Toxic AF
Toxic AF
Opening a dialogue about the ways in which we experience toxicity in relationships and within ourselves
Crystal aka Xperience J joins me for a conversation on the considerations in situationships inspired directly from Therapy for Black Girls session 141. We also dive into the character Keena from Crystal's audio Series Past Due which you can listen to wherever Podcasts are found.  Follow Crystal on IG @pastdueaudioseries        
Jun 9, 2020
55 min
Quarantine Tings! Update on life
Update, update! For my very first solo episode I'm getting real vulnerable and letting you guys in on my experience thus far. The ups, the downs, and some binge worthy recommendations. Check me out and let me know what you're doing during this time on Instagram @toxicafpod
May 5, 2020
24 min
Fitness & weight loss with Antonique
On today's episode I speak with personal trainer Antonique about her journey as a plus size trainer, the pressures and expectations of what a fit body looks like, and tips on how to keep those fitness resolutions for the new year.  Be sure to follow Antonique for your dose of fitness inspiration on IG @uniquelyfitpodcast and @uniquelyfittraining, and while your at it go listen to her podcast for more gems.   Don't forget to rate and review as well as follow me on IG @toxicafpod
Feb 4, 2020
1 hr 5 min
Love, Sex, & Magic with Bri
In this episode, we talk about toxic ties and how to cut them, intimacy, and numbing our feelings instead of feeling them. Bri is a writer, podcaster, and blogger. Her podcast love, sex and magic discusses relationships, sex, and astrology. Follow her on Instagram Follow the official Instagram @ToxicAFpod and on Twitter @Elysthepoet and share your thoughts on the episode.
Jan 7, 2020
56 min
Money Talk with Tiff
This episode is all about financial toxicity and money management.  Tiffany Grant is a financial coach and motivational speaker. On her podcast Money Talk with Tiff she gives practical tips and tricks to get you started on your financial journey. If you want some serious motivation to reach your financial freedom goals visit her website and follow her on Instagram @Moneytalkwitht   Follow the official Instagram @ToxicAFpod and on the Twitter @Elysthepoet and share your thoughts on the episode. 
Dec 3, 2019
51 min
Getting your sh*t together with Cynthia
In this very candid episode, we talk about sobriety, toxic maternal relationships, and getting your shit together.  Cynthia hosts a podcast called Getting you sh*t together where she details her adjustments to the sober life and how she has been navigating life all while giving amazing advice which anybody could relate to. Don't forget to follow her on Instagram @Gettingyourishtogether Follow the official Instagram @ToxicAFpod and on Twitter @Elysthepoet and share your thoughts on the episode and you already know the deal! Go ahead and leave me a rating and review.
Nov 12, 2019
1 hr 15 min
Comfortably Excluded with Montyy Taj
Elys and Montyy discuss being Black and Queer, the male gaze, and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Montyy is the host of the Comfortably Excluded podcast that gives POC a place to be heard and seen while talking about current events. She is an unapologetic Black beauty with big opinions and an even bigger heart.  You can follow her on Instagram @comfotablyexcluded and on Twitter @comfortablye   Be sure to follow the official Instagram @ToxicAfPod as well as @Elysthepoet on Twitter. 
Sep 30, 2019
1 hr 15 min
Black, Bold, and Beautiful with Kristin Iris
On the very first episode of Toxic AF Elys and Kristin Iris take on toxicity in the work environment, systematic racism, being Black in white spaces, and so much more. Kristin is  an artist, speaker, and coach for Black creatives, entrepreneurs, etc of all gender identities—she even has her own podcast called Melanated Rising where she is dropping all types of gems. You can follow Kristin on Instagram @Kristiniris and visit her website  Follow the official Instagram @ToxicAFpod and on Twitter @Elysthepoet and share your thoughts on the episode and don't forget to rate and review!  
Sep 30, 2019
1 hr 8 min
Dating and Self Esteem with Stephanie Williams
This episode is filled with laughs and Black Girl Magic as Elys and Stephanie Williams talk dating at the level of your self esteem, settling in relationships, and moving on from toxicity.  Stephanie is the hilarious and outspoken host of the Mocha Minutes podcast where she discusses everything from current events and politics to ratchet reality tv.  Be sure to follow her on twitter and Instagram @mochaminutes Go follow the official Instagram @ToxicAfpod and follow @Elysthepoet on Twitter. And if you like what you hear, definitely leave a rate and review!
Sep 30, 2019
1 hr 39 min
Introuducing you to this Bi weekly podcast set to release October 1st. Enjoy!
Aug 13, 2019
2 min