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Tom Rhodes Radio Smart Camp
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41 minutes Posted Mar 16, 2019 at 2:52 pm.
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Today started out so shitty for me. First I woke up to a text message from a woman in Florida who I was ready to pledge my alliance to telling me that she was dropping the Guillotine on the neck of our beginning relationship which hurt my feelings greatly. And she let me know that I am a self centered narcissist but I knew that already because that is the kind of person that it takes to do stand up comedy and put out a podcast. So as shitty as my day began it got progressively better in everyday starting with Pam Worthington bring me an egg McMuffin. I've sworn off junk food but on shitty days you are allowed to spike your cholesterol. I think it says that in the bible in Leviticus. 

In case you've missed the saga, I went on Ari Shaffir's podcast 'Skeptic Tank' a few days ago and I was ragging on Delta for downgrading me. It takes 125,000 miles flown and spending $15,000 to reach Diamond status which is Delta's highest level of frequent flyer. In 2018 I flew 155,621 miles and spent $13,000. Not many people have traveled as much as me and I'm proud to say that Delta is my airline, but they downgraded me. Ari said that he felt Delta would do the right thing if enough people tweeting at Delta to do the right thing. In the past 48 hours hundreds of people have been tweeting to Delta. Then about an hour ago I got a call from Delta airlines. Guess what happened next… I rarely use twitter because it seems like a vacuum of hate and frustration but after today I saw that twitter can be used for good. Now I wish in life it was just that easy for a wrong to be corrected but I'm pretty sure that woman that I liked doesn't even use twitter. And yes please let it be known that I am a self centered narcissist, how else could anybody get things done if they weren't? Shalom amigos & fly Delta!