Tore Says Show
Tore Says Show
Tore, WH Tempus
Tue 01 Dec: Showing All - Truth Pills - Subversion - Vote Routers - Stopping Point - Democracy's Core - NCSWC
2 hour 27 minutes Posted Dec 1, 2020 at 12:24 pm.
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Show notes
Freedom is happening among millions of patriots. The fighters are spitting truths. It had to happen this way so the people could see. Making it simple is the key to evidence. Sidney's waves just keep coming. Family, history, and the evils of socialism. ChiComs as God. The routers helped distribute evil. Brave journalists told this story years ago. Loosening dirt for four years helps to pull the weeds now. The fraud was massive and egregious. A dry run was made in Ukraine. There's a stopping point for all this. Celebration time means chocolate.