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TorTR #430 - Who Hosts The Hosts?
2 hour 38 minutes Posted Oct 22, 2020 at 10:00 pm.
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Show notes

A family of podcasters fall victim to a series of violent murders when they invite the Conjuring House Hairdresser over for Xmas dinner. On Episode 430 of Trick or Treat Radio we discuss the British Horror flick Hosts, from the Writer/Director team of Adam Leader and Richard Oakes and Dark Sky Films! We also talk about creepy puppets from children’s shows, Wolfie’s upcoming appearance on Talk Without Rhythm and we get an update on MonsterZero’s 31 Days of Halloween Horror Film Challenge! So have Renfield fetch you your cane, scarf down some virtual pierogies and strap on for the world's most dangerous podcast!

Stuff we talk about: The Addams Family, Tim Burton, Host The Host or Hosts?, Blackout Tapes, thank you for making us your idiots, Scrabble, Themyscira, MZ’s haircut, The Dark Half, Spooky World, Manic Panic, dying your hair, The Fifth Element, The Conjuring house hairdresser, Cacophony of Chaos, Stuarts, The Mart, The Blue Meanies, Yellow Submarine, The Beatles, Smurf bukkake, Lady Evelyn, Waylon Flowers and Madame, Lady Aberlin, Intruder, MZ’s 31 Days of Horror Film Challenge, The Lost Boys, Army of Darkness, Johnny’s appearance on Talk Without Rhythm, Universal Studios, The Frog Brothers, Mindwarp, Bruce Campbell, Ray Harryhausen, The Three Stooges, The Day The Earth Stood Still, Sleepy Hollow, Ray Park Jr, Trick or Treats, what we do during the commercial breaks, Holidays around the world flash facts, living in sin, the Boba Fett of hunting, home invasion, Jarret Blinkhorn, Hosts, Adam Leader, Richard Oakes, Neal Ward, Samantha Loxley, sudden violence, The Night Comes For Us, fight or flight, Clancy Brown, The Mortuary Collection, Parasite, a virtual pierogi, the best film in the Halloween franchise, Tim Vigil, “Renfield fetch me my cane”, Vlada: A Dracula Tale, Dr. Chris, Dr. Joey Tron, Verotika, Glen Danzig, Kung Fu From Beyond the Grave, and The Descendants of The Strokers.

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