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Tom Rhodes Radio Smart Camp
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308 Live from Portland with Dante Rusciolelli
1 hour 2 minutes Posted Oct 15, 2019 at 3:35 pm.
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Hooray and hallelujah!

This is the first ever live recording of my podcast coming to you from the hipster city of Portland, Oregon! Dante Rusciolelli is the co-founder of the Portland comedy festival and he and I riff like the skilled joke slingers that we are in front of a hot live audience at Harvey's comedy club. Dante and I are kind of related because in the late 1990s he was on a show on the BET network where he played my father's son. That's right! My father was on a BET show in the late 1990s and Dante regales us with those memories and how his comedy career began in the California desert. Dante is someone I knew I would like even before I met him and you will love this conversation and the light he brings to your soul with his musings here. It was a special weekend being a part of this first ever Portland comedy festival and I'm happy that this memory was commemorated and my friendship sealed with the man who invited me there. Like me, Dante seems to be on an upswing in his life and for creating this festival he is the mayor or fun city in my opinion. I know you will love this man as much as I do and be tickled silly by this conversation which is why it is my pleasure to present to you now the one and only Dante Rusciolelli!