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FROM THE VAULT: A True Crime Podcast
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IN DEPTH WITH NICK: Carl Koppelman
2 hour 28 minutes Posted May 28, 2020 at 7:02 pm.
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Show notes
Carl Koppelman has been doing forensic art for over a decade. A skill set he worked on while caring for his ill mother, Carl managed to build faces for many John and Jane Does across the nation. One of his most famous faces was the Caledonia Jane Doe; which would help detectives in this New York town to identify her as Tammy Jo Alexander. His work appears prominently in the Walker County Jane Doe case; which Nick Wagler and Carl discuss in depth. Also discussed is the work that he has done with the DNA Doe Project, as well as an interesting encounter as a teenager with a man Carl believes may have been Randy Kraft, a serial killer who did his bidding up and down the West Coast!
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