Total Reboot with Cameron James & Alexei Toliopoulos
Total Reboot with Cameron James & Alexei Toliopoulos
Sanspants Radio
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The only podcast about movies on the internet.
Listening to Alexi and Cam continually misunderstand the difference between undigested and digested food in the Invisible Man episodes was infuriating. 5 Stars!
Colby Park
The best and only podcast about film.
You guys are always killing it with the podcasts. Like king Midas himself, every thing you touch turns to gold. And we all know how much you love gold. Who doesn't? Am i right? Anyways, I would suggest you review ‘cape fear’ i never saw the original, but the remake is right up your alley. Theres also the Simpsons sideshow Bob episode that is a riff on the film. Keep em comin!
Jeremie Art
Holy moly
chop chop matt
Thoughtful, funny, and a bit dirty
This is definitely one of my favorite pods that I look forward to every week! These lovely, filthy boys are hilarious and smart and I could listen to them talk movies all day.
Only, and funniest pod about movies baby!
Love these frickin guys. I’m lolling all the live long pod. Please do the Punisher movies!! The first stars Dolph Lundgren himself! And I believe in the beginning of the movie you get to see a silhouette of his dangling plums!! Get on this dude’s, before they fully drop!!
Good podcast, very good podcast.
Would settle for Alexi. Husband’s cool with it.
Another great addition to Sanspants!!!
And the intro music is the best!!
Glad I found it!
As a black cinephile, I’m so glad I found this podcast while just looking for a new podcast to add to my already packed list of weekly podcast I listen to. It’s so refreshing to hear people like me talk about the things I love. I highly recommend you watch the cinematic masterpiece that is, “Dirty Laundry” starring the always lovely Loretta Devine. It’s an already bad piece on cinema that has definitely not aged well. Thanks for making this great podcast ✊🏾
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Té Nickerson
Two hilarious jungle babies
These two are so funny, I got into this after a friend recommended Finding Drago and I was hooked. They are so quick witted and silly that I’ll be laughing out loud on the metro making me fit in with the rest of the DC metro community. Guys if you are reading this I recommend Zardoz for a reboot, except this time it has to make sense (plus it would be nice if you could get Sean Connery back for a cameo). Cheers!
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My friend recommended me to listen to “Finding Drago” and immediately felt cherished. Finally there is a great movie review podcast out here with a twist of comedy. I grew up watching “Mystery Science Theater” and was wondering if you guys have watched it? If not I recommend it to you guys and thought you two would be perfect to start your own similar to it.
Todd Noy
Fairly Horny
Not as Horny as Mike Check, but still way hornier than Serial
Favorite Pod of All Time
Cam and Alexei are the funniest dudes i’ve ever heard I love their pod!
Mystery Santana
Good n funny
Had me loling
Five stars
Good stuff.
This podcast has got the VVF
Been looking for a great podcast and I finally found the only one on the internet about movies
Great podcast from two guys who genuinely love movies
This is one of my new favorite podcast after I found it I've spent the past couple days just going back and listening to all their old episodes. You can really tell that both of these guys love and understand films. They are also really funny guys who keep conversations interesting even if you haven't seen the movies they talking about. Cameron and Alexei if you guys are reading this thanks for all the laughs and great discussion. If you want any film suggestions I highly recommend Sicario and Wind River.
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Five stars
Good stuff.