodes please! 🤩
Love This Show!!!!
This show is so well researched! The dynamics between the cousins is so fun and makes you feel like you are there as part of the sleuth team!
Love this show! So entertaining!
Thank you so much Christy and Lauren. This show is so entertaining, I’ve enjoyed each episode and have listened to almost all of the episodes more than once. Can’t wait to hear your new show!
Love this
I have a lot of podcasts in my library but this is the only one I listen to consistently every week. These two make me laugh out loud and I always look forward to the latest episode. Looking forward to more episodes! Love Christy and Lauren!
Do a podcast of you just goofing off
I used to love this podcast where two comedians just sat at a table and talked But, i stopped listening due to a choice made by one of the comedians that i didn’t agree with. You guys have now filled that whole in my life. I’d love if you did a second podcast where you can talk about anything. 😁
Love it!!!
I’ve been a big fan of Lauren Ash in Super Store, so imagine my delight when I discovered this podcast! I love that they start each episode with some fun stories and drink choices before diving into the cases. And Christy is a ROCKSTAR investigator who always has a ton of great information to share about the victims and suspects—info that isn’t covered in the shows. Drinking and true crime....what is not to love?!
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So much fun
It’s like hanging out with your girlfriends. These girls are so fun and funny. Love their relationship too!❤️
20/5 stars
Look forward to this podcast every week. Christy goes into so much detail and does crazy amounts of research. Lauren and Christy’s stories of their childhood are so entertaining and they both are hilarious. If it were 5 days a week and 5 hours long each I would still listen.
I love these ladies so much!
I’m a new listener, I’ve binged 5 episodes in two days! It’s so easy to listen to and get lost in, the amount of research that Christy puts into each episode is amazing. I love them both, I love the snippets of their life, and their laughs are infectious! If you’re looking for a great companion series to Unsolved Mysteries, this is it.
Blarghles at this game
thx kelly
CHRISTY AND LAUREN!!!! hi. i discovered True Crime and Cocktails from The Kelly Clarkson show and thank GOD for kelly. i listen to a lot of true crime podcasts and this one adds a twist of two cousins (oops sorry, sisters*) getting tipsy together, explaining in depth research about mysteries and crimes all the while making you laugh until you almost pee yourself. there’s no one i’d rather spend an hour and half with more than Christy and Lauren. you’re both great and i’m obsessed with this podcast!
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Feel good podcast!
Fun and interesting and so much better than watching the news! A wonderful escape full of laughter and memories and well investigated theories!
Thoughtful & Thorough
There is drinking. There are laughs. There is also tenderness and real investigative research happening here. The hosts like talking to one another, thus making it an effortless listen.
So fun!
I listen to a lot of true crime and I like these ladies different approach- and I love the chemistry between these two cousins. The show leaves me in a good mood!
Came for Dina, stayed for the friendship
Definitely checked this podcast out because I love Superstore, so why not? These two ladies though, are so delightful. I’m jealous of the adorable bond they have! And the “deep dives” are freaking stellar. So much new info I didn’t know in my own deep dives. I’m addicted!
That’s the review
Morgan windmill
Really well done!
So good!
Love you two! I am on the road a lot and you make my travels more bearable. I laugh out loud and I also love how intuitive you both are.
So fun!
This show more than any other feels like I’m sitting down to chat with some friends about some true crime. These two are delightful. It’s a little more lighthearted than most true crime podcasts, which is a nice break.
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