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Tore Says Show
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Thu 03 Dec: Solutions - Timing Moves - Playbook 1864 - Fear Control - Swamp Algos - Speech Prelude - Info Nodes
The graft and corruption are all on record. POTUS lays out the situation. With an earlier crisis, spilled blood was the result. Covid excuses and airline cooties. In 2016, the algos broke too. Is the military the only way forward? As always, follow the money to the clowns in congress. Remember, there are two Huber's. Their goal is always to fracture our base. Now is the time to have trust in your President.
Dec 3
2 hr 23 min
Wed 02 Dec: Roadmap - Taking Fire - Gatekeepers - Bad Advice - Panic 230 - Beast's Belly - We R Many
It's like we are watching a movie. Byrne(ing) down the house. The worst steps are the ones they seem to be taking. Half truths make the best lies. No doubt, it's a national security issue. The screaming about section 230 shows we're over the target. Infiltration is key. In the belly of the beast there are many losers. Things are mapped out to the end of February. The fix was digital, the paper was backup fake evidence. Real progress can be made once the people see. The future will see our eagle soar high.
Dec 2
2 hr 1 min
Tue 01 Dec: Showing All - Truth Pills - Subversion - Vote Routers - Stopping Point - Democracy's Core - NCSWC
Freedom is happening among millions of patriots. The fighters are spitting truths. It had to happen this way so the people could see. Making it simple is the key to evidence. Sidney's waves just keep coming. Family, history, and the evils of socialism. ChiComs as God. The routers helped distribute evil. Brave journalists told this story years ago. Loosening dirt for four years helps to pull the weeds now. The fraud was massive and egregious. A dry run was made in Ukraine. There's a stopping point for all this. Celebration time means chocolate.
Dec 1
2 hr 27 min
Mon 30 Nov: Fear Not - Treason - Honey Pots - Insurrection Act - Access Routers - Every State - Missing Agencies
It's an insurrection using vote fraud. There was access to everywhere. The dongles will work for hackers. It was push and pull for the swamped algos. There were many minding the gaps. Where are the DOJ and FBI? Our POTUS speaks. There are hero's and warriors of all stripes diving in. More and more evidence is surfacing. Every vote tally was done at an overseas location. The military and the four year rotation. How many elections are null and void? Pray for the many good people fighting this battle.
Nov 30
2 hr 13 min
Fri 27 Nov: Death Rattles - Big Names - Votes R Freedom - Intimidation Not - 3 Card Monty - Peacocking - Many Tentacles
Trust in what's to come. There will be perp walks of well knowns. Not glitches, more like cheats. It's about power. Will POTUS play the insurrection card? Go ahead, certify and see what happens. MS13 are the shock troops. Ours is a digital army that reaches around the world. MSM is now the biggest clown show ever. Trust POTUS and let him do it. Always remember that timing is everything. Passing through the dark and into the light. In the end, God always wins.
Nov 27
2 hr 4 min
Thu 26 Nov: Big Thunder - In Control - A Teams -  Failed Illusions - Truth Haters - It's Worse - Rebel Millions
TORE IS BACK !! How we prepped for these historical times. Talented immense teams come together. Patriots are in control. This is way bigger than preserving fair elections. We let them do this. How Hammer and Scorecard came together. Evil always fills a void. The MIP core and where it lives. Eroding freedom using a non-free press. The sacrifices that so many have made. Can you see that we're winning?
Nov 26
1 hr 50 min
Wed 18 Nov: Team USA - Max Misinfo - Disgusted Ugly - Tricky Traps  - 20 Year Taint - New UnVoting - Proof Verify
An update show from Washington DC. America's team hero's take on the deep state cabal. Patrick Bergy joins the discussion. Software to throw elections has been developed, tested and perfected for years. A 2019 Tore Says show sounds just like today. Audits and recounts may not prove fraud. We have backup plans for our backup plans. A free election means vote counts must be provable. It always helps to know their plots. Stay strong patriots and never lose faith.
Nov 18
2 hr 15 min
Tue 17 Nov: Tore Update - From Wash DC - Dirty Sharks - Rapid Unfolding - Control Loss - Tag Teams - Saving America
A short 19 minute update from Tore, who is in the heart of the beast. The election fraud situation is unfolding rapidly. DC is dirtier than ever. Secure meetings and guarded bathroom breaks. Millie and Bergy are in town. The machines know everything. Listen to your President. Patriots are in control. More updates when it becomes possible. Pray for our country.
Nov 17
19 min
Thu 12 Nov: War Time - All In - Who He Is - Every State - Dominion Deletions - Fraud Models - Reverse PsyOp
America's confrontation grows even more intense. Massive evidence and witnesses confirm systemic fraud. POTUS is making memories for history. Patriots approach the fight with humility. Real journos talked about election fraud long ago, and described details. All the left's tally machines had network connections. PIN code voting. Hard evidence aplenty for those that want it. Think message over messenger. When it's most difficult, practice doing things with love.
Nov 12
2 hr 18 min
Wed 11 Nov: Tore On The Pete Santilli Show - Recorded Sun 08 Nov.
Tore and Pete hit on all the hot subjects in this fast moving interview. Truth comes out on RFID tech to track ballots, voting fraud of all kinds, the moves to cover it all up and the suspect counties and officials. Software to steal elections called Hammer and Scorecard was used. Of course, Tore has first hand experience. Corrupt states, thrown elections, strange math and massive voter overages, all covered in this tight discussion. Listen and learn. Run time is 52 minutes.
Nov 11
51 min
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