True Confessions with Lisa & Sarah
True Confessions with Lisa & Sarah
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Being a school based SLP is hard and we have made many mistakes along the way! This podcast is all about what really happens in the speech room as well as adventures in starting our own company! We would love to hear from you! Email us at with questions or ideas for future podcasts!
And if there was a problem, yo, I'll solve it
Our guest in the confessional is Jesse Kleinman, an SLP in Brooklyn, NY! There is nothing we love more than when someone has a problem and they create a solution! Jesse shares how she handled the transition from in-person SLP to teletherapist and the lessons she has learned along the way!  Resources mentioned in this episode: Jesse's info and social media: website: IG: Teletherapy Support Group is private by invite-only, but if listeners are interested they can sign up here using this link: YouTube Channel: RedBubble Site (Clothing, Stickers, Masks, etc. with Boardmaker Symbols and phrases): Recommended Facebook Groups to follow: Teletherapy Materials for Speech-Language Pathologists: Bitmoji Craze for Educators: Speech Pathologists at Large: Speech and Language Virtual Rooms: AAC for the SLP: Other Resources: - AAC Communication Bill of Rights Poster Free Download from Beautiful Speech Life: - Free Downloads and Resources from The AAC Coach: - Boom Learning: - Epic: - Vooks: - Tarheel Reader: YouTube Channels for AAC Resources: - Swingset Mamas: - Mister Clay: - Special Education with Pat: - Purposeful Parker:  - Saltillo:  - Rachel Madel SLP on Instagram: - All About Communication on Instagram:
Oct 29, 2020
44 min
BONUS: How the Heck Do I Do a Virtual Oral Mech Exam?
This episode is available for ASHA CEUs and part of the 2020 SLP Connect Podconference until October 7, 2020. If you want to earn ASHA CEUs, then stay on until the very end, because that is where I provide information on how to register for ASHA CEUs and other details like how to win awesome giveaway prizes! You can also read about the details here.  If you are listening after SLP Connect, then enjoy this awesome episode with our special guest, Amy Graham! We are doing a deep dive into oral mech exams - what needs to be included, when should we do it, how to do it over a computer screen, and what we do with the information we gather! True to the theme of our podcast there are a lot of confessions in this episode and Amy answers a ton of questions! This is a must-listen for all pediatric SLPs! Resources mentioned in this episode:  Amy's website: Graham Speech Therapy Amy's social media: Instagram account   |   Facebook Page  Oral-Facial Exam Free assessment checklist Case History form specific to SSD SLP Bundle on Throat Scope (includes Amy Graham's OFE, promo code AMY10 for 10% off): SLP Toolkit 6 Steps to Assessing Childhood Apraxia of Speech' worksheet
Sep 23, 2020
1 hr
E31: I knew nothing about complex communication needs and AAC before I started working in that setting.
It's our first episode of season 3 and it's a great one!!! We are thrilled to have Emily Diaz in the confessional chatting with us about everything from working with secondary students with complex communication needs to teletherapy and everything in between! This episode has something for everyone and is timely for our current situation!  Resources from this episode:  Emily’s website: Social media handles: @emilydiazslp Virtual AAC Training: Teletherapy & Distance Learning Edition: How We Do It: S’MORRES and Partner Augmented Input with Dr. Jill Senner & Matthew Baud: How We Do It: Coaching AAC Use in the Natural Environment:
Sep 1, 2020
52 min
E30: It's not a people problem it's a process problem.
Phuong Palafox, author of The Heartbeat of Speech-Language Pathology, and SLP at Bilinguistics in Austin, TX, joins us in the confessional for a discussion about what school-based SLPs can do to be successful in a system designed to make them unsuccessful. Phuong is not only a brilliant SLP but a beautiful person who has made it her mission to help SLPs know their worth and advocate for themselves. This episode is loaded with inspiration, truth bombs, and solutions! It's a must listen for all school-based SLPs! Resources mentioned in this episode:  The Heartbeat of Speech-Language Pathology Bilinguistics The Speech Therapy Blog Join the movement Intention bracelet SLP Toolkit
Jun 7, 2020
57 min
E29: I was not financially prepared for a pandemic.
In this timely episode, we chat with Craig Goldslager, a financial planner who is also married to an SLP. We talk about everything from the CARES Act to the stock market and everything we need to consider to financially survive COVID-19. He highlights ways to access cash now if we need it and discusses things to consider moving forward should something like this happen again in the future. RESOURCES: Craig Goldslager, Utterly Financial - Helping SLPs plan for retirement. SLP Money Episode 5: The CARES Act & Common Investor Mistakes to Avoid Estimate the size of your stimulus check Apply for unemployment Federal student loans suspended through 9/30/2020.  If you have private lenders, talk to them about forbearance or deferral strategies (for every type of payments: mortgage, auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance, credit cards, car payments, etc…) Payroll Protection Program:  This is through your bank Overview Sample Application Economic Disaster Loan:  This is through Online Application More Information about Disaster Loans (including the forgiven $10,000 advance if approved for the loan)
Apr 11, 2020
57 min
E28: I call in sick because I just need a day off.
We are thrilled to have guest Jessi Andricks, Stress Management Coach for SLPs, in the confessional to chat with us about burn out and managing stress - and no we do no suggest crying in your car! This is a critically important conversation as we have all felt burnout from this job and we hope you will find the solutions given in this episode help you to find joy in the job!  Jessi is a wealth of knowledge and has a unique background that is perfect for this conversation!  Resources mentioned:  Stress Management Podcast Stress Management Professional Development Courses Jessi Andricks IG
Feb 25, 2020
45 min
E27: Having an attorney in a meeting is scary.
No one wants to hear that an attorney is going to be in attendance at a meeting. But they are there for a reason, and in this episode we chat about what that reason is. We also discuss ways teams can be proactive to avoid getting to the point of having an attorney present in the first place. We are thrilled to have Lloyd Donders, Esq., a special education attorney, in the confessional for this very important conversation! You won't want to miss this episode! Resource(s) referenced: Writing Meaningful IEPs
Feb 7, 2020
52 min
E26: A positive mindset and a smile can get you what you want.
In this episode we have our bestie Chris Wenger aka @speechdude aka 'The Wang' chatting with us about everything from what went down at ASHA, to what it's really like working in a high school, and how to advocate for yourself! We just love this guy and we know you will too! 
Dec 10, 2019
54 min
BONUS: Best Practices in Data Collection
We are thrilled to participate in the first-ever SLP Live Podcon! By listening to this episode you have the opportunity to earn CEs through Nov. 9th! For more information check out:
Oct 30, 2019
1 hr 6 min
E25: Putting yourself out there is hard.
For those of you who have listened before or follow us on social media, you may find this hard to believe but we do really care what people think of 😂 I say that because we post and say some ridiculous things but it is scary! There are plenty of times when we question ourselves! In this episode, we are chatting about what we have learned and what we hope for you!  Mentions:  SLP-Live podcon Smiles for Speech Speechy Musings Amy Porterfield Jasmine Star Rachel Hollis
Oct 28, 2019
34 min
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