Transform Your Life Business and Health Podcast
Transform Your Life Business and Health Podcast
Celia Gaze
Welcome to my new podcast - my name is Celia Gaze and I am the Founder of the multi-award winning The Wellbeing Farm Wedding & Events Venue based in Bolton, Lancashire ( and author of Why Put a Bow Tie on a LLama? I cover the story of how after having work-related stress I quit my job, got hold of a run down far and transformed it. In this podcast I describe my journey - I faced nearly every type of challenge, tribunals, court hearings, numerous staff and property issues, system problems and near bankruptcy and survived to tell the tale. I have learned that successful business ownership is a combination of mindset, business know-how and health and I have developed resilience, patience and learned to embrace failure for the lessons it carries. My book and this podcast describes my story and acts as a roadmap to help you and other people find their inspiration and live their dream life.
Episode 8: How you can take a month off your business
In Episode 8 of the Transform Podcast I talk about how putting systems and processes in place in my business enabled me to take a month off my business, emails and phone calls and to stop worrying and to reconnect with my purpose. Traction: Entrepreneurial Operating System:   I'd love it if you could please leave me a review in itunes as reviews matter with podcasts - it helps sooooooooo much! It's annoyingly tricky to do, but if you search Apple podcasts. Open the podcast in iTunes Search Celia Gaze and you will come across my podcast page Click 'Ratings and Reviews' Allocate star rating and write a review Thanks soooooooooo much for your help x
Nov 21, 2019
18 min
Episode 7 - Transform podcast - How putting a bow tie on a llama transformed my business
In episode 7, I continue to tell my story of how putting a bow tie on a llama transformed my business. I talk about the highlights and downturns of running my business and the moment I realised things needed to change. I talk about how the idea of weddings came about and how me struggling to pay a vat bill made me realise things had to change. I discuss how an article was pivotal to me: James Cox, It’s all in the positioning: what to do you’re your business seems to be losing focus, 26 June 2014 and how this led to me putting a bow tie on a llama. Please note that I got so passionate in this podcast that I forgot about using the microphone in the last 3 minutes so I'm really sorry about the sound quality towards the end of the podcast! I'd love it if you could please leave me a review in itunes as reviews matter with podcasts - it helps sooooooooo much! It's annoyingly tricky to do, but if you search Apple podcasts. Open the podcast in iTunes Search Celia Gaze and you will come across my podcast page Click 'Ratings and Reviews' Allocate star rating and write a review Thanks soooooooooo much for your help.
Nov 3, 2019
20 min
Episode 6: How to achieve work life balance when you run a business
Why maintaining work life balance is so difficult for entrepreneurs and I discuss Bronnie Ware's top 5 regrets of the dying. I also talk through my inability to switch off and how I maintain work life balance through: (1) a good morning routine; (2) sleep; (3) meditation; (4) visualsation; (5) journalling; (6) reading; (7) learning and personal development; (8) diet and exercise; (9) spa days and treatments; (10) quality family time; and (11) working in hotels.
Oct 29, 2019
21 min
Episode 5: The top 10 things I wish I'd known before starting my own business
So in this episode I describe how I’ve been on a massive journey and I wrote my book to pave the way for people to set up their own business and also to cope with the overwhelm which comes with riding the entrepreneurial roller coaster.  I’m going to cover the 10 things I wish I’d known before starting my own business? (1) How difficult it would be to obtain planning permission and to be prepared for the bureaucracy. (2) How important it is to keep your business plan in a simple format if you want to seek funding. (3) How critical it is to have a good accountant and the importance of cash flow. (4) The importance of having a number of bank accounts and don’t forget to keep putting money aside for vat. (5) To be prepared for the shock of business rates. (6) To make your builder keep you updated with a running record as to how much you are spending and to expect that the building will run over time and money. (7) To implement systems and processes within your business. (8) The importance of sales and marketing. (9) To not let anyone tell you your ideas was crazy and won’t work. (10) Don’t neglect your health or your relationships - the importance of mindset, managing stress and overwhelm.
Oct 21, 2019
27 min
Why finding your niche is key to success
So why is finding your niche in business key to success. When I opened my business in March 2013, because the building work overran in terms of the building expenses, I had to find a way of getting money in quickly. So the business plan that I had written and developed was almost thrown out of the window while I scrambled together to do whatever I could to get money in. I ended up doing whatever I could to survive: Llama trekking Parties Weddings Corporate events Butchery courses Lifestyle courses Afternoon teas A café Children’s parties School educational visits Cookery school Large scale events like Christmas markets, autumn markets, Open Farm Sunday A petting farm A restaurant As a result I became very unfocused, very uncoordinated, and ended up really in a complete mess. The lessons I learnt and what I try to explain via this episode are: The need to be really clear about who is your target audience and why What market research you need to do to spot a gap in your market What is a niche How you find your niche How finding your niche in business is key to success as it makes you stand out against the competition, it gives you a focus for marketing and establishes your brand recognition.
Oct 14, 2019
19 min
Episode 3: How to make your business stand out
Transform Your Life, Business and Health Podcast: Episode 3 – How to make your business stand out In this episode I cover why I felt the need to make my business stand out and to put a bow tie on a llama. To survive in a competitive environment you have got to be different. You’ve got to find a way that just makes your business stand out from the crowd. Be a Flamingo in a flock of pigeons - stand out, be different and be unique. You’ve got to almost use a combination of all your resources, all the things that you have, your knowledge, your personality, your life, your experiences. All these things need to be pulled together and processed through your personality and bought together in your own unique way to create something that's different from everyone else's that's out there. This is known as your unique selling point or USP.   In this episodeI cover 10 ways to make your business stand out: (1) Story telling (2) The importance of market research (3) Finding something that’s unique about you (4) Putting your branding about the thing that is unique (5) Offering a service which your customers love (6) Sometimes what you set out to be isn’t what you become (7) Seek to address your customer’s pain points (8) Niche your focus if possible (9) Seek to put in place a memorable culture (10) You’ve got to love and enjoy what you do.   So have a listen – remember you only get one life and just don't waste it working in or on a business that you hate. You've got to really look to see how can I use these principles to adapt and transform the business that you have into something that you love? This is all about being yourself, being authentic, seek to stand out and be different. This is how your business will stand out from others.  
Oct 6, 2019
29 min
Episode 2 - My Story
In episode two of the Transform Your Life, Business and Health Podcast I focus on telling my story. Using the Hero's journey framework (taken from the Female Entrepreneur's Association) - I explain using the framework my story from suffering from work-related stress and corporate burnout to transforming a neglected farm into The Wellbeing Farm. I cover the following stages: 1. Desire for change / transformation 2. Stepping into the unknown / overcoming fear 3. Committing to the change 4. Difficulties and challenges 5. One major roadblock 6. Discovery / revelation 7. Goal achieved 8. Transformation I then explain my realisation that being a successful entrepreneur is a combination of getting three things right: your health, your business and your mindset. These three things need to be in balance to transform your life.  I then go onto to explain how these three elements will form future episodes of my podcast.  
Sep 29, 2019
40 min
Introduction to my Transform podcast
My name is Celia Gaze - author of Why Put a Bow Tie on a Llama and Founder of The Wellbeing Farm and welcome to my new podcast. In this trailer, I'm going to share with you who I am, my background, what I'm going to focus on in my Transform podcast and most importantly why a bow tie-wearing llama is talking into a microphone in my podcast image!  
Sep 21, 2019
4 min