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The roots of Donald Trump’s ‘voter fraud’ strategy
25 minutes Posted Nov 20, 2020 at 9:32 pm.
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A Facebook group named Stop the Steal sprung up in the hours after the US presidential election. Within hours it had gained hundreds of thousands of followers. Members alleged the election had been “rigged”, despite a lack of evidence.
But this claim came from the very top. Months before, President Trump was planting seeds of doubt over the vote – mentioning “voter fraud” and similar phrases more than 70 times on Twitter.
BBC Trending looks into some of the most viral specific allegations – and we find out how “Stop the Steal” members kept pushing rumours built on disinformation.
Presenters: Marianna Spring and Mike Wendling
Picture: Protesters hold signs with the “Stop the Steal” slogan at a pro-Trump rally
Credit: Getty Images