Too Many Clothes and Nothing to Wear
Too Many Clothes and Nothing to Wear
Brought to you by Cladwell ( If you’re like most of us, you own entirely too many clothes. You probably have things you haven’t worn in years. And yet, when it comes time to dress up, we all say the same thing: “I’ve got nothing to wear!” How did we get here? Well, turns out, the problem isn’t our messy closets, it’s our messy relationship with clothes. Join Erin Flynn, CEO and founder of Cladwell, as she talks to experts in the industry, history, and psychology of fashion. We'll explore the economic and social roots of our obsession with buying, learn from people who've learned to do more with less, and figure out what all of us can do to break this clothes-buying, life-draining cycle we're all trapped in.
Consumed: The Cladwell Audiobook
If you've ever wanted to know why your clothes matter, listen to this audiobook. It's everything you need for a complete closet do-over.
May 11
26 min
BONUS_Closet Cleanout
Now is the time to dress for yourself. In this special bonus episode, Cladwell CEO Erin Flynn talks the who, what, why, when, and how of the Closet Cleanout. (Spoiler alert: the "who" is you and the "when" is right now.) Learn how to appreciate what you have, do more with less, and clear out the clutter in your life. Get dressed easier, each and every day.
May 4
12 min
BONUS_The True Cost (with Andrew Morgan)
This episode was recorded earlier in 2020, but released during the COVID-19 Pandemic. In it, Erin explains why our clothes still matter, even in these unprecedented times, and how this "forced slowdown" can be an opportunity to re-examine our relationship with fashion. Then, filmmaker Andrew Morgan shares how and why he created "The True Cost," a documentary film exploring the impact of fashion on people and the planet.
Mar 18
33 min
8_Freedom Through Fashion (with Courtney Carver)
Is this really about style? Or is it something much bigger? Courtney Carver tells us how to become more by having less, finding Freedom through Fashion.
Mar 11
34 min
7_Being Made New (with Lauren Scruggs Kennedy)
Style is all about evolution, not resolution. Lauren’s story is tragic and deeply personal, but it teaches how to grow, how to change, and how to appreciate the journey.
Mar 11
38 min
6_Identity (with Christy Carlson Romano)
The more we buy, the less whole we become, so I wanted to explore how our shopping habits affect our ability are to live life wholeheartedly. Christy Carlson Romano has been through it all (fame, disappointment, and having access to way too many clothes), and she'e here to tell us how to be present and whole in the midst of fashion chaos.
Mar 11
29 min
5_Why the Women Wore White (with Lindsey Beckley and Dr. Michella Marino)
In the 1980s, the average American bought just 12 clothing items per year. Today, it’s 68. How did this whole culture of buying clothes begin? What can we learn from our past? Michella and Lindsey are scholars of women’s history, so I'm hoping they can help us trace this problem back to its roots.
Mar 11
38 min
4_Beauty (with Sam Hills)
Since style is far bigger than just clothes, I wanted a little bit of a different take. So I found an expert in another industry—beauty—where a lot of the messages are unhealthy, but some people are going against the grain and telling a different story.
Mar 11
25 min
3_Style (with Lee Vosburgh)
How can we take action? Not just for ourselves but for everyone affected by this global consumption craze called fast fashion? Well, I think Lee Vosburgh can help.
Mar 11
29 min
2_Boxed In (with Levi Bethune)
StitchFix, Rent the Runway, and hundreds of other startups are telling us they have the solution to our problem. But do they really?
Mar 11
36 min
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