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Tom Rhodes Radio Smart Camp
Tom Rhodes
291 Insatiable Curiosity with Jim Gaffigan
1 hour 28 minutes Posted Apr 16, 2019 at 3:54 pm.
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Insatiable Curiosity with Jim Gaffigan on episode 291 Tom Rhodes Radio Smart Camp! > 


Jim Gaffigan and I both have an insatiable curiosity to travel and educate ourselves through world travel. As a comedian your experiences fuel your material and when you are forced out of your comfort zone is when you are exposed to new ideas. Jim is fresh off the plane from Asia, so we talk about Asian history, Europe, Russia, self censorship, cultural sensitivities and where in Manhattan you can find the best world cuisine that the city has to offer.

We also answer the big question of when is it appropriate for a straight white male performer to advance transgender issues and the sad missed opportunities of movies that don't address this issue. Here is a man that I respect as a comedian, am inspired by as a human being and find a comrade in the quest that we are both trying to season our souls with the flavor that only world travel can give you.

Sometimes we feel like circus animals, sometimes we feel like super heroes blessed with the power to cheer up humanity with gift of laughter and that is why I love the one and only Jim Gaffigan!