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TorTR #428 - Panda Bears and Joker Stares
2 hour 57 minutes Posted Oct 8, 2020 at 10:00 pm.
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Show notes

It's 1999 and over the course of one 12-hour shift at a Massachusetts hospital, a junkie podcaster, his scheming co-hosts and a group of black market organ-trading criminals start a heist that could lead to their collective demise. On Episode 428 of Trick or Treat Radio class is in session once again as we are joined by our good buddy Professor Jay to discuss 12 Hour Shift, from director Brea Grant, starring Angela Bettis! We also talk about collecting for collections sake, the challenges and benefits of running a virtual film festival, and MZ’s 31 Days of Halloween Horror Film Challenge! So grab your favorite panda bear, cut a sweet rat tail into your hair and strap on for  the world's most dangerous podcast!

Stuff we talk about: Wearing a sweatshirt with no shirt, Professor Jay, Ares redecorating, Scream Factory’s Friday the 13th Box Set, “I don’t need to know anymore about that”, Crystal Lake Memories, Evil Dead II, Transformers, what’s in the box?, Joker action figure, San Diego Chicken, Worcester Red Sox, Phillie Phanatic, Gritty, Bad Motherf*cker wallet, Would You Rather, Jeffrey Combs, Baywatch, Sasha Grey, MZ’s Halloween Film Challenge 2020, Creep 2, Peachfuzz, Charlotte Film Festival, Kinderchomper, Mike Scholtz, FantasticFest, Brandon Cronenberg, Possessor, piracy in online film festivals, wrestling territories, Psycho Goreman, A Mighty Wind, Christopher Guest, Almost Heroes, John Candy, Mascots, Jamie Lee Curtis, 12 Hour Shift, Brea Grant, Angela Bettis, Zoom calls, Kurando Mitsutake, Heroes, May, You Cannot Kill David Arquette, Mick Foley, Nurse Jackie, pill-popping nurses, “the rock that’s important”, sociopaths, eating cheetos and sipping on a slurpee, musical montages out of nowhere, Hubie Halloween, Adam Sandler, The Curse of Audrey Earnshaw, The WNUF Halloween Special, The Old Gods of Appalachia, Creatures Features, Cobra Kai, Spookers, Cop Out, My Backpack Totoro, and Smoke Drink and Get Divorced.

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