Levi Weinhagen and Dan Hetzel
Levi and Dan explore topics, handed down by Sir Laffs a Lot, from all angles.
Flood | Trendz Ep 77
Episode 77 of Trendz features the gang talking acts of nature and music. Dan gives some of his famous album reviews. Levi tries to interview a guest despite some confusion. This is destined to become your favorite episode.
Aug 28, 2013
45 min
Bomb | Trendz Ep 75
This episode of Trendz is inspired by Bombs. The guys talk all things bomb, both explosive and unsuccessful. They also explore some uncomfortable territory. Also, there’s probably a few dick jokes in there. Enjoy Trendz, or else.
Jun 14, 2013
45 min
Boring | Trendz Ep 74
This episode is boring. What else is new, am I right? Wrong. This show is awesome. The guys try to get at what is boring while trying to ignore the amazing things happening in the lobby and audience. Dan becomes the victim of his lack of manhood and may not survive. Plus, the guys subtly reveal their favorite Faith No More song. Can you guess what it is? Hint- Its it. If you skip this episode of Trendz then you’re probably boring. Or really busy.
Jun 5, 2013
42 min
Oil | Trendz Ep 73
This episode is fueled by oil. Dan and Levi discuss the fact and fiction behind cryogenics. The guys peel back more layers of onion from their wealthy benefactor Sir Laffs A Lot. Engineers Dave shares the reality of killing. Plus, the gang welcomes in a special guest and nobody learns any lessons.
May 29, 2013
42 min
Demolition | Trendz Ep 72
In this episode the guys discuss Dan’s recent unwanted media attention not only how it impacts the show but how he could have handled things differently. Dan reaches out to the blood-o-philes in the listening audience. The guys meet a curious delivery person. Engineer Dave reveals his background experience with explosives, or does he? The boys fail to discuss the hugely successful former WWF Tag Team champions Demolition. Emotions are shared. Deeply held beliefs are revealed. Someone gets hungry. This is Trendz
May 23, 2013
42 min
Gasoline | Trendz Ep 71
The guys are back in the Trendz studio and this one is not to be missed. Levi wins a hand gesturing award. Dan wants to know everything about hand gesturing. Also, somehow, gasoline is the topic. They welcome in a special guest who claims to have revolutionized energy. Will everyone make it out alive. Listen and learn and love and loin clothes.
May 15, 2013
43 min
Arthritis | Trendz Ep 70
This episode finds the gang dealing with guests over staying their welcome, crazy medical cures, and deeper explorations of personal relationships. Don’t miss it. Trendz!
May 8, 2013
45 min
Peaches | Trendz Ep 69
Trendz come in a can. It was put there by a man. Trendz! Can you handle episode 69 of this improvised comedy show that all your friends are talking about? Probably not, unless you are pure of heart. This is Trendz
Apr 16, 2013
41 min
Hall of Fame | Trendz Ep 68
This episode is all about the Hall of Fame. What Hall of Fame? All Halls of Fames. The guys get an early visit from an Hall of Fame specialist who may or may not be bringing some shocking information to the studio. Dan and Levi reveal they have very little experience with Halls of Fames. Other surprise guests show up. Things get weird.
Apr 10, 2013
41 min
Ambulance | Trendz Ep 67
This episode of the Trendz is on the road. The guys are in the mobile studio, aka Levi’s Subaru, and the end up with a very full car. In addition to Engineer Dave and his families as well as Jompers the guys welcome their special guest Andy Kraft. And a heap of people from the street. Don’t miss this one.
Apr 3, 2013
44 min
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