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TorTR #434 - The Nut Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree
2 hour 29 minutes Posted Nov 19, 2020 at 9:00 pm.
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Show notes

MonsterZero, an elite audio assassin, uses brain-implant technology to take control of other people’s voices to make them say stupid things. As he sinks deeper into his latest assignment, MZ becomes trapped inside a mind that threatens to make him sound intelligent! On Episode 434 of Trick or Treat Radio we discuss Possessor, the latest film from Brandon Cronenberg, the son of David Cronenberg! We also discuss our next Monster Piece Theater Movie Club event, we hear a special holiday song, and we find out what the hell yum yum bouncy bouncy means?! So grab your phone on your way to the bathroom at 2am, do a little bit of scrolling and strap on for the world's most dangerous podcast!

Stuff we talk about: Beverly Bonner, Basket Case, Frank Henenlotter, Brain Damage, checking your phone while pissing, MZ’s stream, The Nation of Validation, a little bit of scrolling, MZ Halloween Horror Film contest winner CreepyGirl, Monster Piece Theater Movie Club, Belial, Picarding, Schindler’s List, Museum of Modern Art, The Void, Gabe Bartolos, Castle Freak, Bell Biv Devoe, nuts falling from trees, PBS, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, body horror, David Cronenberg, The Fly, A History of Violence, Videodrome, Ed Harris, Road to Perdition, Andrea Riseborough, Panos Cosmatos, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Good Time, Sean Bean, Brandon Cronenberg, Possessor, It Comes at Night, Christopher Abbott, out horror-ing horror films, graphic nudity, losing control of your body, checking out the brajole, Michael Knight, Black Widows, “Hey Manatee”, yum yum bouncy bouncy, VHS Nightmare, Phantom Thread, The New Mutants, Peninsula, early christmas songs, Massacre at Central High, Synapse FIlms, holiday cards, Ares being a bad influence, Druggie Howser, Daniel Day Lewis, The Mandalorian, Ultimate X-Spanse, and Ivan Drago Hard.

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