Tom Rhodes Radio Smart Camp
Tom Rhodes Radio Smart Camp
Tom Rhodes
268 Philadelphia Pumpkin Muffin
1 hour 5 minutes Posted Jul 4, 2018 at 5:13 pm.
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Happy Birthday America!

In this episode I talk about my obsession with the World Cup in Russia and all of the human drama and heroic stories that you should be aware of in the world's greatest sports spectacle. I also tell you about the many great experiences I discovered in Philadelphia and how that city is very much like Paris in terms of attitude. This past weekend I got to perform in Philadelphia and it was my first time there since I busted my head open there 4 years ago and became sober. Philadelphia changed the world! The racism of the a Starbucks manager in Philadelphia is what made Starbucks change their corporate policy to that no one has to buy anything when we go to Starbucks. Because of a racist incident that happened at a Philadelphia Starbucks we are all free to loiter there or hold meetings without spending a dime. And you don't want to see what will happen if you don't give me that bathroom key. I love Philadelphia because they hate everyone and everyone is equal because of that. Shalom Amigos y Amigas!