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Tour Stories
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Joe Plummer's friends share their stories from life on the road. We hear funny, sad and sometimes scary tales from musicians and comedians. Have a tour story? Send a message to Tour Stories is produced by Ruinous Media.
Check-In with Steve McDonald
Steve McDonald has covered the Rock n Roll gamut. It began when he and his brother started the influential hardcore band Red Cross when Steve was 11 years old. Since then he has toured the world, stopped touring to produce records, and started up again with not one, but three touring bands, The Melvins, Off! and Redd Kross. Steve tells Joe what he's doing to cope with being "grounded" during the pandemic, how he feels about our chaotic election and why he feels fortunate despite these unpredictable times.  Episode sponsored by The Red E Cafe, Portland, Oregon.  Music by Redd Kross, Red Cross, Joe Plummer and Palm Fronds. Enjoy.
Nov 13
31 min
SPECIAL ELECTION  BONUS REPLAY   Dale Crover and the Texas Turnpike with bonus story from KEITH MORRIS
We bring you a special replay episode with Dale Crover of The Melvins.  It has a surprise story from the punk legend Keith Morris of The Circle Jerks, Black Flag and OFF! Take a break from vote counting and enjoy. Dale Crover of The Melvins meets Buford T Justice Episode sponsored by The Red E Cafe, Portland, Oregon Music by Off!, Palm Fronds, Dale Crover and Joe Plummer.
Nov 5
15 min
The Check-In With Mark Guiliana
Mark Guiliana is a drummer, composer and teacher. He's done extensive touring and recording in the jazz world both as a band leader and a sideman. He's also delved into the rock, recording with David Bowie on the record BlackStar and Matt Cameron on his solo record Cavedweller. Joe and Mark talk pandemic coping strategies and how Mark is trying to stay on top of his game when and if things get back to normal. They also discuss the importance of getting instruments into kids hands, how he stays cool this close to the election and why he sometimes looks at older music for new music inspiration. Enjoy. Episode sponsored by Red E Cafe and Coffee Roasters in Portland Oregon. Music by Mark Guiliana, Beat Music Productions and Joe Plummer   Register to Vote
Oct 30
40 min
Patrick Carney
Patrick Carney is a producer, drummer and founding member of The Black Keys. He has been touring, engineering and producing records for the last 20 years. In this episode Patrick tells us how he encountered 26 men dressed in Santa Clause suits in the middle of July on the first Black Keys tour in 2002. Enjoy. Music by Patrick Carney and Joe Plummer   Register To Vote
Oct 22
13 min
Check-In with Girl Friday
Joe talks with Vera Ellen and Libby Hsieh from Girl Friday during 6th month of the Covid-19 pandemic.  They discuss the positive effects a pandemic may have on their community, what different versions of protesting mean and why making yourself put on cozy socks and reading a book may be better for not just you, but the rest of the world. We hear a song from their new record Androgynous Mary and they tell us why the new Sufjan Stevens record has been their go to over the last few months. Enjoy! Music by Girl Friday, Palm Fronds and Joe Plummer. Register To Vote
Oct 16
31 min
Fred Armisen
Fred Armisen is a writer, comedian and actor. He's created, written and acted in dozens of TV shows (Portlandia, Los Espooky's, Documentry Now!), was the band leader for Late Night with Seth Meyers and a cast member of Saturday Night Live for over 10 years. He's also seen his fair share of touring, either as the drummer for the 90's band Trenchmouth or a comedian doing his one man shows "Standup Up For Drummers" and "Comedy For Musicians". In this episode he gives us a montage of hilarious insights, stories and perspectives of life on the road that only Fred can do. Enjoy!  Music by Fred Armisen, Joe Plummer and Wandering Lucy. Episode sponsored by Izotope. Register To Vote
Oct 8
38 min
The Check-In With Densil Mcfarlane
Densil Mcfarlane is a singer, songwriter and guitarist for the Toronto based band The OBGM's. In this episode we discuss his new view on protesting and how he believes it can advance change. He reminds us that none of us have experienced a pandemic, and we can all learn and support each other through our uncharted future. We also hear a couple tunes from the forthcoming OBGM's record, The Ends. Enjoy! Episode sponsored by Izotope.  Music by Palm Fronds and Joe Plummer. Register to Vote.
Oct 2
23 min
Dann Gallucci
Dann Gallucci is a musician, engineer and producer from the Northwest.  Over the last 20 years, he's toured and recorded with Modest Mouse, The Murder City Devils, and Cold War Kids.  He's also produced dozens of songs and released A Gun Called Tension, a dynamic collaboration with Sean Reveron and other NW musicians. Since relocating to Los Angeles, Dann has delved into the podcast world, producing Bullseye and The Dream. In this episode Dann tells us what it was like opening for Pearl Jam as the guitarist for The Murder City Devils, how nice Eddie Vedder can be, and why his band members had to try and outdrink a famous NBA player. Music by A Gun Called Tension, The Murder City Devils and Joe Plummer. Episode sponsored by Izotope.
Sep 24
32 min
The Check-In with Jon Wurster
Jon Wurster is the drummer for Superchunk, The Mountain Goats and Bob Mould. He's also a comedy writer and has created many character "guests" on Tom Scharplings' "The Best Show".  Joe and Jon get to catch up after not seeing each other on the road for a couple years. They discuss the North Carolina political climate, Jon's pandemic routine and the documentary's that Jon's been watching in his down time.  They also veer into drummer talk, addressing Bill Stevenson and Dave Lombardo's effortless, fluttering styles. We hear a song from the new Bob Mould record called "American Crisis" that matches the current social/political climate in both ferocity and volume!  Music by Palm Fronds and Joe Plummer.  Episode sponsored by Izoptope. Register To Vote
Sep 17
28 min
Hutch Harris
Hutch Harris is a musician, songwriter and producer from Portland Oregon. He was also the singer and guitarist for The Thermals. On what winds up being The Thermals last tour, they find themselves running from a tornado en route to a show in Denver. Naturally, Hutch, who may have eaten a few too many "edibles", deals with it by writing an "epic, scary, tornado song" in the back of the van. Find out what song he wrote and whether they made it to the show.  Music by Hutch Harris, The Thermals, Palm Fronds and Joe Plummer.   Register to Vote
Sep 11
13 min
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