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TorTR #431 - Silver Shamschlock
2 hour 42 minutes Posted Oct 29, 2020 at 10:00 pm.
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Show notes

An eccentric podcaster recounts several macabre and phantasmagorical tales that he's encountered in his undistinguished career. On Episode 431 of Trick or Treat Radio we discuss The Shudder Exclusive Horror Anthology, The Mortuary Collection, from Writer/Director Ryan Spindell! We also unveil some details of our Extra Special Halloween LIVE Special and the after party, MZ can’t help but talk more about his hatred for the Halloween franchise, and there is plenty of horror anthology talk. So grab your favorite Silver Shamrock mask, do your very best Clancy Brown voice and strap on for the world's most dangerous podcast!

Stuff we talk about: Michael Myers, Halloween franchise hate, Trick ‘r Treat, Weekend at Bernie’s, the benefit of power naps, what is a Hollywood horror film?, Ravenshadow in the attic, beer storage, armageddon beer, Grand Theft Abrams, Coors Banquet, Cobra Kai, 2020 Extra Special Halloween LIVE Special, Blackout Tapes After Party!, talk all raw, The House of the Devil, Haunt, Dark Night of the Scarecrow, The Changeling, The Void, Dario Argento, Deep Red, Session 9, David Caruso, Service Merchandise, The Oregon Trail, Millennium Falcon, Samhain, The Mortuary Collection, Clancy Brown, out of time films, The House of Secrets, what constitutes good hardcore?, Fisher Price: My First Horror Short, Fratboy Slim, AC/DC, The Ramones, Ema Horvath, 555 phone numbers, gunshots in cars, portmanteau film, the 2004 Boston Red Sox, Nightmare Cinema, Standing O, Sean Penn, Bad Boys, Peninsula, Train to Busan, Amicus Films, Creepshow, Demons, Nightmare City, Umberto Lenzi, VOTE, 31 Days of Halloween, Night of the Demon, Destroyer, The Boneyard, Lyle Alzado, Anthony Perkins, Encounters of the Spooky Kind, Sammo Hung, 12 Hour Shift, Beach House, Fade to Black, Ernest Goes to Camp, and Conal Cochran’s diabolical plan to kill kids.

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